Beta readers!

Pol - my first beta reader, who became also my best friend.. Saw me through the first attempts at UBER - the first four Raven's Island stories. She also helped me with Finding Shelter from the Storm and The Guardians, as well as the stand alone short stories The Missing Variable, Janeway's Miracle, The Diary of Kathryn Janeway, and The Abyss Within.

Snowolf - heard my 'help!!!' when it came to the last two parts of the Raven's Island stories. She was invaluable through out Course of Action, as well. Sno is also one of my very best friends!

Jay - helps me to plot and keep track of the details, not to mention, several supporting characters owe her their 'life' - since she reminded me of their existence when I had forgotten about them ... Jay and I can giggle over just about nothing for long periods of time. Thank goodness for Skype!!! ( Jay began helping me out with the last two Raven's Island stories, Course of Action, and my ongoing projects, as well as a shortstory I wrote for the Radclyffe challenge, "The Way You Say Please"

Jan - style, grammar, typos, spelling ... Jan has saved me on countless occasions and her opinions give me food for thought and make me reflect about my writing. Awesome help! Jan's been beta reading the same stories as Jay.

Wendy - has an opinion and the humour that I can truly relate to. She has betaread Course of Action from that point of view, what works, what is missing, and does the story hold together?

Koile - Germany - I asked this lovely woman to read my ongoing project and just give her overall opinion, so no betareading per se, more of a 'what do you think' point of view. Koile is very honest, and according to her taste and feelings, she tells it like it is.


I have borrowed two graphics from a talented web artist, C. Barker, for my index page. The blue mail box for the email link and the blue pearl with the gold thread for my links to the left. Click on the logo above to visit her web site. Thanks C. Barker!

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