Gun Brooke June 2005


Who is Gun Brooke?

Gun Brooke is the pen name that I started using when I bought my own domain on the Internet. I am 45, live with my family in Sweden and have been writing fan fiction since 2000. I started out writing Janeway/Chakotay, but soon became caught up in the Janeway/Seven pairing, after stumbling over Tenderware's stories and then Gina Dartt's 'Just Between' series. You can find links to their respective web sites on my links page. I ventured into writing UBER J/7, and was fortunate to find quite a following with the Raven's Island series and also the novel Finding Shelter From The Storm. I have since then posted both classic J/7 and uber, and hopefully learned a lot through the almost four years that I've been at it.

Have you published anything?

Yes. I self-published the first edition of "Course of Action" in July 2004. I removed it from Lulu Press's list in December the same when I signed a book deal with Bold Strokes Books
The second edition of "Course of Action", containing new scenes and edited to give it a new edge, will be available for purchase from June, 2005. 
I have also written a science fiction/romance novel, the first in a series, called "Supreme Constellations: Protector of the Realm", which will be available through Bold Strokes Books, in December, 2005. 
I'm also proud to have an erotica short story in Bold Strokes Books next Erotic Interludes 2: Stolen Moments

May I link to your web site or your stories?

I'd be honoured if you would like to link to my web site. Feel free to use buttons or banners which you can find here. If you would like to link to a particular story, it is okay too - and if that story has a banner or a small thumbnail book cover - feel free to use that, unless you prefer a text hyper link. 


How do I get a signed copy of any of your books?

There are a couple of ways to do this. 1) You can buy the book and send it to me (in Sweden) and I'll sign it and return it to you. Please understand that you have to pay in advance for postage between Sweden-Your Location, preferably through Paypal.

Approximate postage examples:
1 book - padded envelope - from Sweden to the USA - $12.20
2 books - padded envelope - from Sweden to the USA - $18.35
3 books - padded envelope - from Sweden to the USA - $26.80

Above calculated according currency exchange rates Nov 12, 2005. This is of course s
usceptible to change.

If that's a tad too steep for you, you can settle for what's called a bookplate, a broad sort of book mark, with the cover of the book and my personal greeting and signature underneath. ::Example:: This saves quite a bit of postage for you, of course. I won't charge anything for the bookplate itself, only postage for a regular envelope.

Are you EVER going to finish "The Guardians"?

Yes. I haven't abandoned the story. It was out of my hands for a while, but I'm pretty confident II'm back on a modest roll. I won't promise a certain date--but that much I can say. Thank you for your patience, and for not giving me a hard time over things I can't control.

Do you write stories on commission?

This is a funny question that has come up a couple of times. No, I generally don't. I have to feel for the story, come up with the characters and the story line myself. To qoute Stephen King, I have to uncover my own dinosaure fossil in the dirt. You never know what inspire you and trigger the urge to tell a story -- but I can safely say, it seldom happens when someone 'demands' a certain story, a certain pairing.

Are you going to stop writing free fan fiction now that you're a published author?

Not if I can help it. As long as time allows me to keep my deadlines and Real Life doesn't interfere, I'm too hooked on Janeway and Seven, and a few other lovely ladies out there, to not try my hands at fan fiction and an occasional uber.

Any other questions? Please click the email link below and I will try to satisfy your curiousity. :-)

Gun Brooke

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