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Favourite Fan Fiction

Novel Expectations 
(formerly Captain's Quarters)
- home of the Just Between Series.

DQV Homepage
Fanfiction by Tenderware and a couple of her friends.

Vaxen's Elemental Voyager 
a wonderful site with fanfic, movie clips and the J/7 linkpage.

uber J/7 fanfiction, uber index

Snowolf's Fanfiction NEW
my friend's fanfic, several fandoms.

Glynis' Writings 
 J/7 uber

Cloud Dancing's Website
my friend's J/C fanfic
Fan fiction and original erotica

Official and unofficial web sites...

Koile's biography of our favourite girl Kate Mulgrew! NEW!

Koile's biography of the lovely Lauren Graham!

Personal Pages
my other pages on the Net

Seventh Wave Graphic Design

Gun Brooke's Skriverier - my Swedish web site.

Sverige MS Support - my Swedish MS site.


Call PC-to-PC for free and with the BEST sound quality. Call PC-to-PHONE at local call fees. Get your own phone number, any area, any country. Get voice mail. This is the best one I've found.

I Connect Here

This is my 1st runner up when it comes to PC-to-PHONE call software. Good prices and reliable service. Almost as good a sound as Skype. You can also get your own phone number here.

DialPad Communications

Calling any phone in the world using your PC - very good rates. If you call the US a lot, this is a good choice. Good sound quality.


Other Fan Fiction Links

The Pink Rabbit Consortium - your source of f/f fanfiction

Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews - Xena and ST Voyager fanfic reviews

The Royal Academy of Bards
Mostly Xena/Gabrielle uber and classic fan fiction

Strictly J/7 - message board

Janeway & Seven - message board

J/7 Blue Awards

Xnedrabourne's Video/Music Clips

Raspy's Wormhole

Ann Douglas Archives
Fan fiction and original erotica

Writer's Resources

Just About Write  NEW!
Nann Dunn's wonderful and useful writer's resource page with articles about anything and everything a writer might want to, or need to, know.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation Excellent grammar and style web site.

Dictionary, thesaurus, rhyming etc. in any language imaginable.

Who can argue with 125 MB web space at 1.45 USD/month?

Page Resource.Com
Html tutorial page

HTML-editor and FTP software - both of them free ware

The Market List
Online recourse for genre writers

Free Site Design Tips and Tutorials at  helps you configure php and cgi scripts for forms etc.

Useful Links

Be prepared when disaster strikes! Brilliant esource and information page.

Lots of free software!

Currency converter

Online Conversion

Converting anything to anything!


Avant Browser

A free, Internet Explorer based web browser which takes care of annoying pop up windows and have several other great features.

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