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by Scar


A small raider vessel called the Pak'Tar floated quietly in space only one hundred meters from the hull of the USS Voyager. The stealthy ship was a fairly advanced spacecraft and had an impressive aeronautic design. It had solid duranium armor and a shrouding device that rendered them invisible to the naked eye and assisted in repelling most sensor scans.

The ship had been hovering along quietly unbeknownst to the crew of the larger neighboring ship for over three days, while the crew of the Pak'Tar ran tactical scans in preparation.

They studied the vessel's technology as much as possible from afar. Voyager was a more advanced ship than the Pak'Tar, five times larger and had three times the number of crewmen, so preparation was essential.

The pirates had a significant amount of information in advance to help them succeed in their mission. They knew exactly where and when all the life signs would be grouped together, due to a unique infrared and heat signature scanning device recently acquired in a raid.

All primary sections of the ship were located and strategies were discussed. They could even listen in to a few select internal communication channels that they had tapped into after an intense frequency search.

All this was made possible with the assistance of Major Athena, an intellect who organized all the details of the raid. When she thought they were prepared, the ready to go signal was given.

Captain Kathryn Janeway was morosely slumped in her command chair on the Bridge going through the motions of another quiet duty shift with only her bereaved thoughts to comfort her. She stared listlessly at the viewscreen of space feeling the depths of that nothingness to her very core before her thoughts drifted to a precious time gone by.

Janeway remembered the night before the accident. It was a bittersweet memory.

Janeway had set a romantic dinner for the two of them and even went so far as to prepare it herself, which she loath to do. When the ex-Borg came to her quarters, Janeway proceeded to wine and dine her. After all, it was a special occasion. The conversation was light during dinner and Janeway couldn't help but be marveled at how much Seven had changed in the six months they had been together.

She smiled more in Janeway's presence of course, but she embraced more human inflections. Whether that was because of her relationship with the Captain or not, she didn't know, but Kathryn liked it. Even the crew suspected something had changed in the young woman seeing Seven's knew attitude, but they didn't know what had been the catalyst.

Janeway had informed the senior staff of her relationship with Seven, but she ordered them to maintain discretion as well, since it was frankly none of anyone's business who she saw on her personal time.

The usual Starfleet protocols came up in the discussion, but were quickly dismissed, because they were in essence lost in the Delta Quadrant and not likely to get home anytime soon. It wasn't the first time Janeway had violated a Starfleet directive and she doubted it would be the last. At least this time, it was for a worthy cause. Her happiness… and a happy Captain was a healthy Captain, who usually maintained a healthy crew.

Any ways, that evening would have solved the Starfleet directive problem, because Starfleet had no directives or regulations against marrying someone.

So Janeway proposed to Seven that night after their romantic dinner. After she had brought the young woman to the sofa lining the wall to her quarters, Janeway had carefully taken Seven's human hand and knelt on one knee. She asked Annika Hansen to become her wife.

Janeway could remember everything about Seven's reaction at that moment. Seven was stunned to say the least. She rose a delicate eyebrow to the Captain's proposal, the normally clear blue eyes fogged up and widened to stare at Janeway in befuddled awe.

It was clearly not an expected gesture even though Seven had told the Captain that she had researched the topic of dating and courtship extensively. Seven was clearly caught off guard. Her jaw had dropped open even as her eyes glazed over with obvious emotion that she tried to hide.

The young woman had looked astounded at first, but after she regained her composure, her face lit up and practically glowed as Janeway waited for an answer. However, Seven seemed stupefied and unable to form words as she stared deep into Janeway's pale blue orbs.

"Do I have to beg?" Janeway had teased while waiting, getting more nervous by the second.

"Captain!" Seven had said in astonishment, appalled at such a thought. "Of course not, but what of the crew--"

Janeway had put a finger to Seven's soft lips stifling any objection or worries that were for her alone to decide as Captain. Besides, it was Kathryn Janeway, the woman, who was in love with Annika Hansen, not her title.

"Yes or no?" Kathryn asked softly, her heart skipping a few beats.

Seven tilted her head and smiled widely. "Yes," She said with enthusiasm.

The auburn haired officer let out a breath of relief and fumbled for the rings. Kathryn showed Seven the golden engagement rings that she had made for them. She had them engraved with a heart symbol and each other's initials. It was just her way of saying that her love would be with Annika even when she couldn't physically be with her.

"This symbolizes my love for you." Janeway explained gracefully holding up the ring.

"I do not need a symbol, to know that you love me." Seven said lightly, but seriously.

"I know, but I had to do something. To show how much you mean to me… " Kathryn grinned with mirth.

"I understand." Seven said tenderly, loving the gesture despite her delicate protest to the contrary. "Know that you have my heart as well." Seven was truly delighted with it and her smile had beamed at Kathryn like the light of a golden angel. They would wear the other's initials as a symbol of their mutual love for each other.

"I love you, Annika." Janeway said reverently.

"I love you as well, My Kathryn." Seven had countered softly.

Kathryn put Seven's ring on, with '© KJ' inscribed on it before sliding on her ring, which had '© AH' on it.

They held hands for a moment looking deep into each other's blue eyes seeing only love and devotion. They were officially engaged and kissed gently before the passion took over.

Not able to resist the fervor of the joyous occasion of their love finally being irrevocably declared for one another, they had proceeded to make sweet passionate love to each other for a few hours that night before they both fell into an exhausted but contented sleep.

Janeway could remember the taste of her mouth as she kissed her. The feel of her smooth skin as she traced a path down her long body, the sounds she made before and after the pinnacle was reached. The quiet murmuring of her breathing after she had fallen asleep. The constant beat of her lover's heart as Janeway rested her head on Seven's upper chest before the sound mesmerized her into a deep peaceful slumber.

The rest of the universe fell away into the distance as she recalled those moments of tranquility. The best memories were also the most painful, sometimes reminding you of what you've lost instead of what you had preciously gained even if for only a short time.

Seven had loved her with an intensity that even Janeway would not have expected because of her time as a Borg drone. To the widow left behind, nothing could change that fact, so aptly proven during those many hungry nights in which, the ex-Borg brought out the woman in her Captain by taking her to that higher plateau of existence where the two women became one in shared love. Afterwards always embracing Kathryn in her long arms while the older woman quivered in succulent release, not letting go even after Janeway had recovered until her auburn haired lover fell asleep.

It was the serenity of that last morning with her beloved that had sustained Janeway while she mourned.

Janeway had mourned deeply and painfully over the passed few weeks having to go through all the classic symptoms of losing a loved one. First there was the denial and disbelief that she was truly gone, then anger at not being able to prevent it, then overwhelming grief, which turned into despair and she became severely depressed.

Even a legitimate, logical reason for the accident would not have giving Kathryn any solace over her loss of such magnitude. Only the responsibility of Voyager and getting her crew home gave her a reason to continue.

Chakotay and Tuvok both agreed that she take a leave of absence, which she did, but it had not proven to be exceptionally successful. She couldn't sleep or eat very well and spending so many nights alone in her bed was pure hell. Her lover's scent was there and visions would pop into her mind unbidden and torment her so much that she had to return to full duty after just one week. She was not able to take the quiet solitude of those painful reflections any longer. Even with her duty on the Bridge, thoughts of her beloved were not far from her mind.

That was also why she was distracted when trouble arrived.

Suddenly before her distant pale grey eyes, numerous beings dressed in black and blue uniforms with matching helmets, had the audacity to materialize right on her Bridge. In an instant, there were aliens all over, brandishing weapons that were pressed to everyone's throat and necks, except the Captain and Chakotay, who had one lone alien standing in front of them, its weapon pointed in her general direction. This humanoid had a feminine physique, Janeway noticed.

"Who is in charge here?" A mechanical sounding voice came from the alien. Janeway noticed, after a quick scan of the Bridge, that there were a total of seven intruders.

Captain Janeway stood up to face the alien. "I'm Captain Kathryn Janeway of the starship Voyager. Who the hell are you and what are you doing on my--"

"Captain Kathryn Janeway," the metallic voice said evenly. "As of this day forward, your ship and its technology belong to us."

Janeway considered carefully if she had the time to initiate the self-destruct before the alien fired its weapon at her. Unfortunately, she figured she didn't.

"Cooperation is all we require and you will not be harmed." The alien tapped a small button on a miniature terminal on the left side of its helmet.

"Bridge secured. Teams two through nine report."

Eight separate teams reported that their targeted area was secured. They spoke of areas of her ship; Engineering, the Cargo Bays, the Shuttle bays, Sickbay, Astrometrics, the Science Lab and the lower decks, such as deck fifteen, even the Mess Hall, all taken.

"Well done." She congratulated them.

Anger coursed through Janeway at the implications of that statement. There were obviously many more aliens onboard Voyager and it looked like they had taken control of her ship easily and almost instantaneously!

The alien who appeared to be in charge called for more guards, who materialized on the Bridge seconds later. The original half-dozen stayed right where they were watching the crew closely while the two new aliens stood behind their alien leader. One of the guards motioned with its weapon for Janeway to move to her Ready Room.

"Captain!" Chakotay stood up and went to move toward her when an alien struck him in the chin with the butt of his large rifle.

"Stop!" the leader yelled turning to her right to face her aggressive colleague. She grabbed at his weapon's barrel. "That was not necessary." The voice hissed.

Janeway moved to help Chakotay back to his seat. She glared back at the alien guard responsible.

"He was going to attack you!" the alien guard defended himself.

"No, he wasn't." the leader said confidently. "What exactly did you see that made you believe he was going to attack?"

"Sir?" the alien replied sounding nervous through the helmet.

"He was no threat. He was not reaching for me. He was simply concerned for his Captain, nothing more." The metallic tone admonished him, annoyed. They were so raw, with very little training, the alien leader thought. Taught only to react and not think. That was not her way. "Think before you react… and follow orders… " the voice said tersely. "Is that understood?

He bowed his head submissively.


The female leader came over to stand before Janeway, who was attending to her crewman. This crewman had a tattoo over his left eye unlike the others, but he was not severely injured. He had only a small minor bruise on his chin and she concluded that he would be fine. It would heal on its own even if left unattended. She turned her attention to the Captain.

"Let us now proceed to your ready room, Captain." The voice resonated like a machine through the helmet.

Janeway hesitated, giving the alien a version of the Look. This alien knows the complete layout of my ship, Janeway thought distastefully.

"Please… " the female alien asserted politely.

The alien leader followed her in through the opening doors of her Ready Room. From the corner of her eye, the Captain saw the two guards that were following take a position on each side of the door at the entrance.

Just the two of them, eh? After entering, Janeway was told to have a seat. She chose the long sofa on her left, deciding to sit under the window view port. The alien took that time to remove its gloves and helmet as Janeway glanced at the view of the stars streaking outside.

When she turned her head around…

Captain Janeway had never had such a range of conflicted emotions boil through her as she had at that moment. Joy coupled with anger, relief flowed into outrage and calmness with calamity.

Standing before her was the complete form of Seven of Nine, the ex-Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One, her former Astrometrics officer, lover... and fiancé.

They thought she had died over a month ago in a shuttle accident.

Against Janeway's better judgment, Seven had been chosen to go on a mission to an M-class planet all by herself. Her goal was to obtain a substance call tellerium because it was desperately needed to run Voyager's systems.

Only Seven was immune to this particular type of radiation that had serious side effects to most humanoids, so Janeway had no other choice. Either send her or risk Voyager becoming dead in the water if they didn't find another source quickly.

So based on that decision, Voyager had sent her and waited outside of the planet's orbit because of the radiation's far reaching effects. Janeway nervously waited for her to return with no reliable sensor readings to tell them where she was or how she was doing after she left visual range.

If not for Seven's emergency hail, which came through garbled and barely comprehensible, they wouldn't have known anything was wrong. It was bad enough, that by the time the hail reached them, they had no chance to reach her shuttlecraft in time to deploy an emergency beam out or a tractor beam.

Seven's shuttle had apparently crashed landed on the planet. Shortly after she went down, a rescue was attempted from high orbit because anything else would have been too dangerous. They couldn't beam down a rescue team or establish communications with her.

Captain Janeway was prepared to go down to the surface despite Chakotay and Tuvok both explaining to her the risk. They told her that there was nothing for her to go down to as Voyager detected no life signs. No life signs, yet she knew the sensors were not reliable.

Based on that assessment, Janeway went into the atmosphere with the Delta Flyer forcing the Doctor to inject her with an inoculation that would keep the majority of the radiation from harming her for a short time period.

Although she came back pale faced, sick to her stomach and with radiation burns on her skin, it did not stop her determination. After spending several days combing the surface in the Flyer on several flights, she had to give up. She could detect no sign of Seven or the shuttlecraft and her body could not withstand any more exposure. She had to acknowledge the loss she was not prepared to face. She had no choice, so Voyager resumed course for the Alpha Quadrant.

Now here she was, her fiancé, over a month later standing in front of her with a cold detached face. And to make matters worse, her ex-lover had assisted in a hostile takeover of Voyager. Her ship! Janeway's mind reeled angrily against the fates that would do this to do her. How could Seven do this?!

Regaining her composure, Janeway's first thoughts were of betrayal, but there was something about the eyes that wasn't right. Not only was there no love for her in them that Janeway could see, but no recognition either in those lovely blue orbs.

Janeway's eyes drifted over the uniform that all the aliens wore. It was mostly black with some blue stripes. A thick black jacket was covering the torso and shiny black pants with matching black boots that reminded her of the old stealth training outfits she had to wear back in her academy days. It was not as forming fitting as Seven's normal biosuits, nor as loose as the Starfleet uniforms, but was still very imposing and she wore it well. Janeway swallowed when she saw the ring, still on the third finger of her human hand.

"My name is Major Athena. I am in charge of your vessel now." she stated clearly.

Her voice and tone were the same. Janeway wondered if she could be a clone, implanted with someone else's memories, but that idea seemed preposterous in such a short time.

"I see." Janeway answered, forcing her command mask down hard. This was not the time for errant emotions. "And my crew?"

"We have located a planet precisely 30 light years from here. It is suitable for colonization for your species." She informed the Captain.

"That's at least a two week trip." Janeway said with trepidation.

"Yes, that is why your crew is being gathered into one location. We cannot match your crew's compliment man for man, therefore we will need to monitor their activities carefully. That can be done most effectively by guarding your crew in one secured location."

Janeway realized Seven just gave her a piece of information that a seasoned military leader would not have. Janeway was going to get as much information as she could.

"You've planned this all out, haven't you." Janeway gave her a hard look.

"Yes, this has been planned for many days. However, unexpected events can always happen, even with the best of plans, undermining a positive outcome, therefore a backup plan is always necessary." Athena said taking a step up to the sofa area to stand before Janeway. She moved her hands behind her back and clasped them together.

"So where's your cloaked ship?"

"Off your starboard bow." Athena answered raising her implant eyebrow. "How did you know?"

"There's no other way you could have sneaked up on us undetected and with our shields down."

Athena considered this. "You are probably right. Your technology is… impressive."

"What exactly are your plans for my ship?" Janeway asked. She knew she couldn't let Voyager fall into enemy hands.

Athena became speculative. She is searching for weaknesses, gathering information, assessing how to overcome the threat we represent.

"I cannot give you that information." Athena stated, although she knew Colonel Nad would be in command of the vessel when he arrived and he would certainly use it to takeover or destroy less advanced ships.

"Well I have nothing more to say then. I'm ready to join my crew now." Janeway stood moving towards her.

Athena seemed baffled. "You are the Captain of this vessel, you are not required to be imprisoned with your crew."

That caught Janeway off guard. "Really?" She put a hand on her hip.

"Yes, you may remain in your quarters until we arrive at your new home." She explained. "Under guard of course."

"Of course," the Captain repeated distastefully. Captain's privileges. "I hope you realize that I will not cooperate with this hostile action against my crew."

Major Athena drew in a breath, "It would be unwise to challenge us."

"Do you really expect me to believe that you and your comrades are going to just drop us off on the nearest habitable planet?" Janeway waved her hand out in a sweeping motion toward the view ports that showed the stars.

"Unlike many of my comrades, I am bound by my word. If I say you will be spared, then I mean it."

Janeway shook her head. The mannerisms were all Seven, but Janeway never heard of an honorable thief. "And you can guarantee that… for my entire crew?" Janeway's voice wavered.

"No, I cannot guarantee their safety. The soldiers under my command are not very disciplined. If your crew resists, they will be punished. That is why it is imperative that you and your crew cooperate."

"Why do you care?" Janeway threw the words at her, testing.

"Care Captain?" She echoed. "You are mistaken. I do not." She added plainly with disdain.

Janeway wondered if Seven's true personality was in there somewhere because this pirate persona wasn't like her Seven at all. She was out of character. The Captain could tell because she knew her Seven so well. This Athena, although speaking harshly for intimidation purposes to not caring about her crew, obviously did not prefer violence if it could be avoided. However, Janeway also knew that compassion and thievery did not mix. In the long run, one must prevail.

When Janeway retook command of her ship, this Athena persona would have to make a choice or the Captain would make it for her. Either way, Janeway wasn't going to lose her again.

"I wish to see my crew now."

"You are persistent." Athena said, considering the arrogant tone of the Captain before her.

"If you want my crew's cooperation, I must speak with them." Janeway insisted.

She raised an eyebrow in contemplation before speaking. "I agree."

Athena motioned towards the door. "After you." Once on the Bridge, Major Athena gave instructions to two guards, to escort Janeway to her crew who were being rounded up into the Cargo bay.

As Athena watched the Captain head into the turbo lift, she found she admired the strength of the petite woman, but hoped the defiant officer would not directly challenge her as Athena found the idea of harming her distasteful.

The two guards didn't say a single word to Janeway as they escorted her. She arrived inside the cargo bay where it looked like the entire crew had been gathered. She counted five guards at the entrance with rifle weaponry. Apparently, no force field was being utilized, which gave them another advantage.

They motioned her over and one guard who got impatient shoved her slightly. Chakotay was going to react again before Tuvok slipped an arm in front of him to stop his progress.

"Gentlemen," she greeted her first officer's troubled gaze.

Once the guards left them alone, Janeway rounded up the senior officer's and headed to the back of the cargo bay where they could talk so they couldn't be overhead.

Janeway told them of her conversation with Major Athena before dropping the hard news.

"Seven is alive."

"What?!" Chakotay said stunned.

Tuvok raised a brow. B'Elanna and Tom stared at each other dumbfounded.

"That's the good new." Janeway's face changed. "The bad news is… she's one of them." Her eyes pointed vehemently toward the guards.

Shock registered on all their faces, even Tuvok was surprised by that.

"Why would she do that?" Chakotay's tone registered shock.

"She doesn't remember who she is."

"You spoke with her?" B'Elanna asked mouth agape.

"Yes, apparently she is in charge of this operation."

"Oh, my god." B'Elanna replied stunned knowing that was not good for them.

As Security Chief of Voyager, Tuvok realized the threat immediately. "We need to move quickly if Seven of Nine is working against us. Her knowledge of this ship is---."

She cut Tuvok off. "I am fully aware of her capabilities, Lt. Commander. However, I get the sense that she is confused. That she doesn't know her full capabilities yet. I need some time to see if I can reach her."

"Do we have that kind of time, Captain?" Chakotay questioned. He knew the Captain's commitment to Seven as did all the senior officers, but it was his duty to the ship to point out any loss of perspective.

Her tone softened visually. "I have to try. I would do that for any member of my crew." Then it hardened. "But if the time comes and no reasoning is possible and we can't subdue her. You all know what you have to do." She looked at them in full command mode.

They nodded to her. They understood.

Internally, her heart quietly broke inside, hiding her true pain. She didn't know if she could survive that kind of loss again. She decided to focus on the positives, not the negatives. Seven was currently alive and she intended to keep it that way.

"Spread the word, I don't want anyone to acknowledge who Seven is."

Major Athena visited the cargo bay for the first time. She stood a few feet in front of the five guards on duty and looked around. She stood ramrod straight, her hands linked behind her back while surveying the room and the crew.

All of the officers were dressed in similar uniforms. Sporting black below the shoulders, and either tan, blue or red above. She studied their faces. She received apprehensive looks, but surprisingly there was no fear.

She had been on raids before and there was always fear. Intrigued, she walked closer to within ten feet of them. The guards stood at alert. Major Athena was about to call for the Captain when a child pushed her way to the front of the cargo bay. She was about to walk right up to her when the guards pointed their weapons at the child.

"Naomi!" Samantha Wildman cried while trying frantically to push her way through the crowd of officers. She was restrained by other fellow officers only a few feet from her daughter.

"Take it easy, ma'am." The crewman holding her said with concern. The cadet was looking nervously at the barrels of those weapons pointed their way.

Janeway and the rest of the senior officers shoved their way to the front sensing a commotion.

A guard had moved to join Seven and Naomi with a finger that looked itchy and ready to fire should any sudden movement occur let alone a revolt.

Fear racing through her, Janeway was about to act despite the risks. "No," she breathed out.

Athena frowned and flicked her metal hand up to forestall any unnecessary actions. "Do you intend to fire on an unarmed child?" She addressed the troops, turning to evaluate them. It disturbed her to no end at how unprofessional and inefficient all the raiders seemed to be. As if to be a raider all rational thought must cease to exist.

She received no reply. "Stand down." She ordered and they lowered their weapons. The guard next to her shrugged and moved back to his previous position, but he remained on alert.

Multiple sighs could be heard from the crew and Janeway almost rolled her eyes. The arms around Samantha Wildman loosened and she carefully walked toward her child, until Athena put a hand up. "Wait."

Samantha froze.

Major Athena turned to the child. "What is your name?"

"Naomi... Naomi Wild-man." She stressed the last syllable.

"Do you always talk to strangers?"

"Strangers?!" the child repeated sadly.

Janeway prayed that Naomi understood what they had told her.

"Um, er… " Naomi mumbled. "No."

"Then why did you make the effort to speak with me?" Seven asked sternly.

Come on!, Naomi, Janeway and the rest of the crew were thinking.

"I… I just wanted to say… hello." She stammered, then turned and covered the few feet to her mother's arms.

Surprise, marred Athena's face for a moment and Janeway saw the affect. A definite emotional response from the child's unexpected answer, before she tilted her head and spoke to Samantha. "You are the mother?"


"Make sure to watch your child more carefully." She warned politely then turned to the Captain.

"I require your presence Captain Janeway. Colonel Nad requests and audience."

She lifted her eye at Seven's wording. Some things never changed, she thought leaving the Cargo Bay with her.

Major Athena had chosen the Conference room to meet with Colonel Nad, who hadn't even arrived yet.

Janeway sat at her seat at the head of the table. Seven didn't seem to care where she sat.

"So where is this Colonel Nad?" Janeway asked.

"He will arrive shortly. I brought you here early to re-iterate the importance of cooperation. Nad is not as… diplomatic as I am. He does not tolerate disrespect. I have no desire to see you damaged."

The Captain studied Seven. So, she doesn't want to see me get hurt! That's a good sign.

"Simply answer his questions, politely and he will be satisfied."

"And what will satisfy you?" She didn't have to use that particular wording, but Janeway could not resist teasing the ex-Borg. She was going to test her ability to affect Seven's emotion control as much as possible.

Athena stared at the bold Captain, who appeared to be propositioning her. That in itself was not so shocking. That the Major's body responded to it, perplexed her greatly.

"Excuse me, I do not understand your meaning?"

"Oh," Janeway said. "What about you? What do you get out of all this? You don't seem to enjoy it like the others."

Major Athena's stance stiffened. She was unsure of what to say. This perceptive Captain was accurate. Athena did not enjoy the pirating business. The cruelty of the soldiers appalled her and she had been as cruel with good reason on one particular raid bringing her own shame to the front. However, she also had to consider that just four weeks ago she had no memories of who she was or where she came from.

"I do not." She answered honestly, "But I have nothing else."

"You could have so much more." Janeway said quietly, but she did not look at her ex-lover as she said it.

Major Athena's mouth gaped at Captain Janeway wondering what she could have possibly meant by that when Colonel Nad walked in. She recovered quickly, her stance firm. He brushed by the blonde looking at her provocatively much to Janeway's distress.

The Captain stood up swiftly and bowed her head towards him, but it was mostly an agitated reaction to his eyes fondling Seven. "Colonel Nad."

He turned an arrogant eye on her, surveying her body as well. "Captain Janeway," he said. "You may sit."

She conceded to his authority, for now.

He was almost human looking except for small boney protrusions that rested on his forehead. Probably a trait of his species, Janeway speculated.

Colonel Nad was around six feet tall and had an imposing posture, but he was not an ugly humanoid. He just wore his face in such a scowl like manner that coupled with his apparent arrogant attitude made him appear more than ugly, if not downright nasty.

"I wish to know what types of weaponry you have?" he cut to the chase.

"I can't answer that question."

Athena was shocked at the disobedience after clearly explaining the rules. She moved closer to Janeway on the other side of the Conference table her facial expression stern. Answer the questions! She shouted in thought to herself hoping Janeway would see it in her face and abide.

"What are your defensive capabilities?" he continued, his tone growing darker.

"I am unable to give you that information."

"Unable, Captain?" he sucked in a breath and turned to look at the Major. "You see, why your methods seldom work, Athena."

"It has not even been a day since we took this ship. It is normal for any humanoid species to go through a period of adjustment." Her tone was tight.

"I am not interested in any 'adjustment theories' of yours. I have faster methods of getting the information I need."

"It would be unwise to damage this one." She replied quickly.

Did her voice contain disrespect?! Nad thought. He slammed his fist down on the table. "It is starting to irritate me, why you are always questioning my orders."

"You did not give any orders, sir. You were contemplating the methods available to you in order to obtain information on this vessel. I believe that course of action is unnecessary. I have had some time to review this ships systems and given a few more hours I will be able to answer those questions."

He glared awhile longer. Her way of speaking seemed derogatory to him. He didn't like her tone or her posture. The only thing he liked was her face and her body. He wanted her to submit to him eventually. She had resisted his advances in the past tactfully, but he wasn't finished yet. Regardless, he would have her respect though, especially in front of this ship's Captain.

He reached over and slapped the Major across the face.

Janeway shot out of her chair, "Please…" She managed to say nicely if hastily, but deep down inside she wanted to strangle this alien for touching Seven.

It was not a brutal blow. Seven knew it was only meant to put her in her place in front of the Captain.

"I expect a full report on the capabilities of this vessel by the end of the day." He growled and then left.

"You shouldn't have provoked him." Janeway remarked.

"You should have answered his questions." Athena responded annoyed.

"I can't. Being Captain means I have to abide by the laws of my organization. The Federation is bounded by principles of integrity, honesty and fairness. I am forbidden to give technology to other species. The law is there to prevent people like HIM from taking it and using it for their own misguided purposes."

The words this humanoid spoke were understandable. It made sense. Never the less, Athena had her duty. "Irrelevant. You should not bait him, he might consider killing your crew one by one starting with you."

"If that's what it takes." She retaliated vehemently. Janeway gave Athena a force-ten stare wanting to convey her determination, but inside the Captain had no intention of sacrificing her crew. Not that easily and not if she could help it.

Athena's eyes widened. "There will be nothing I can do to stop it."

"Why would you want to DO anything about it?" Janeway challenged her.

This behavior puzzled Athena. "You must think I am inhumane to ask such a question."

"Aren't you?" She said reproachful. "You're one of them. You're a pirate. You prey on the weakness of others."

Athena's eyes wandered. She clenched her fists and paced the floor. How could she deny that fact?

"That is true." Her tone had a defeated edge to it and her face darkened. It had taken her weeks to come to terms with her new way of life and now this woman Captain dared to undermine that.

She tapped a communications device on her wrist and two guards came into the Conference Room. "Escort Captain Janeway to her quarters." She said coldly.

Athena was frustrated over the recent events, but she still had her orders. She went to the Cargo bay and requested all senior officers to step forward.

Five Individuals came forward. Athena asked for their name, rank and area of expertise.

Commander Chakotay, Voyager's first officer; Lt. Commander Tuvok, the Chief of Security; Lt. Torres, the Chief of Engineering; Lt. Tom Paris, the pilot and Ensign Kim, who was the Bridge operations officer.

She ordered Lt. Torres and Lt. Commander Tuvok, to assist her, but when she informed them of the task required, which was to assist Athena in learning about their ship's functionality, they flatly refused.

The two guards with Athena would have beaten them if she had not intervened, but that did not alleviate her tension.

These 'humans' made her look weak in front of the guards and that had disturbed her greatly, yet at the same time she felt a profound relief from not having to witness another senseless beating. As much as she tried to fit in, this did not feel right to her.

Every evening she would meditate and relax her mind hoping images of her past would return, but none had. I must belong somewhere!

It was difficult pretending to be one of them when she so clearly stood apart. There was the visual evident of course. Her left hand was encased in a metallic sheath, which extended halfway up her forearm turning into thick wires and cords that dug into her skin. There was a metallic piece above her left eye that curled around it and ended at the high point of her cheek. There was also a starburst implant below and in front her right ear. It was a good thing she wore a complete outfit as she had many more that were not visible.

She spoke differently than the others and her tone was too even, sometimes too monotonous. They did not always understand what she was saying even though she would restate what she had said in simpler words, making her believe she was considerably more intelligent than they were.

Her methods were too soft for them. She refused to beat anyone and the only time she defended herself was when she was attacked. She believed that was the reason the guards respected her. Word had spread at how enraged she had become at a prisoner who had attacked her and what she subsequently did to him. Even though, the alien himself was of questionable character, Athena felt no pride over the incident. Rather the opposite, she considered herself a monster to have been so cruel and to lose control like that. She did not intend to make an example of him by damaging his bone structure in so many places but he did attack her with a sharp bladed weapon. At least, despite the violence, she had spared his life and she was pleased by that restraint.

Mulling all these thoughts over in her mind did not help her in trying to learn the systems of the ship called Voyager. The technology was impressive and it took awhile for her to map the different systems and subsystems in her head so she understood how they all related to one another.

She was grateful that the humans hadn't had time to lock out access to the systems. It would have made her job almost impossible. She had visited the key areas of the ship in a few hours and spent extra time in areas like Engineering; Astrometrics; and the Bridge. It was very enlightening to know that she could configure all the functions of the ship to be controlled from the Bridge. Apparently, the Bridge had these stations; Operations, Tactical, Science, Engineering, and Helm control. A very efficient design, she noted, especially in an emergency.

She had checked the status of the warp core, while in Engineering making sure the entire warp propulsion system was working correctly. She reviewed the matter/anti-matter reaction assembly, which consisted of four subsystems including the; reactor injectors, magnetic constriction segments, power transfer conduits and of course, the anti-matter/matter reaction chamber itself. She studied the emergency shutdown procedures and checked the dilithium and the deuterium fuel supplies before heading to Astrometrics.

Astrometrics was similar to Stellar Cartography. This area was used to enhance the accuracy of short and long range sensors. It could also be used to map the current area of space as it posted a large curvaceous view screen in front of her and a dais elevated to the same height of the terminal that could be traversed for a closer view.

Visiting sickbay, Athena learned the basic functions of the medical tricorder, but the other devices were not familiar to her. She could figure them out in a few weeks maybe, but did not have the time now.

Leaving sickbay, she made a mental note to ask the prisoners who the Doctor was in case an injury occurred, which was most likely. She hoped they would not refuse as their own people might be in need of care at some point.

The Bridge was her last stop this evening. She reviewed the tactical station noting armament types, remaining weaponry, the status of the deflector dish, shields and scanner accuracy. Satisfied, she quickly reviewed the readouts of the operations, Engineering and science stations and tied them all in to function at the helm control. She spent a considerable amount of time at the helm position. After all, it would not do neither party any good if she steered the ship into an asteroid. She plotted a course for the M-class planet that was previously agreed upon for colonization by this species and she engaged the engines to warp eight.

Against her better judgment she called two guards over. Since she could not be on the Bridge at all times, she carefully instructed the two guards on duty how to read the basic display panels and what warning signs to look for. Luckily she had set the auto-pilot on and configured it to steer clear of any large objects.

Still, Athena hoped nothing critical happened because they were not very adept. She questioned them numerous times on what did what before walking into the Conference room where Colonel Nad would be.

He looked up at her with his normal domineering stare and she gave him the information he required. She didn't want to encourage him into beating the prisoners, especially Captain Janeway.

She explained that Voyager had photon torpedoes and Type 4 phaser arrays, duranium hull armor and class-9 shields. That Voyager's top speed was 9.975, but only for 1 hour before structural integrity was compromised.

After her brief report, he said he wanted a complete overview of all decks and where everything was located in 48 hours.

Athena marveled at how it was always her duty to inform him about how things functioned and where everything was located. Severely irritated at the waste of her time, she forced herself to comply.

Janeway prowled around her quarters looking for something she could use, something to give her an edge, but with disgust, she gave up finding nothing.

They had wisely searched her quarters removing the hidden phaser near her nightstand and the rifle in her ensuite. They disconnected the replicators as well.

She was trying to find some edge, physical or mental that would give her an advantage, but she couldn't think of nothing… yet.

So she was left with just her thoughts, which turned to her fiancé. She needed to somehow reach her. That was the key. Janeway was convinced, if she could get the young woman to believe in her and switch allegiances, then she could win Voyager back a lot easier. The pirates would obey Seven as long as they trusted in her and believed she was Major Athena. Only Colonel Nad didn't trust her, but he didn't seem to trust anyone. However, if any one of them were to find out about Seven's true identity that trust could dissipate quickly and put her at risk.

As Janeway paced her quarters, she looked down at her left hand. She brought it up to look at the gold band around her third finger. She twirled it around the finger some. Sadly, she realized she had to take it off. If Athena recognized it, she might become suspicious and Janeway couldn't take that chance. After all, it was almost an exact duplicate of Seven's ring except for the inscription on the inside.

She sighed deeply and removed it, carefully putting it in the top draw of her bedroom in the original container. She hadn't taken it off even after believing Seven had died and she surely intended to put it back on when this was all over.

A plan regarding Athena suddenly occurred to Janeway and her heart raced at the thought, but deep down she knew it wasn't honorable. Shoving down the guilt, she decided she had to take the risk. Her ship, her crew and her fiancé were all at stake.

Just then Major Athena chimed the door and entered the Captain's quarters. "I have come to see if you would like something to eat."

She walked into the main room from the bedroom to greet Athena. "As a matter of fact, yes. Since your people were so kind to shut off my replicator." She said sarcastically.

Ignoring the remark, Athena said. "I believe it is customary for your crew to eat in the Mess Hall?"

"Yes, but if you don't mind I'd like to eat here." Janeway asserted.

"Very well, I will have it brought here. What would you like?"

Janeway told her and Athena relayed the order through her own internal comm. link. "It will be a few minutes."

"So, will my crew be fed as well?"

"Yes, an individual named Chell is preparing everything as needed."

Under guard no doubt. "Well, I guess I'll set the table, while we wait." Janeway said brightly as she set about her plan.

Athena took in a breath. This Captain was acting way too comfortable for the situation she was in and Athena believed it to be just an act. To what purpose it would serve, she did not know. However, Athena liked this Captain, despite her arrogance, so she would play along for now.

As the Captain set the table her eyes drifted over to what Athena was wearing. She no longer had the jacket from earlier and the torso outfit underneath was more form fitting and revealing. The outfit was of a similar design like the jacket, mostly black with four thick stripes of navy blue crossing the torso section at 90-degree angles. Her eyes drifted to the blue stripes that were crossing over the curves of the chest. Swallowing, she averted her eyes. All in all, she looked good. Real good. Painfully good. Damn!

Athena watched the expressions change on the Captain's face. She had seen this type of behavior before among the guards. However, she noticed the Captain's gaze was more subtle yet maintained an intensity she had not seen before. Perhaps she is lonely, Athena considered.

The implant eyebrow rose up sharply, "Like what you see, Captain?"

More intrigued than embarrassed, Janeway wanted to see where this conversation would lead. "What if I do?" she said, going to a cabinet looking for plates.

"I should warn you it is customary for the lead pirate of a successful raid to take the Captain as a concubine. Colonel Nad is known to do that when they are female. However, female Captain's are rare."

Janeway almost dropped the plates she just picked up and made a horrid face, full of disgust at Seven.

Athena laughed a little and Janeway beamed at her despite her revulsion at the previous statement. Even during the six months of their blooming relationship Seven had only laughed less than a handful of times. It brought back a flood of memories and Janeway had to fight to contain her emotions.

"I agree," Athena said. "He is distasteful to say the least, but since it was my raid, he cannot take what is rightfully mine to claim. Therefore you have nothing to worry about."

Janeway took that as a compliment and smiled, even though she did not like what it implied. That she was a trophy by the taking of her vessel bothered her and she wondered if the barbaric sexist custom would apply if she were male.

"Oh? You've never taken anyone in your conquests?" Janeway asked feeling a twinge of jealousy as she set the table with the plates and silverware she found.

"I have no such compulsions." Athena reassured her. "but I have not had the opportunity either, since this is my first planned raid."

No compulsions?! Does that mean she doesn't feel desire or attraction? Janeway filed that thought away and continued on with the questions not wanting to lose the opportunity for gaining as much information as possible.

"You planned this?"


"You chose my vessel to take over?" Janeway asked tentatively with some irritation, but she also acknowledged that maybe Athena was being led by something deeper than mere thievery. She hoped so.

"Yes," Athena responded succinctly. She did not add that she was drawn to the vessel but had no idea why.


"We require your vessel." Athena thought the question odd. Why else would someone take control of another's property through force, except to gain power. It was an ironic situation, because Athena truly had no desire for power or control. She simply wanted to belong somewhere and have a purpose, a reason for living, for existing, but she also realized that she owed Savor and Nad for keeping her alive and since this was their lifestyle she acquiesced in payment of that debt. She really had no choice in the matter.

"Who requires it? You or Nad?" Janeway suspected that he would be in control of her vessel not Seven. That fact disturbed her greatly.

"I have secured the vessel for him." She admitted. "The first raid goes to the highest ranking thief, if he so desires it… and he will want it."

"I see," Janeway paused, letting her growing aggravations calm down some. Now was not the time for action. "So… how long have you been doing this?"

"33 days, 12 hours and 39 minutes."

"Only a month?" Janeway feigned surprise, but if it was truly her Seven with memory loss then a month was accurate.

Athena's face was placid, but her eyes darted around, conveying uncertainty.

"What did you do before that?" Janeway inquired.

"I do not remember much. I was told I was in an accident of some kind." She reflected.

"You have no memory of your life before a month ago?" the Captain asked, her eyes soft.

"No, none." She repeated, becoming disconcerted with the topic.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Janeway said, meaning it more than anything in her life. A part of her heart constricted in her chest. "Would you like some wine?" She asked needing a distraction. She fumbled around for some wineglasses.

Athena was touched that this Captain understood her situation. She had not met anyone like her in all the raids she had been a participant in. She was compassionate even while in such dire circumstances. Athena found herself envious of the woman's will power and internal strength.

A chirp sounded and Janeway watched the blonde take the food tray from the guard after the door had opened. She brought it over to the table and removed the cover to reveal steamed chicken, rice pilaf, sweet corn and a baked potato on the side. There was enough for two.

"You will be joining me?" Janeway asked, bringing the wine and glasses over.

"I was not planning to." Athena responded haughtily.

"Please." Janeway said submissively. "There's plenty."

"If you insist." Athena submitted hoping her stomach would agree with it.

"I do." The Captain gave a small smile.

"I have not tasted any of these foods."

"Don't worry you'll like them." Janeway encouraged her because she knew what Seven liked. Kathryn also knew Seven ate lightly, so she only gave her a small piece of chicken and a small serving of rice and corn. She could always have seconds if she wanted to.

Janeway was famished after waiting all day, so she filled her plate with three pieces of assorted chicken and a generous helping of rice and corn plus a small baked potato. She poured a generous amount of wine for Seven and herself then dug into her food, while Seven tentatively tried hers.

The ex-Borg, carefully brought the chicken to her mouth and ripped off a piece, chewing it thoroughly before swallowing. Janeway used to love to watch Seven eat among other things. It was difficult watching the mannerisms of this woman in front of her that she knew all too well, who was in essence her lover and yet a complete stranger.

"You were right. It is… acceptable." Athena said after having sampled everything.

"I told you so." Janeway peeked a look as Seven tried the wine. Just like her former self, she rolled it around her mouth and let it settle on her tongue analyzing the texture and taste.

"This has an interesting flavor. What is it called?"

"Chateau Picard." She answered. "It's a wine from the Picard vineyard in Labarre, France of my home planet."

Athena eyed her dinner companion. "You should have saved it for a special occasion."

Janeway wanted to say what she was thinking. What could be a better occasion than to have dinner with the woman I love? Ah, except you don't remember me do you?

"I may not have a better occasion." She said somewhat sorrowful.

Athena silently agreed with that assessment for her own reasons.

They finished dinner while continuing in abstract conversation with safe topics such as food and wine. Janeway also told her about Earth.

They moved over to the main area and sat on the couch along the wall underneath the windows that revealed the passing stars and nebulas.

After an hour the wine started to affect Athena. "I feel strange." She brought her mesh hand up to study it. Her vision was blurred more so than usual and even her human right eye was affected.

"Oh, that's nothing, wine has certain delirious effects." She advised the blonde.

"I see," she said displeased. "If you are trying to distract me it will not succeed."

"What makes you think, I'm trying to distract you?" Janeway gave her a wicked grin. She hadn't flirted with Seven in awhile and the alcohol warmed her stomach, inclining her to do so.

Athena shrugged, grinning back. "Be aware Captain… I am not easily affected by flirtatiousness or seduction." Her voice was slightly slurred. "Species of all kinds have tried to win me over and failed. They mistake my… compassionate nature with easiness." She frowned contemplating it. "Besides, I am incapable… of what you would call love."

"What the hell makes you say that?" Janeway said with more attitude that she meant, because she knew better than that. She knew the truth.

Athena reached out to lift Janeway's chin up. She bent over to peer deeply into Kathryn's eyes only a foot apart. "I believe you are a sly one. Intelligent and cunning." Athena grinned back.

The Captain's breathing increased at the touch. She smells so good! Janeway needed to touch those lips.

The blonde let go, backing away. "But it will not help you." She said bemused.

"I disagree," Janeway reached out to cup Seven's face in her hands and pulled her towards her to touch their lips together. Janeway knew how Seven's body reacted to her and decided to prove her point by kissing the blonde.

Athena, at first was shocked, but amusement overcame her at how this Captain thought she could do what so many others had tried and failed during Athena's short life.

The Captain carefully brushed her lips first, in a light-teasing manner. When Seven did not resist, she molded her mouth to the younger woman kissing her firmly.

Athena was astounded at the tingles she was experiencing while partaking in this touching of lips. It was quite pleasant to kiss this individual. Curiosity overrode her normally sound judgment as she slowly kissed the Captain back not wanting to lose the good sensations it produced.

Kathryn prodded Seven's lips easily with her tongue seeking entry. The young woman parted them involuntarily, becoming immensely distracted by the sensations she had not felt before with anyone who had tried.

Janeway moved her hands to Seven's hips trying to feel her skin through the uniform. The Captain sought out Seven's tongue, drinking in the sweet scent of the woman and enjoying the taste of the left over fine wine. It's been so long! She moaned into the kiss, seeking more, swirling her tongue ardently against her former lover's.

Kathryn's arousal took over and her hands began exploring Seven's body that she knew so well. Instinctively, Janeway knew what Seven liked and where. She ran her hands over the buttocks. She knew every inch of Annika's beautiful body. The touches that distracted her and the touches that made her wild and wanting more. Janeway moved the palms of her hands in concentric circles around the blond's stomach and then slid them up to the chest brushing by the breasts before engulfing them fully in her grasp. She squeezed them playfully, her whole body feverishly aroused by the kisses and touching. Kathryn momentarily forgot that this body didn't house the same mind of her former lover as she attended to her own long-suffering need.

Fire erupted inside Athena, from her chest to her toes. The blood in her head was inflamed and the beating of her heart was pounding like a thundercloud as Janeway fondled her and although it was extremely pleasant, it was also making her nervous.

Coming back to her senses, Athena brought her hands up to push Janeway away. "What are you doing to me?!" She shouted, gasping for air.

"I kissed you." Janeway said breathing heavily, her chest heaving in response. She ran her tongue across the bottom of her lip to taste the moisture left by their sensual kiss.

Athena was confused and out of her element. She did not know how to respond. "I must leave!" She got up to go.

"No!" Janeway stood with her. "Please, you don't have to… Stay with me tonight."

Athena had no idea why her heart palpitated in her chest with anticipation at those words. She wanted to stay amidst all the conflicting sensations, but she had to resist this. She was still convinced this woman was playing a bold game of seduction with her.

"No," she gave Janeway a grim look. "I must leave. Goodnight Captain, Janeway." With that she left in a hurry.

Janeway wanted to strike something. Her skin was hot, her respiration elevated and her body was quite stimulated. Oh, she was so ready. She was very cognizant that if Seven had not left, she would have given herself freely. Wasn't that the plan? She scolded herself. She decided to take a cold shower or she wasn't going to get much sleep that night.

Athena barely made it out the door as her head swam about her. The corridor seemed to move on its own. She did not want the guards to see her this way, but there was no way around it. She knew the VIP quarters were right down this hallway and figured that would be her best bet until the effects wore off.

A wide grin appeared on the faces of the two guards once they realized her swaying was the result from partying. It was amusing for them to see the always passive Major loosen up and in their minds she should have lightened up before.

"Way to go, Major." One guard said.

"About time you got some." They jeered. Both assumed she took her spoils from the victory with regards to the Captain.

She managed a nod before stumbling down the corridor and into the VIP guest quarters.

She slumbered over to a couch and collapsed down on it. Her heart was racing and she pondered how the Captain had aroused her so easily. She had never felt so much before. Clearly Athena had underestimated this Captain who was more experienced in the ways of seduction than anyone she had ever met.

Oh, but it felt good, she noted. The soft lips and the sensual touching. Once the older woman had touched her chest an explosion of sensory overload overwhelmed her as her nerve endings rippled with heat. It was most pleasant and she wondered if there was more to that. Speculating at the pleasant possibilities, she wondered if she could feel more. Despite her normally aloof demeanor, Athena realized she wanted to feel more. She needed to feel more. She did not have a lot of time and this woman leader could affect her in the most unusual of ways. It was possible another opportunity such at this one might never present itself.

Despite her better judgment, which was partially impaired by the alcohol, she gave in and stumbled back to the Captain's quarters less than thirty minutes later.

She pressed the chime and walked in. The door opened up to the main living area revealing the low light level as Athena strolled deeper into the room. Janeway was not in the immediate area.

Sighing heavily and not appreciating the interruption at this time, Janeway rose from her bed and went into the main room. She had put on a clean uniform after her shower and although she was not happy to have to sleep in it, she did not want to be caught in anything else should her crew get an opportunity to take Voyager back.

"What can I do for you… " She started, then seeing who it was. "…Major."

"Cap-tain." Her voice was still slurred. "I wish… to talk to you."

"Ok." Janeway said. Just like she suspected, Seven still could not hold her liquor very well. Even now she was not looking too steady.

Janeway was still unsettled physically and feeling seriously libidinous urges. The cold shower did not help to alleviate that and sadly, there was only one true cure.

Athena put her hand to her head, "Is this a normal effect… of wine." She said her head pounding.

"Yes, I'm sorry. Most people don't react that quickly or intensely to the amount you had." Janeway guided her to the couch.

"Why did you do that?" she asked exasperated, barely keeping her torso upright.

"Do what?" Janeway asked. "You mean the wine?"

She put a finger to her lips, "You kissed me…" Her voice was reflective.

"I had too much to drink." Janeway lied. I missed you, your presence, your touch, your fragrance. I still do.

"You touched me… " She gestured to her chest. "here…"

"Yes," Janeway concurred. "Did it bother you?"

"No," Athena stammered. "It… was nice."

A stray strand of blonde hair came loose from the normally neat bun. Janeway pushed it back out of Athena's face. It was an involuntary response. She had done it so many times before without thinking about it.

Athena took the gesture as a sign of affection and leaned in for a kiss. Janeway obliged her, but it wasn't coordinated, as the young blonde was almost out of it. It was a sloppy kiss that reminded Janeway of those lustful moments in the past when she and Seven couldn't get enough of each other during the beginning stages of their courtship. That brought a smile to her wet lips. She moved to Athena's neck to nibble the tender flesh there before gliding over to the pliable ear lobes to suck on them thoroughly.

Kathryn was going to move onto bolder things when Seven flopped backwards on the couch out cold. Sighing heavily, she pursed her lips and checked her pulse, making sure it was strong and steady. She assumed the nanoprobes in her body would take care of the alcohol by morning.

She brought Seven's legs up on the couch and quickly retrieving a blanket, put it over her. She stroked the pale cheek, then kissed her on it. "Good night, Annika." She whispered.

She went into her bedroom, laid down on her bed and tried to go to sleep, promising herself she would bring Annika back to her. She would find a way. She had to.

Day 2:

Colonel Nad was waiting in the Ready Room for his two most trusted underlings. Lt. Savor and Lt. Volan entered the room and stood at attention before the Colonel.

Lt. Volan was a humanoid looking alien with bluish wavy hair and a grow tee on his chin. His eyes were pupil less and black giving an ominous dark appearance. Savor had pale skin similar to that of humans except for his squarish chin and rounded nose. Nad still thought they were both ugly.

"I want you two to keep an eye on the Major. I don't trust her and I don't like her." He said the distaste dripping off his tongue. "I can't explain it, but something is not right about her."

"Yes sir, but I thought we agreed to keep her around for awhile because of her abilities." Savor commented.

"I know it benefits us, but I've got this…" Nad made a twisted face. "intuition."

"We could not have taken this vessel without her." Savor reminded him.

"I say we get rid of her now." Volan said cold as ice.

"Now?!" Nad rose his voice.

"Her loyalties are to herself. She is not a pirate at heart. She is too compassionate, which leads me to believe that she will betray us. It's just a matter of time."

Nad contemplated those words, but now was not the time. He needed her to run this ship, especially since he intended to keep only a few of the crew alive. There was no need to rendezvous with a planet days out of their way just to keep a few insignificant beings alive. Utter nonsense! Only selected members that were required to run this ship would be left alive. For now though, he would humor Athena and keep them alive, to keep her in line. He noticed how Athena seemed unusually smitten with the Captain and knew he could use that to his advantage when the time came.

"Just keep an eye on her. Make sure you know where she is at all times. I may need you two as back up if I need to take her out. Especially, if she starts showing signs of mutiny. So make sure you know how to fly this ship!"

"Understood." Savor responded.

"Very well," Volan conceded.

Athena woke up to blurred vision and a thunderous headache. She moaned out her pain, and opened her eyes blinking frantically to clear them. The room seemed too bright and her stomach lurched in protest. She tried to stand and fell to her knees with a thumping sound.

Captain Janeway heard a noise coming from the main room and left her reading to investigate. She found Seven on her knees near the couch, clutching at her head and groaning in misery.

Knowing exactly what the problem was, Janeway retrieved her emergency hypospray from the bedroom nightstand. It would take care of the effects of inebriation. She had saved it for herself on those special occasions when a stiff drink was required to ease the tension of command, but now Seven really needed it. She didn't really mind using it on Seven as Janeway could simply appropriate another from sickbay as needed. However, she did consider it odd how Seven's nanoprobes hadn't filtered out the alcohol's effects by now having had hours to do so. She dismissed the allusive reasons as to why until later.

Janeway knelt next to Seven and pressed it to her neck. Athena stiffened hearing the hiss, but did not move as she was still groggy. Thirty seconds later her head cleared and she grabbed Janeway's wrists tightly.

"What was that?!" She demanded with a mixture of panic and exasperation.

Overwhelmed by the strong reaction, Janeway flinched at Seven's fast movement toward her. Momentarily distracted, the Captain had to remind herself that this was not her Seven and that she would obviously assume she was being sedated or poisoned. "It's for the effects of the wine, nothing more." She asserted quickly.

Athena stared deep into Janeway's eyes as she held her wrists waiting to see if she would pass out or keel over and die.

Janeway felt the tight grip on her wrists and felt Seven's hands trembling oddly, especially the left hand with the mesh covering. The medication should have cured her of all the alcoholic intoxication, Janeway rationalized.

After a minute and still conscious, Athena released her grip and cautiously stood up. "How did I get here?" She looked around the Captain's quarters.

"You probably don't remember, but you stopped by to chat with me before passing out." Janeway reminded her.

"Yes... " her features wrinkled in thought, but she needed to charge her systems so she cut the conversation short. "Well, I must be going now."

"Am I to stay here all day?" Janeway asked as Athena reached the door.

"It is better than the alternative." She replied unyielding and left.

The Captain was going to reply, but reserved her anger for when the time was right. This was not Seven's fault.

Seven notified Savor that she was returning to the Pak'Tar to 'energize' as the soldiers called it.

She tolerated Savor. Of all the pirates he was the most honorable, if there was such a thing among thieves. He was the most logical and seemed to possess wisdom despite his many years at being what he was. Athena sensed that he liked her, despite her odd demeanor. He trained her how to fight 'pirate style' he called it, but after seeing her natural ability he admitted that she really didn't need it.

She transported over to the smaller ship, heading for her quarters that were located at the back of the ship, in the aft section. There were a few small cabins in this area of the ship near Engineering and they were usually assigned to the lesser-ranked thieves of the crew.

She actually appreciated having her room near the engines and away from the rest of the crew because what she had to do was more than unsettling and noisy.

Despite her rank, they didn't question it because she was the only credible and reliable Engineer and where better to be than near the engines in case of a malfunction.

Athena was actually the only engineer on board who had a decent if vague understanding of the cloaking device. She had managed to get it functioning, but every couple of days it seemed to fluctuate and the ship would become visible again. It was becoming a problem that could be the death of them all if they were in the middle of a covert operation with a larger more lethal vessel.

Reaching her quarters, she entered her room and moved to the far corner. She located an old antique rusted pine chest. She opened it and pulled out a fluctuating energy cell.

It resembled a small rectangular container around one foot long and a half-foot wide. It had four vertical energy packs surrounded by metal slots used for connection purposes. Athena pulled out a long coiled metallic cord and connected it to the metallic slot on one of the energy cells.

She pulled up her uniform and finding the back metal plate at the base of her spine connected the two.

Athena screamed. Electrical sparks tore through her nerve endings and her brain felt like it was on fire. The pain threatened to consume her, but she knew the worst of it was the first few minutes. Over the next two hours, a constant piercing throb would engulf her and then it would subside into a sharp ache in her lower back and lower extremities for another two hours before she could disconnect.

She was then free for another 72 hours until she would have to repeat the painful process. Her body required the energy to live so she had no other choice. Unlike the other humanoids, she was part machine and after trying to sustain herself with only food, she almost died. It was a good thing, she realized something was wrong early on. Working furiously to come up with a compatible energy source, she finally found one that worked after many days of trial and error, but she knew it was it only a temporary fix.

This method of acquiring the energy she needed to live was only prolonging the inevitable. No one she met knew who she was or where she came from. She doubted in time, if she could figure out a non-painful and fully compatible energy source.

Time was not on her side. The trembling in her hands and body would come and go periodically and that wasn't the worst. Heading into the 70th hour before needing to 'energize', she felt increased migraines on and off, which would almost incapacitate her for a few minutes.

She couldn't even begin to describe the internal pain she felt when she had what felt like millions of pinpricks inside her body all electrifying at once. Athena could take pain, but even for her this was brutal and hard to bare. Her current malfunctions also caused her ability to digest food to become harsh and unwelcome. It made her eat less each day only compounding the initial problem by making her steadily weaker.

She wasn't sure if this kind of existence was worth all the suffering, but she forced herself to continue. She did not know why she had this uncanny attitude. She utilized something deep down inside her, an invisible force that seemed real, but which she could not explain.

She knew it had something do with the golden ring she had on her finger. She had studied it back when she had first taken it off to look at it more closely. She had seen words inscribed inside the ring and a symbol, so miniscule she had to zoom in with her mechanical eye. Despite the blurriness in that eye, she had managed to read it.

It said, '© KJ', but she did not know what the symbol meant. She thought, perhaps, the initials could be an abbreviation of her name, but she simply had no memory of it.

The answers were out there somewhere and she would continue searching until she either found them or died trying. She used this excuse to keep going, despite the agony she had to endure.

Day 2: Evening:

Athena knew as a pirate it was the wrong thing to do, but she needed the distraction. She decided to join Captain Janeway for dinner again. She would have vowed to be more prepared for any other sneaky tactics on Janeway's part if Athena wasn't so enticed by it all. It was just that amidst all the pain, physical and emotional, Athena had never felt so good in those moments when the Captain was touching her with her lips and hands.

The young woman knew she should not go, but she was driven to wash the pain away. She so much needed to erase the torment in her body and mind and she felt Janeway could do that. I must take what she is willing to offer.

Entering Captain Kathryn Janeway's quarters, Athena brought the food tray with her this time. She had called ahead asking Janeway what she wanted and decided to pick it up in the Mess Hall from a blue man with ridges on his forehead. Since her crew had to eat, a humanoid named Chell cooked and replicated for both crews and prepared what Athena had asked him to without hesitation.

Janeway greeted her politely after she walked in and they sat down to eat dinner in relative silence. Afterwards, while talking on the couch, Athena decided to bring up what happened the previous evening.

"I was wondering, Captain. Did you get me drunk so you could seduce me?" she asked light-hearted.

"Why would you think that?" Janeway asked back.

"Well, there was the kiss." She stated, her eyes gleamed in the starlight.

Janeway glanced at her with a small smile not wanting to ruin the moment.

"Well, you were touching me… in ways I was not aware of. What do you call it? Foreplay, intercourse, fornication, procreation, copulation, sex?" she stopped to read Janeway's reaction.

The Captain looked slightly paler in the cheeks and her ears turned slightly crimson. Athena could hear the sudden intake of air as her companion's breathing increased. Janeway swallowed abashed.

"I have reviewed your database regarding these acts and those words came up. I understand they resemble actions taken by two people who are intimate, but I have no practical experience in what truly occurs." Athena tilted her head inquisitively, "Perhaps you could show me."

With that said, Athena moved in to touch Kathryn's chest as she had done to her. The suddenness of the movement startled Janeway and she gripped Seven's hand holding it at bay.

Even though it was her initial plan, Janeway was having second thoughts about whether or not she should seduce Seven in this manner. She had resolved to herself earlier in the day to be good and not tempt Athena, but now after hearing all those words pop out of her ex-lover's mouth, it was like a match to gasoline waiting to erupt and awaken Janeway's long-suffering body. It was hard for Janeway to back out.

"I don't believe that's a good idea." She said through slightly clenched teeth as she was painfully trying to resist her own body's urges, but the tone simply came out more annoyed sounding than anything else.

"I see," Athena said steamed up. "You have changed your mind. You just wanted to see if I could respond. So, you could win me over. A game?"

"What?" Janeway remarked, miscalculating Athena's attraction and appeal towards her. "No, that's not it--."

"You were teasing me." The blonde said in anger, "Taking advantage of my inexperience. Toying with me! To make me YOUR prize?!" Athena took a shaky breath. "You had no intentions of showing me intimacy did you?!"

"No, I--" the auburn haired officer tried to speak, but guilt held her back because she had attempted to take advantage of Athena. That was part of her original plan.

"I have superior strength! I could take you if I wanted to!" Athena threatened, her fists clenched at her side, her nose flaring. She was striking out verbally in desperation and in anger at her situation, her pain more so than what Janeway had or had not done.

Janeway's face blushed hotly, "Yes, you could." She admitted quietly, ruffled by the idea of being forced. "but do you really want to do that?" she questioned, her tone thick.

Janeway glimpsed the intensity of Athena's face, the nose flare, the tight lines, and piercing eyes.

"No," she said quietly, disgusted with herself. "It is not my way, even if I am a pirate." She knew there would be no pleasure this night. "I will leave you now." Athena choked out, her voice remorseful. She turned to leave, but Janeway's hand reached out to grab Seven's arm and halt her progress.

"Wait!" the Captain pleaded. Janeway's heart could not help, but respond to that kind of anguish coming from Seven. She realized this young woman, who was in a sense a stranger, still wanted her after barely knowing her for less than two days! She conceded to the misery in that cry and deep down inside, despite what her Starfleet voice was saying, the woman in her, still gave in mind, body and spirit to what her beloved needed.

"Captain," Athena said dissatisfied and restless. "I have no intention of playing games with you any further."

"I know." Her voice softened. "I don't want to play any games with you." Her voice was thick with longing and anticipation filled her eyes, but she needed to be absolutely certain of something first.

"But I don’t like being threatened either… Athena."

"I most definitely would not force intimacy of any kind on you." She stated resolutely, her gaze strong. "Until you kissed me I had not even wanted it… ever."

Janeway moved closer and reached out to hold her human hand, rubbing her thumb in circles against the soft alabaster skin. "I'm sorry. I was teasing you, but you don't have to leave."

Athena eyed her wantonly. "Once you start this Captain Janeway, I may not be able to stop myself. Be certain this is what you want." Her voice held distress and a pang of desperation.

"I am certain. I won't stop you." Kathryn removed the pins keeping Athena's hair up, and watched it flow free while stroking the soft blonde strands. "I will assist you."

Bringing her arms completely around Athena, Kathryn blew a hot breath over her partner's cheek evoking a shudder, before she kissed her soundly.

Athena felt a flood of arousal inside her as she exuberantly hugged Janeway around the waist. She lifted the source of her pleasure off her feet and carried her to the bedroom while muzzling her neckline. After Athena put her down, she gazed apprehensively into Janeway's eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Janeway asked worriedly.

"I should warn you, my body is heavily scarred with--."

Janeway put a finger to Athena's lips. "Shh, don't worry about that." She soothed.

Athena was flabbergasted by how sensual and kind Janeway was being to her, since she was her abductor and conqueror. Even with the pain, Athena would have never agreed to this sexual encounter if she wasn't so intrigued by this bold woman, who was Captain.

"I… I am uncertain how to proceed."

"I'm sure we'll figure it out." Kathryn said, seductively, tasting her partner's mouth again before removing their clothes. Tossing them aside haphazardly, they fell onto the bed with Seven on top. Janeway gasped audibly as her warm flesh touched Seven's hot flesh and cool metal simultaneously. Their limbs intermingled generously on the satin sheets.

Janeway molded her mouth to Seven's in a passionate embrace of lips and tongue. She wanted the young woman so much. The absence of her lover's touch for so long causing her libido to want to be satiated now, at this very moment.

The older woman moved her hands over Seven's buttocks squeezing them hard pressing them towards her hips desperately needing the close contact.

Janeway ravished Seven's mouth some more, while the young woman was holding her weight on her elbows, complying readily. Kathryn broke the kiss to whisper in her ear. "Let me show you…" she nibbled an ear. "That you are more…" She kissed her cheek. "Than capable of love."

Athena's body shuddered in response to the Captain's touch and the words so erotically spoken.

Janeway rolled her lover over, so she was on top. She leered wantonly, easing apart Seven's legs with a nudge of her own, stroking the inner thigh utilizing the whole surface area of her hand to feel the warm slick skin.

Janeway fingered the large breasts playing with them fully watching them pucker in appreciation. She latched her salivating mouth onto the left one swirling her tongue along the tip before engulfing the lovely mound of flesh by sliding it into her mouth as far as she could. Oh, how she had missed them!

Crying out, Athena arched her body, thrusting her chest up higher as her lover suckled on her mercilessly consuming the tips of her mammary glands. Such sensations!

Using her fingertips from her right stroking hand, she gently opened the delicate outer lips of Seven's sex and inserted a single digit forcing a loud cadence from her lover. It had been so long, since she tasted of her love that her body was inclined to rush things. Kathryn kept the pace steady at first, then added another digit and increased the rhythm with long deep strokes to keep the feeling intense.

She moved to the right breast, tasting of the beautifully cultivated pink areola causing her lover to writhe beneath her. Annika obviously still responded to her ministrations. Thank you God! Sliding into the moist soft channel that welcomed her intrusion, Kathryn was so grateful to whatever powers existed that Seven was still alive and here with her even under these circumstances.

There was so much heat coursing through Athena's veins. A hot liquid fire burned through her. The penetration of her lower extremities was driving her wild. Her blood flowed through her pounding hard into her breasts and genitals. Her skin sparked with tingles of electricity that made her want to fly and did not cause pain.

She undulated her hips in tune with her new lover as Kathryn motioned inside her. The slick folds started to contract with force. In response, Kathryn pressed her mouth hard to Seven's sucking and tasting on her plump lower lip. Propelling her love into the motions, Kathryn felt the shudders begin with a tightness enveloping around her fingers squeezing in short quick contractions.

Athena's chest tightened and constricted as the orgasm tore through her body. Panting raggedly, her body convulsed in a spasmodic movement of ecstasy that was not known to her. From the core of her being, the volcano in her loins boiled over streaming out her wholesome juices while her torso bucked and jerked in release. Athena's extra juices bathed Janeway's thigh.

Athena hoped she would not die during these incredible moments of ecstasy. All she had ever known was pain, anguish and violence. To say this was freeing her tortured soul was an understatement. She inhaled deeply as her body glistened with beads of moisture at the expenditure.

Kathryn removed herself from Seven after the fierce contractions subsided and kissed her again. A soothing less erotic kiss that was intended to calm down the overheated woman. She held her in a loose embrace stroking her stomach, while the younger woman recovered her faculties.

Nothing could have prepared Athena physically or emotionally for the aftermath of her first climax. A tear escaped her right eye, since her left one was not functioning optimally. She smiled shyly at the Captain, and after rolling her over, slithered on top of the smaller woman. This was all new territory to her. She was inexperienced in sexual intimacy, but was determined to enjoy the journey of discovery with this woman before her. The only discover she might ever be able to indulge in.

Athena kissed her new lover deeply, her tongue smacking the redhead's soft muscle in earnest need. She wanted to feel more. She tasted of the stiff breasts swirling a tongue around the firm bosoms and pressing a heated breath over the coral buds before trying to suck the life from them. She felt a copious amount of fluid on her thighs and caressed the opening of her partner's wet heat before plunging into the unknown depths of her desire. Fingers slid easily in Kathryn's well-lubricated silky-smooth entrance, causing a large groan. Athena held nothing back in her lustful quest for more sensation as she pressed deeply into Janeway, who shouted out her appreciation. Janeway thrusted her pelvis up harshly in response to the thrilling sensations that blazed fervently through her shattering any remaining equilibrium.

The young woman probed ardently for that hot spot that brought about the exultation she had felt. The liquid sound of her hand smacking in an out aroused Athena again, to her surprise. She was perplexed at how her body responded to this individual. She found Janeway's mouth fashioning hers around it to sample her seasoned flavor again.

She hit the g-spot, flexing her fingers inside and suddenly the walls clamped down, causing Janeway to yell out, roaring her passion into the night. A crescendo of waves rolled through her as she climaxed lifting her body off the bed and bringing them back down in a heap of sweaty exhausted flesh.

Gulping for air, Kathryn's body slowly came down from the state of physical bliss. A deep sense of fulfillment overcame her at finally being satiated after a month of abstinence. Although, she had missed the sexual intimacy they shared, it was simply the young woman's physical presence in her bed that made all the difference here and now.

Knowing this was not her experienced fiancé making love to her, Janeway envisioned this act of sex as quite pleasurable if not filled with the love and passion she had grown accustomed to. Janeway's forced abstinence had a helping hand in it as her body could not help but respond to Seven's lustful enthusiasm. The redhead could not fake her love for the blonde woman in her arms despite the memory loss.

Athena rolled off Janeway sooner than the older woman would have preferred. Athena laid next to Janeway while her chest heaved up and down with the intake and outtake of breath. She closed her eyes to relax and calm her body down.

Janeway liked to cuddle after making love and had to restrain her disappointment. She had to keep her perspective. She, in essence, had slept with a stranger regardless of how familiar she was with Seven's body. She had to keep that in the back of her mind. As if a Starfleet officer could really be expected to be on alert during intense lovemaking, especially with your fiancé, who just happens to think that she is one of the enemy because she doesn't remember who she is?

With some sadness, Kathryn realized that this Athena persona could not love her like that. It was this cold detachment after the act that brought Janeway harshly back to reality about her situation. She shook her head to avoid the thoughts of what was still missing.

I wonder what is going through her mind? What is she thinking? Who is she thinking about? Janeway closed her eyes holding back her tears of frustration and helplessness, because now was not the time. She had not lost her lover yet and she would fight for Seven, pirates beware.

Athena's body had relaxed into a state of perfect peaceful bliss. Time stood still for the young woman as she ruminated on how she felt physically for the first time. The basic term for this act is called sex, she thought. We had sex.

She analyzed the act. Pure and basic, yet complex, involving the taking of pleasure from each other's body. Yet something was missing, an intangible that Athena could not pinpoint and it made her profoundly sad as if she had lost something. The irony was how could she lose something she had never had?

Athena was highly intrigued and had no idea that this 'sex' could be so euphoric.

Since this performance kept the pain away, she would have to encourage Janeway to engage in it again. The Captain had exceptional prowess in the ways of sexuality and she wished to partake in it some more in the near future.

It was pleasurable for her and efficient for Athena's purposes. Something Athena didn't have much of in her short life.

Athena closed her eyes enjoying the rare serenity of the moment and drifted off to sleep.

Day 3:

Athena's eyes moved under her eyelids and her body shifted as her mind opened into a dream state.

It was dark and foggy. The internal atmosphere was misty and she could make out machinery, wires and cables all bathed in a sickly green color.

As the vision cleared, she could see a figure approach. She gasped in shock as it came toward her. A ghastly looking pale humanoid was completely covered in metallic armor plating with wires going from its head to its chest plate and it made her flinch in terror. She tried to run but her legs would not move. Frozen with horror, she watched the creature move up to her, it's right mechanical red eye shining on her chest like a beacon. Fear scorched through in her nerves. The pale face spoke to her, but she could not hear the words. Terror swept through her shivering bones as this figure reminded her of the living dead. The pale left hand, covered with a metal sheath, had two snake like protrusions that slithered out at the knuckle joint and sought out her flesh piercing her skin violently.

Athena screamed.

She shot up sharply and wailed, "No!" Frantically looking around, Athena saw no such abomination.

Abruptly, Janeway shot up like a cannonball. Hammering in her chest, her heart threatened to explode at the suddenness of her awakening.

After a few seconds, Janeway realized Athena was the cause of the loud disturbance. She was staring straight ahead with a look of utter dread. Sweat beaded up on her forehead as she struggled for air, mouth agape.

Janeway put a hand on her shoulder. "Are you all right."

The blonde did not respond. Breathing heavily, she simply stared ahead frightened.

"Athena!" Janeway shook her and turned her face to gaze into her eyes.

Athena blinked taking in her surroundings. She realized she was in the Captain's bed and that she had fallen asleep next to her from the night before.

The Captain was looking at her with a worried expression on her face.

"Are you all right?" she asked again as Athena's face went from abject fright to cool passiveness.

"Yes, I am fine." She said abruptly, not appreciating this moment of weakness in front of the Captain, who was still her captive. She moved to get out of the bed, since the time for their coupling had gone.

Janeway let her go. "If you need to talk about it."

"That will not be necessary." Athena snapped.

Janeway sighed heavily watching the ex-Borg get dressed and leave her quarters without saying another word.

"Computer, time." she called out.

"05:30." The computer chimed.

Janeway got dressed as well. She felt momentarily guilty at the comfort she had compared to her crew. Here she was in a comfortable bed participating eagerly in a sexual encounter, while her crew was left to sleep on blankets on the cold floor of the cargo bay, while under armed guards.

Of course, Athena was more than adamant about her staying in her quarters. For her amusement no doubt, now. Sadness overwhelmed Janeway for a brief moment as she realized that she was probably being used by Athena as much as Janeway was trying to seduce her. She hoped the seduction would bring back some of the memories, but there was no recognition during or after the act, much to her disappointment.

However, there was a dream, no… a nightmare of sorts. That might be something. Janeway could only hope.

Major Athena was given the assignment of figuring out how all the systems worked on Voyager and where everything resided so she decided to get started on it. Colonel Nad wanted a thorough report, but she knew he wouldn't read most of it. He liked to keep her occupied. He was obviously distrustful of her and didn't hide it in the slightest.

Her next stop was the cargo bay, where all the prisoners were being held. She wanted to study the odd mechanical units standing against the wall. The technology did not seem to belong and she wanted to find out why and what its function was.

She walked through the doors and stopped to whisper something to a guard. He followed her to the alcoves motioning for the prisoners to stand back. She sent the guard away, who looked at her oddly before mumbling something and returning to his post.

She was not afraid of these people.

She studied the units and she seemed to intuitively know which button did certain things, but what it was used for, she could not imagine.

Finally she addressed the prisoners. "Is there anyone here who is familiar with this technology?"

There was no answer. She was not in the greatest of moods to begin with so this resistance caused her irritation grow. "I ask again." She said more forcefully. "Is there anyone here who understands this technology?"

A woman with sharp ridges on her forehead pushed through the crowd to stand before her. Athena remembered this one as Lt. B'Elanna Torres, the Engineer.

"I have a rudimentary understanding of it." She said, as two men, one with a tattoo the other dark skinned with pointy ears came up next to her. She remembered them too. Chakotay, the first officer and the Chief of Security, Tuvok.

"What is its function?" She asked pointedly to the woman.

B'Elanna was at a loss, not knowing if she should explain or not. Chakotay nodded for her to answer.

"It's a… regenerator." She replied, not far from the truth.

"What is its power signature?"

"Ah, that I'm not exactly sure about. It varies depending on the amplitude of the flux capacity and the intermittent frequency ratio converters." She lied thoroughly.

Athena stood to the side of an alcove and pressed at the keypad. "Regeneration cycle incomplete", the computer toned.

She continued to study the foreign equipment. "What exactly does it regenerate?" she asked brusquely. Athena found it most distasteful and the greenish glowing light that shined through a glass face plate at the top gave her a creepy feeling. "It consumes a lot of power, it should be shutoff and dismantled."

Shocked, B'Elanna needed an excuse. "We have crewmen who need it to survive."

"A member of your crew uses THIS?" She turned to face B'Elanna, consternation clearly evident in her tone.

Tuvok and Chakotay both gave her a warning gaze saying 'careful what you say'.

"Yes," She said quietly, thinking of Icheb as well as Seven.

"Indeed." She contemplated that information. Athena glanced at the engineer. "Who designed it?"

She considered her answer. "The Borg."

Athena thought she was being played with and cast the brunette a disdainful look. "The Borg?"

"Yes, a race of beings that are… " She needed something vague to say. "mechanically inclined." She made it up, but it wasn't a complete lie.

She raised an eyebrow, "How did it come aboard your vessel?"

"It was an accident."

Athena was most curious if the energy signature would be compatible with her. The painful process she used was slowly killing her.

Athena asked a few more questions before taking her leave, not realizing the coincidence at all.

Day 6:

The next few days continued without incident. Athena continued to learn about the ship's systems, and monitored its heading and speed.

She had been ignoring Captain Janeway for a couple of days. Emotionally, she did not want to get attached to the well-accomplished Captain. However, she was already enchanted with her mentally and strongly drawn to her physically.

It is difficult to ignore her, Athena thought. It was strange how she could feel such an emptiness by spending time away from the red headed woman. In any event, Athena would need to visit her today, after re-energizing. She would allow herself that luxury because of the pain. Did she not deserve to be pain free?

Janeway was livid at being left in her quarters for three days. Athena had not visited. Not once.

The guards had brought her food and leered at her strangely. She had asked for them to pass on a message to Athena for her, which she was sure they did not do.

She paced the room like a caged lion, wondering why the hell Seven, AKA Athena had not visited her. She was being used and she knew it. Soon, she would have to confront Athena and force her to make a conscious choice whether she remembered her life on Voyager or not.

She had a lot of time, to plot a strategy to get her crew back, but her biggest obstacle was how to get her crew free from the Cargo Bay and keep it quiet enough so they had time to take back the rest of the ship. She did had a plan, sort of, and having a couple days to herself certainly helped that, but she would not deploy it unless necessary. Especially, since she didn't know if it would work.

And then there was Athena of course. Janeway did not want to risk a confrontation with her, but didn't know how she could incapacitate the young woman without actually harming her, without a phaser. She did not know truly how far the blonde would go and realized that painful fact as the Captain, if not as her lover and fiancé. She had to consider that her feelings would make her biased and she was determined to not let that happen.

Athena visited the Captain that evening after finishing the painful process of energizing her body. She came right after she finished, so she was a bit disoriented because her body was still recovering from it. She was considerably agitated and fidgety.

The Captain had a scowl on her face, but Athena walked boldly right up to her and kissed her. Surprise marked the older woman's face, but determined in her resolve, she pushed Athena away.

"No," Janeway stated, "This is not going to happen." She fought to keep her composure.

Athena tensed confounded. "Why?" She demanded firmly.

"You left me here for days. You didn't come to see me once and you're asking me why?!" Janeway turned and paced up and down.

Athena's watched her quietly thinking. "You are a prisoner, what did you expect?"

Janeway stopped, turned and narrowed her eyes. "Better treatment than this."

"You have not been mistreated. In fact, you have received much more than your crew." Her eyes twinkled at Janeway. "You have received intimacy."

The Captain's eyes squinted, "That doesn't make your actions acceptable."

"You were not complaining at the time." She paused. "And it was your decision to proceed, not mine. I was ready to leave, if you recall correctly."

Janeway inhaled a slow breath, irritated at her inability to deny that assessment. She changed the subject. "Do you normally make love with your prisoners and then forget about them?"

"Make love? Is that another reference for sex?" Athena asked intrigued, ignoring the latter half of the question.

"Yes," Janeway said clipped and went to the replicator. "Coffee, black." A cup of steaming black coffee materialized and Janeway lifted it, inhaled the aroma and took a sip. She was grateful Athena had given her limited access to the replicator. Coffee was an indulgence for her. It was one of the finest organic suspensions ever devised and she needed it. Janeway went and sat down on the couch, her back to the stars as she put her coffee cup down on the glass table.

Athena joined her and sat in the lounge chair across from the table.

"No," she stated crisp. "I do not 'make love' with prisoners. I have never done so before. However, I have never been so thoroughly seduced by someone who is such a highly skilled master at it either."

Janeway was offended even though it was the truth. This Athena individual was more aware of the situation than Janeway gave her credit for.

"That's true. I did, but I'm not sorry about it." She proclaimed. "You… remind me of someone I used to know." She said slowly taking in a breath. It was a true statement.

Athena's heart quickened on its own. "Where is this individual you speak of?"

"I don't know." She said in small voice. "but she's close I can feel it." She said gazing into Athena's blue eyes.

"I regret your loss." She stated. "I too have lost. I have no recollection of who I was before a month ago and my current existence is less than satisfying."

"But you still do it. You still raid helpless ships and hurt people. Is that what you want from your life?"

Shame and regret suddenly filled Athena. Her features hardened, but she had no intentions of explaining herself in depth to the Captain. "I have nothing else." She said keeping it concise.

"But you don't enjoy hurting people, I can tell. "Janeway said. "Why do you do that to yourself."

"It does not matter." She was growing tired of discussion.

"Yes it does, what if I gave you another choice?" Janeway suggested.

"There are no other choices for me." Athena fidgeted with her hands, which were in her lap.

"Yes, there are!" Janeway retaliated. "Ask yourself this. Would these so called pirates betray you if an opportunity came up for substantial gain?"

"I do not care." Athena said miffed.

"I don't believe you." Janeway said but didn't elaborate. "What if I could help you find out who you were? Would you help me then?" Janeway knew she was pushing this line of questioning, but she only had a little over a week left. She had to take the chance.

Athena glowered deeply. "I have clearly underestimated your ability at manipulating me." Athena bristled with anger.

"I am not manipulating you! I give you my word. Give me back control of my ship and I will find out who you are." She offered.

Throbbing from pain, Athena wanted release, but it was not to be this evening and her mind reeled at the implications of Captain Janeway's offer of mutiny. "I do not have that kind of power."

"Maybe not alone, but together, I know we can take back my ship." She advised. The Captain saw confusion and pain behind Seven's eyes.

"You are asking me to betray my comrades." Athena retorted, but she was tempted by the offer.

This was proving difficult, but she didn’t say 'no'. "Yes, but they are not your comrades, they're using you. Your real friends are out there somewhere waiting for you to come home. All you have to do is take that step!" Janeway pressured.

Athena was aghast. "How do you know this!" She shouted out.

"Call it instinct, but I know we'll find them." She imposed how absolutely sure she was into her tone.

Miserable and displeased, the Major wanted to lash out at everything that was responsible for her situation. Closing her eyes, she forced control to return.

"I have no intentions of becoming your slave, Captain. I am free with them, with you I will be a prisoner."

"You will NEVER be a prisoner onboard my vessel!" Janeway said appalled at the idea, wringing her hands at her sides. "That's NOT how we do things!"

The strength of the statement bewildered and dazed Athena. "You are clever, Captain Janeway, but your offer is meaningless. There is not enough time."

"There is plenty of time if we act now."

"Not for me." Athena stood up to leave.

Janeway leaned over and reached out for her arm. "What does that mean?" Janeway's brow furrowed deeply, concern etched in her face.

"Release my arm." Athena commanded. The anger in her tone gave suspect to a deeper threat.

"Tell me what that means!" Janeway yelled moving towards the blonde to face her. She gripped both of the young woman's arms.

Feeling antagonized beyond reason, Athena flicked her wrists instantly freeing her hands then seized Janeway wrists in one fluid motion and shoved her back against couch. "You do not command me!"

Janeway was taken aback by Seven's use of force, but she had restrained the ex-Borg. However, it did not deter her.

Janeway stood up abruptly. "Athena!"

The blonde had already started for the door, when Janeway jumped in front blocking her path.

Athena clenched her fists tightly and tilted her head, her face contorted with resentment and fury. The former drone stood approximately three feet from a very determined yet apprehensive Captain.

The Captain considered for a moment that she could have pushed this Athena persona too far, but she was concerned for Seven's safety. Her instincts told her that Seven was hiding something important and dangerous and Janeway had to know what it was. Seven's health was at stake and Janeway was absolutely convinced the young woman was in some kind of immediate danger.

Janeway noticed that Athena's hands were trembling again. Except this time, her face was also flushed and her eyes became bloodshot red.

"Captain Janeway," Athena said, ice dripping off the tone. "I am warning you. I am agitated and I might not be able to control my---"

"I'm sorry," Janeway interrupted pleading softly. She needed to calm her down. The Captain was truly frightened for Seven and herself at this point. "…but I really need to know why there is not enough time for you."

"It is none of your business. Out of my way!" She yelled. Her lower lip curled in a feral grin, but did not move.

"I can't. Something is wrong with you isn't it?" Worry filled her eyes along with the formation of tears. "I don't want to see you get hurt." If she couldn't sway Athena here and now, she might never be able to. She put it all on the line. "I care too much about you to let that happen."

Janeway dared to step closer, slowly. "Do what you have to do…" She sacrificed herself.

Tears? Janeway was crying!? Over her?! WHY?! Athena's anger went from a boil to a simmer as she considered the words. She felt the beginnings of a headache.

At no response, Janeway pleaded. "Please," she begged. "I just want to talk to you." She said softly.

The hardness eased out of Athena's features slowly revealing a drained face that had lost a battle with fatigue.

"Can we talk?" Janeway asked meekly.

The Major's head was now pounding with a migraine. It was ferocious and her eyes stung from the pressure. The dizziness was coming in a flood. Her head drooped to the floor in utter despondency.

"Athena?" Janeway called, rattled by the lack of a response. Janeway carefully put her hands on the other woman's shoulders.

Athena's resolve broke down under the pain, stress and fatigue. "I only wanted to stop the pain!" She croaked. "…Just wanted your t-o-u-c-h." She mumbled, reaching up to touch Janeway's face and stroke her cheek.

Suddenly, Athena threw her head back and her body went rigid and tense. Her eyes rolled up showing only the whites. Athena hissed in pain through clenched teeth and her body gave out and crashed to the floor.

Janeway reached out and snatched her hands before Seven's head hit the floor. She managed to slow her descent and lower her to the floor despite the muscle strain in her upper arms and shoulders. Seven's body started convulsing on the floor as if she was having a seizure.

Flushed and worried beyond reason, Janeway tried to keep her from harming herself, which was no easy task. The ex-Borg was bigger and out-weighed her by fifty pounds because of the Borg implants.

"Computer! On a secure channel, notify the EMH, there's a medical emergency in the Captain's quarters!"

The Doctor materialized immediately. "What happened?" he asked quickly.

"I don't know, we were arguing and then she collapsed."

He didn't comment as he opened a medical tricorder and ran scans over Seven's writhing body. He pressed a hypospray to her neck to ease the spasms.

"Did anyone see you leave, sickbay?"

"No." he replied. "My god! All her systems are degrading. Her ocular implant is misaligned. Her cortical node is showing signs of damage. I'm detecting an unusual energy signature. Only 25% of her nanoprobes are still functioning! When was the last time she regenerated?" He asked Janeway.

The Captain blanched, "I don't think she knows to regenerate!" She had totally forgotten about that fact and could kick herself.

"How has she been regenerating then?!" He asked astonished, but Janeway shook her head not knowing the answer. "There's no way she could survive a month without regenerating. We've got to get her to sickbay!"

"Wait! Can you treat her here?"

"Possibly, but there's not a lot of time, we--."

"Answer the question, Doctor!" Captain said vehemently. "Will she live if you treat her here?!"

"Yes, but the damage is extensive! I can't even guarantee that I can reverse the damage!" he retaliated. "We should get her to sickbay now!"

"You might be my ONLY way to retake this ship! I can't risk exposing your existence. Go to sickbay and bring back a medical kit and whatever else you need."

He hesitated glaring at her.

"That's an order, Doctor." She commanded.

He tilted his head and disappeared in a haze of blue sparkles. Janeway paced the room for an eternity waiting for the Doctor to return.

The Doctor re-materialized in front of Seven carrying two emergency kits, which he handed to the Captain. "I need to carry her to the bedroom." He stated.

His matrix flickered as he increased his particle density so he would be strong enough to carry the ex-Borg. He scooped her up and brought her easily to the bedroom where he laid her down on the bed. Janeway was right behind.

He took the two medical kits from Janeway, put them on the nightstand, opened them up and started scanning the young woman.

"So, what were you two arguing about?" he asked.

Janeway gave a small cynical laugh. "I offered to help her find out who she was in exchange for her assistance in taking back my ship."

"I take it you were unsuccessful."

"She thinks I'm manipulating her, which in a sense I am, but not because I want to make her a subservient on my ship. I have a personal investment in her despite my professional duties." Janeway did not admit those kinds of things out loud very often even though the Doctor and the senior staff already knew of their relationship, but her heartache was consuming her and she needed to vent.

"Well, I would tell her as soon as she awakens who she is." He suggested gently.

"I'm not sure I can do that Doctor."

"Let me guess. The ship comes first, right?"

"I don't care for your condescending attitude." She snapped.

"Perhaps, you need to consider the alternative." He said stiffly. "If she doesn't regenerate within three days, she will most likely suffer permanent damage."

"Permanent damage?" Janeway repeated while glaring at him with stern eyes. The pangs of sorrow engraved in her narrow features.

"You have to tell her." He stipulated as humane as possible.

"If she doesn't cooperate, I've got another enemy on my hands. An enemy I--"

He interrupted her. "She's not your enemy regardless of what she decides. She doesn't know who you are. You're a total stranger to her." He paused thinking of a way to reach the stubborn Captain. "If you're forced to… If you are responsible for her death, could you honestly live with that?"

"That's enough!" the word 'stranger' tormented her soul and 'death' crushed her heart. "You are way out of line Doctor! You have no right to question my loyalty to her or to my ship. Is that understood?!" She went from sorrowful to outraged in seconds at his remarks.

"I'm sorry, it's your decision either way, but you've got three days and after a week, her chances of survival of dim." He divulged the information with finality.

The Captain's face was red with stress and anxiety as she thought her options over. She thought about her duty to the ship and the personal consequences to herself, which were almost unbearable to consider. She surmised that whether she enlisted Seven's help or not the ex-drone's condition was rapidly deteriorating making her most likely unable to help in a revolt any ways. Her Borg enhanced strength would have been an asset to say the least, but if she told Athena who she was and she resisted then Kathryn would have to incapacitate her until they could get her to regenerate safely under their own security.

"Is she stabilized for now?" Janeway asked coming out of her musings.

"Yes and I've sedated her. She probably won't wake up until tomorrow. I re-aligned her ocular implant, so she can see clearly out of her left eye and I gave her hydrocortilene for the pain."

"Pain? She mentioned something about pain, just before she passed out." Janeway remembered.

"I can't even begin to imagine what she is going through or what she has gone through. However, I eventually need to do more scans in sickbay to determine the cause of her decay, but I'm convinced it has to do with 'how' she's been attempting to regenerate her systems."

Oh, my God! She kept the thought to herself. She had said, 'I only want to stop the pain! Just wanted your touch.'

She wasn't sleeping with the Captain as a trophy of victory or to prove her superiority. Not even out of uncontrollable lust, although she was certain Athena was attracted to her. It was to overcome her increasing physical pain. As a distraction and Janeway flat out refused her even after seducing her in the first place.

As much as Janeway wanted Athena to feel something for her, the Captain would have given in to ease her pain if she had known. She could never let Seven suffer for any reason. It was technically selfish to engage in sex just to satisfy one's need, but to erase a body plagued with suffering, she could understand it completely and would have done it herself. Especially, if she trusted her partner, her lover, which Janeway thought even Athena did with regards to sex. Athena trusted her enough to be intimate. Maybe not with regards to the ship, but she did in bed that was certain.

"Are you all right?" The Doctor asked.

"Yes, Yes, I agree," she said distracted, rubbing her forehead. "She was in pain, looking back I can see that now."

The Doctor studied his Captain. She was somewhat pale, the stress of the situation showing in the fine lines of her gracefully aging face. He surmised the greater problem being with Janeway's fiancé than with her ship being taken at the moment. He could only imagine at the personal and professional war that must be raging inside her at this very moment.

"Is the original plan still in effect?" He inquired affably.

She turned a glazed eye at him. "Yes, when I give the word, not before."

Day 7, Morning:

Athena woke up batting her eyes furiously to clear the haziness. She felt warmth engulfing her mesh hand and tried to focus on it. The image of a pinkish hand held hers and she trailed her eyes up to the individual holding it.

Janeway was looking at her with distress in her face, the lines of weariness taking it's toll on the older woman since this whole incident began.

She fluttered her eyes some more, "Captain Janeway?"

"Yes, I'm here. How are you feeling?" she questioned tenderly.

Athena propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at herself, assessing how she felt. That throbbing pain in her lower back was gone. She didn't feel great, but better than she had in weeks. She realized the increasing weakness had not left, but she was grateful any ways.

"The pain," she commented. "It has been removed." She said confounded, her voice light. She sat up and reached to touch her lower back plate but grimaced in pain. It was still tender.

Janeway reached out to take her arm. "Take it easy. It's going to take a while for you to recover from all you've been through."

Athena then realized her left eye was no longer blurry. "My eye," she rubbed it to make sure, it wasn't a fluke. She looked at Janeway for the first time with clear eyes. "It has been fixed." She was stunned. Gazing into Janeway's bluish grey eyes, Athena saw that they sparkled brilliantly. "I can see." She said it in a dreamy tone, like she hadn't seen before and looked at Janeway amazed. She is… beautiful.

Her gaze became clouded as she lost herself deeply into those compelling eyes. I've seen those before. Her left eye zoomed in on its own volition. The shape of the way the colors swirled reminded her of something. The sparkling swirl of sharp blue made her think of the word, omega. Mesmerized, her mesh hand reached up on its own and caressed the soft skin of Kathryn's face.

Janeway was touched by the tenderness Athena was exhibiting, but was concerned over the dreamy look in her eyes and the deep scrutiny. "Is everything all right? She said, staring back with affection in her eyes at the gestured meaning. Could she be remembering, something?

The moment gone, realizing what she had done, she turned away. "Yes, everything is perfect."

Janeway's eyes widened for a mere instant astounded at the odd Borg-like declaration given so casually. She wondered if Athena had realized what she said and what she meant by it. "I'm glad." Janeway said easily, a bit perplexed herself, but pleased.

"There's something I need to talk to you about." Janeway added seriously standing up.

"Perhaps we can discuss it later. There are some pressing matters that I must attend to immediately." She left the bedroom and started for the exit.

Janeway followed her. "This is important, Athena." She said determined, "We need to discuss this now."

"I understand, but what I must do is equally important. I give you my word that I will return shortly." She nodded and headed for the door.

Janeway couldn't stop her as much as she wanted to. It would antagonize the situation. Damn! She lowered her brow, and watched the door close, her eyes throwing daggers of disdain at it.

Reluctantly, Janeway had to let her leave, but vowed to go get her if Athena did not return in 24 hours. She would attempt to take back her ship and come for her lover, her mate. The consequences be damned.

The door to the Captain's quarters swished open, when Janeway was recycling a coffee cup.

"Athena?" she asked, turning around.

"No," the icy voice said.

"Oh," she tried to cover her disappointment. "Colonel Nad."

"I was just stopping by to check up on a few things." He said mischievously.

"What can I do for you?" she asked politely eyeing him cautiously.

He grinned from ear to ear and Janeway's heart fluttered in consternation. "I noticed that Athena has been spending a considerable amount of time with you." He walked around the room and pretended to study a few artifacts. "I was wondering if I should be concerned."

Janeway glowered somewhat. "Concerned? What for?" Warning signs were going off in her head.

"You see, Athena and I… well we've come to an understanding." He turned to look at her, walking closer. He wanted to see the affect of his words up close.

Janeway did not want to see him up close. His face was bristled with days of hair growth and he wore that ruffled scowl.

"I'd hate to see you get hurt." He said slowly emphasizing the words.

"I don't know what you mean." She kept her command mask tight and passive.

Colonel Nad's greatest weakness was his patience. He was an excellent tactician and could manipulate people to get the answers he wanted, but impatience was his true enemy.

"Come now Captain." He challenged. "Do you think I'm a fool?"

"Of course not, Colonel." She conceded.

"Are you sleeping with my Athena?" He asked point blank, his eyes trying to pierce the truth from her.

Janeway thought she heard the unmistakable tone of jealously, but she knew that was a ploy. He was not jealous of either of them. He wanted to control them. The Captain guessed that Nad had a difficult time keeping Athena in line. Seven always had her own ideas about authority even with her ex-Captain.

The Colonel's idea of dominating Athena was by sleeping with her. Only then could he consider her conquered by having his way with her. Only Seven must have refused his offer. Even the mighty Nad would have had trouble forcing such a formidable woman like Seven. That must have infuriated him. The only woman he probably couldn't have.

"She has claimed me as her own, by your own rules." Janeway stated diplomatically.

"Who are you to be quoting our rules?" his ire was growing. He was angry, this Captain was not afraid of him. She was not humble to him, just like Athena. The blonde woman he could not force, she was too powerful for him under ideal conditions. However, Athena was quite taken with the auburn haired Captain. Colonel Nad could take her and by doing so get his revenge on both. The act alone would devastate Athena, he was almost sure.

"So you don't deny it?" he moved closer.

"It is her right."

"No it is NOT! I'm the ranking officer." His tone took on a lustful property that made Janeway's body tense up. "Shouldn't I get the spoils as well." He suggested lucratively.

Janeway glared back at him, this was going to get ugly regardless of what she said. "I don't think she wants to share and I don't believe you want to incur her wrath, therefore, I suggest you leave now… Colonel Nad."

"You do NOT order me, woman!" he lunged for her.

She considered for a second to call the Doctor, but her Starfleet training took over and prevented her from using her only advantage. She would have to endure this somehow.

Captain Janeway never backed down from a fight even if she was outmatched. She grabbed his wrists and kicked him in the gut sending him flying back a few feet.

Kathryn was near the replicator and an evil thought crossed her mind. "Computer, Coffee, black, HOT!" Seconds later as the Colonel was gathering himself for another attack, Janeway grabbed the steaming cup and held it in front of her.

"How dare you lift your hands to me?" he threatened, but he was not paying attention. Janeway summarily threw the boiling liquid at him, which impacted right on his upper chest, spilling all over.

Such a waste of a decent cup of coffee. Janeway mused hating to waste precious replicator rations.

"Argghh!" He yelled in pain. His hands, lower chin and parts of his cheek were scolded by the hot liquid. He could feel the heat through his uniform, but it protected his upper torso from the burns.

She pushed him aside and ran for the door. She attacked the guards, striking one in the face with an upward open palm thrust forcing his head back sharply, stunning him momentarily.

Janeway was not strong and had to use her body weight and other tactics instead of brute strength. The other guard was quick and struck her in the upper back hard, knocking her into the wall, causing her head to spin. When she turned around Nad's raging face was clearly focused on her.

He jabbed a hard fist into her stomach causing all her internal air to go whoosh right out her mouth. Doubling over, she gasped for air.

"Bring her!" her ordered walking back into the Captain's quarters. No sooner than she was back in her quarters, she felt a right cross across her jaw. A howl of pain escaped from her lips as she felt a second blow to her head. Dazed and almost unconscious, she was vaguely aware of being carried and then deposited roughly on her bed.

Wincing at the pain, she tried to scramble away feebly, but strong hands engulfed her dragging her back. A hard slap against the side of her cheek stopped her struggling momentarily.

She was being shaken violently as hands ripped at her clothing and then covered her chest in a squeezing manner, forcing her to scream. Forcing her body to move, she felt another blow and all resistance ceased. She had no more strength left.

She knew a body had pressed against her by the unwelcome heat forcing itself on her making breathing difficult along with her injuries. Something rough and scratchy was on her face. She could feel a grizzly sensation on her cheek and neck.

Her pants were being tugged crudely, she heard a ripping sound before she swore she heard a chirp coming from the other room.

Athena entered the Captain's quarters looking around cautiously before finding Colonel Nad hurrying toward her as he fixed his clothes. Nad grumbled to himself at not having enough time to finish what he barely started. He glared at Athena then left without saying anything.

Fear laced through Athena. She knew something was wrong when the guards would not let her enter. She had dispatched them of course, but it took her longer than normal and she knew her strength was not as it had been.

Quickly, she strolled into the bedroom and found her. Athena saw Janeway and the blonde's jaw dropped in shock. She went to her immediately, "Captain?" pressing a hand to her arm gently.

Janeway was lying haphazardly on the bed, bleeding and bruised. She had been beaten. Her uniform was ripped off, leaving only the top blue tunic in shreds to reveal the bruised flesh underneath. Her bottom lip was split and bleeding and a purple bruise was growing on her left upper cheek extending to her eye.

Athena's face became hot and her heart wavered and constricted in her chest. She involuntarily tightened her knuckles. Colonel Nad did this!, she fumed. She turned to go after him, when she felt a warm hand touch her arm.

"An.. ni.. ka..," Came the croaked voice from parched lips.

Athena was so angry that she hadn't noticed the name Janeway had called out. "Yes, My Captain. I am here."

"Please… " Janeway regarded her Athena through glazed eyes, a tear escaping down the side, but all she could do was moan her discomfort before passing out.

Athena ached at not being able to help. "I will get you to a Doctor." She said, taking off her jacket and covering the Captain's torso. She picked her up and carried her out to the hallway.

She walked through the hallways of Voyager carrying the unconscious Captain. She realized this was probably not a good idea for her image to be seen carrying a prisoner, but it did not seem to matter to her for some reason.

The Cargo bay doors opened and she strolled right in amidst surprised glances from the guards. They were surprised. Athena was carrying the slave instead of just dragging her in. Most of them just shrugged thinking this was a beating to enforce cooperation from the prisoners.

The crew were sitting down on make shift bed and blankets huddled together in small groups. She was initially ignored as she stood before them.

"I need a Doctor!" She requested immediately.

The senior staff was huddled in front and B'Elanna noticed her cargo and gasped loudly. "What the hell have you done!" She stood up aggressively. The gaze she gave Athena was nothing short of loathing.

As the realization hit the rest of the crew, more stood up in a combination of worry, dread and outrage. There were many audible gasps and cries of shock as the crew saw the Captain's injuries and the tattered uniform.

"I have done nothing." Athena opposed aggressively. "Where is your Doctor?" She demanded.

After a few glances to Tuvok and Chakotay, Tom stepped forward, "I can assist you, but not here. Sickbay is the only place I can treat her."

Athena briefly wondered why he had not told her of his medical abilities before, but now was not the time to question it.

"Agreed, follow me," She ordered, turning to leave.

A guard stepped in her path with another one following. "Major, I have orders not to let any prisoner leave without a full escort."

"That will not be necessary."

"I have my orders," he affirmed.

"From General Nad?"

"Yes," he asserted.

"General Nad is directly responsible for the injuries to this prisoner. His orders have been rescinded. Do you have a problem with that?"

He did not budge from his position. Athena regarded him coolly. Glaring and stabbing her eyes into his as she moved closer so she could talk quieter, privately.

"Ask yourself who you fear more because if I have to put her down to discipline you, I guarantee you will not survive." She threatened through clenched teeth.

He moved back slowly, piercing her with narrowed eyes. Unhindered, she left the Cargo Bay with Tom following closely behind.

Tom shook all thought of using this as an opportunity to incapacitate Seven after that bone chilling threat he overheard. The way she kept gazing at Janeway's face with that Look suggested she wasn't the same person she had been a week earlier any ways.

They arrived in sickbay and Tom motioned to put the Captain down on the biobed located in the small alcoved area that was isolated from the rest of sickbay by a round wall. He went to work immediately rolling the tray of medical tools next to the bed. He removed the jacket that had been covering her and gasped at her shredded clothing.

Tom scanned the Captain, first checking her bio readings while shaking his head; a severely bruised jaw, two broken ribs, coupled with numerous cuts, abrasions and bruises along her torso and face. He moved aside most of the tattered clothing to access the injuries. He ran a variety of medical instruments over the Captain; a dermal regenerator for the bruising and skin damage, an osteogenic stimulator for the bone damage and then he gave her hydrocortilene for the pain.

Athena stayed the whole time watching. After Tom finished he covered her with a white sterilized sheet.

"Will she survive?" Athena asked.

"Yes, she just needs rest now." He answered.

"I will have you escorted back to the Cargo Bay."

"Wait a minute. I should be here in case, something goes wrong." He said annoyed at being so casually dismissed.

"You said she would survive." Seven asserted, but Tom thought she sounded angry.

"She will most likely, but she shouldn't be alone, either!" he said raising his voice. "Especially, after what you this Nad person did to her!"

"She will NOT be alone." Athena proclaimed loudly. "I will take her back to her quarters and remain with her." She substantiated her plan, staring icily at him.

He sighed, "You're only one person, you can't stay with her forever." He stated the obvious. He noticed her hesitation as she acknowledged the truth he spoke.

"Steps are being taken to alleviate that threat." She confirmed, then wasting no more time, tapped the communications device on her arm. A guard entered. "Take him back to the Cargo bay." She ordered.

The guard motioned with his rifle for Tom to move ahead of him. The guard gave her a nasty look before leaving.

She was losing what little respect she had from them. She could tell her time in authority was running out. The Colonel had their loyalty and it was not a good sign. To Athena, it really did not matter. Not now.

Not wanting the guards to see her, she beamed herself and Janeway back to the Captain's quarters. She laid the Captain down, took her tattered clothes off and tucked her in bed, covering her with the bed sheets.

Athena went into the main room and sat down on the lounge chair facing the entrance. She anticipated an altercation if Colonel Nad showed up.

She was alarmed by how enraged she was at seeing Janeway so damaged. Colonel Nad. Her eyes narrowed. Her commanding officer. She still wanted to terminate him for what he had done.

She was more than discontented with what happened and forced herself to remain calm. Luckily, her eyes were heavy from the day's activity and they fluttered mercilessly until she closed them. Eventually she dozed off, her last thoughts were how she was going to protect Janeway from a violent group of thieves.

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