Are you in love with me Captain?

By Scar


Disclaimer:  Paramount owns the rights to all the Voyager characters etc presented in this narrative.  I’m only borrowing them for creative purposes and for the enjoyment of Star Trek fan fiction readers everywhere. No funds were made or exchanged in any way, so there is no reason to sue.

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Rating: NC-17, Beware!! This story contains scenes of graphic and explicit sex between two adult females. There are depictions of an attempted rape scene with taunting and teasing, but it is not brutal or excessively graphic, but its very nature could offend many readers.  There is also a language warning, which could fall under the 'R' rating, but it is not excessive.

If this disturbs you in any way or you are under 18 or if this is illegal where you live, please do not read! This is NOT for you. 

Timeframe:  Voyager has been in the Delta Quadrant for about eight years in this story. Endgame never occurred.

Synopsis: Seven confronts Janeway about her love, but it backfires because she goes about it all wrong.  Can they patch things up in time to realize their mutual love?  Or will a sly seductive alien separate them forever?

Notes: (This story is bound to have errors, typos, bad sentences, inconsistencies, etc. I apologize in advance and hope you enjoy it anyways.)

"Captain, we're picking up a distress call."

"I'm on my way." Janeway called into her combadge.

Strolling onto the bridge from her Ready room, she noticed a vessel onscreen.  It was clearly damaged as she made her way to the lower section of the bridge.


"Unknown," Chakotay replied. "We're still too far away to pick up their their transmission."

"Any interference from an outside source?" She asked glancing at him.

"None," Ensign Kim replied. "and we're hailing them on all subspace frequencies."

"Try the narrowing the band width. Tom, Warp six." She ordered taking a seat in her command chair.

"Aye Captain."

Within a few minutes Voyager was close enough to the vessel to initiate a communications link, but it was audio only.

"…Need assistance… Warp core is offline… life support is failing.  Require immediate evac…" A male humanoid voice crackled through the hazy connection.

"This is Captain Kathryn Janeway, we acknowledge your situation and are prepared to help."

There was no response.

"Did it get through?" she asked.

"The communiqué is faint at best." Kim responded.

"Can you get a lock?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Transporter room one, Ensign. Tuvok," she nodded to him and he followed her to the turbolift.

Janeway, Tuvok and a small security team entered the transporter room as the alien was materializing on the dais pad.

He was handsome for an alien, almost human looking.  He had long blonde hair and what looked like pointy ears, with a straight nose and the deepest blue eyes, which reminded her of a certain astrometrics officer.

He had a brown leather type material for a uniform, with bands of silver crisscrossing the chest area of the jacket. The outfit clung to his figure making him quite attractive to gaze upon and very appealing, even to her. She raised an eyebrow.

He sported polished boots as he stepped down to greet his rescuer.

"You are… Captain Jane…"

 "Janeway," she finished.

"Thank you, my ship's life support was almost non-existent."

"What happened?"

"I ran into some unruly neighbors, who didn't appreciate my passing through their system.  I'm afraid, I'm going to have to ask for further assistance in repairing my ship."

"Of course, follow me and we can discuss your needs."



Conference Room:


Janeway sat down in the chair at the lead of the table, while listening to Phalon's story.

"So, I just ran as fast as my ship could go. My weapons are limited and not very powerful, but I can go up to Warp 9.5, which is fast for such a small ship, so they couldn't keep up, but they did get a few shots that singed my engines. I escaped, but I couldn't maintain such a speed for long. I had to shut down my engines or they would have overloaded."

"Do you remember, who your attackers were?"

"No, they never hailed me, just started firing, but my people have seen their ships before. I believe their called the A'nari. An exobiological phobic species. They don't like dealing with outsiders and they make that very clear when they attack. It's really all I know. My government tells us to avoid their space at all costs, but I was running low on fuel, so I took a detour knowing it was a risk, but I thought I could get through undetected if I was fast enough."

"Where exactly were you heading?"

"My home planet, Inegria. It's only 30 light years from here."

"Why were you out here all alone? If you don't mind my asking."

"Not at all.  I am an explorer, Captain.  Immensely curious about what's around us, I've taken it upon myself to find out what's out there.  However, our government believes it is a waste of time, therefore, getting larger ships and more experienced scientists is impossible. I myself come from a wealthy family, so I joined a small group and we built our own ships, small in nature, but very fast. This allows us to explore our region with a reasonable amount of safety."

"That's very interesting and quite an undertaking.  I commend your courage."

"Thank you, I only wish our government would pay more attention to the wonders and dangers of our nearby space. I simply hope we are prepared if the A'nari ever decided to attack our planet. I hope our ignorance isn't our destruction."

Janeway considered that somberly.  She couldn't interfere. It wasn't her place.

"I regret I can't be of assistance with that, but I can get my engineers to take a look at your ship and perhaps get it back into working order so you can go home." She said lightly.

"That would be very kind of you, Captain. I would be willing to pay you for any parts or labor."

Janeway raised her hand. "That won't be necessary. We don't have much use for currency and it wouldn't do us much good out here in the Delta Quadrant anyways."

Mystified, he stared at her. "You don't use money?"

"Not exactly, but it’s a long story. In the meantime, if you will assist my Chief Engineer with your repairs."

"Yes, of course... but I would be most curious to hear about this non-currency system your society has developed."

Janeway grinned at him nodding before leading him out of the room.



Seven of Nine was working in Engineering when Phalon and the Captain entered. Seven was pleased to see her Captain.  She felt better when the strong woman was in the vicinity.  Seven did not however, know who the stranger was and went back to her task, since the Captain was obviously performing her diplomatic duties.

Phalon appeared impressed with Voyager. "This is a wonderful feat of engineering, Captain. You must have a very generous government."

"We're part of an organization called Starfleet. Like you we're explorers ourselves and this ship is a means to that end."

"Amazing… " He said as they stopped before a deeply tanned woman with thick ridges on her forehead and dark brown cropped hair.

The Captain started talking with her subordinate and Phalon took the time to survey the area. The air was crisp, clear and their engine room was very clean, almost spotless considering the amount of equipment and activity.  They were a very disciplined crew and efficient. 

There were computer access points on both sides of the entrance and further in standalone terminals stationed evenly apart before a cylinder shaped warp core appeared in the center.

His eyes followed the long structure until he saw the second level as well. He scanned the room checking Janeway's crew as they worked.  They were a handsome species, he decided before his eyes froze as they fell upon her. His intense orbs doing a slow descent of her figure.  She was oddly clad in a tight plum shaded lycra form fitting suit of sorts and it hugged every part of her body, the contours of her fine shape screaming to the male parts of him. 

"Who is she… " he breathed out mesmerized and caught the attention of both officers.  Each officer reacted differently inside.

Torres raised an eye in disdain. Why does everyone have to look at her like she's the most exquisite thing in the universe?! Is it the blonde hair? The tight outfit? What? The cold bitchy attitude?!

Janeway felt her heart palpitating against the insides of her chest.  She suddenly felt she should dislike Phalon, but squashed it aside concentrating on diplomacy.

"I'm sorry?"

"The blonde woman?"

"That's Seven of Nine, our astrometrics officer."

"Can I meet her?"

Janeway couldn't help but smirk. She did have that effect on people. "Follow me."

Seven wasn't paying attention when they approached as she was lost in thought regarding a certain redhead, so she was startled when she heard the familiar husky voice behind her.


The young woman turned around swiftly, "Captain." She greeted almost nervously, before slamming her normally resigned posture down.

"This is Phalon," she introduced.  "We rescued him recently and his vessel is in dire need of repair. I thought I should I introduce you two, since you'll most likely be working together.

Seven was momentarily caught off guard.

Janeway clarified. "I would like you to assist B'Elanna in assessing the extent of the damage."

"Yes, I will comply." Seven seemed unsettled to Janeway. Did she like this Phalon?

Phalon was quite taken with Seven and studied her intently, if a bit presumptuous. What bothered the Captain was Seven's gazing upon Phalon's physique. His uniform, though not as form fitting or thin as hers, clearly showed his endowments.  Even Janeway had to admit he was almost the exact opposite of her, being nicely muscled, but not overly big, both had blonde hair, tall statures and he was certainly as handsome as she was beautiful.

She had raised her implanted eyebrow to his obvious scan of her body and although she didn't mind it, she followed suit copying his actions, considering it socially acceptable, appraising him until she noticed it.  She had not seen so much visible before on a male and it peeked her curiosity.

Propriety was not always Seven's strong point, but Janeway thought the young woman could recognize when she was being ogled. This time she didn't seem to mind and was ogling him back, much to Janeway's dismay.

Seven and Phalon weren't exactly discreet about it and the silence was getting to the Captain.

She cleared her throat. "Well, I'll let you three get to your repairs." She turned to B'Elanna.  "You have my authorization to use anyone you need."

"Yes, Captain." B'Elanna said, making eye contact with her Captain. The half-Klingon thought she saw a flash of emotion before it was gone, but she couldn't identify it.

Seven was disappointed the Captain was leaving, but she was intrigued by this Phalon individual as Lt. Torres came over to get them started on the repairs.



"The Warp propulsion system seems intact." B'Elanna remarked as she looked at the small warp core.

It was about the size of the Delta Flyer and was quite a little ship. It had three warp nacelles, which Starfleet stayed away from due to problems creating a stable warp field bubble.

"This is an exceptional design. I'm impressed." B'Elanna said delighted.

"Yes, it took us years to build.  There were only twelve of us."

"I can imagine." She said shaking her head.

"But now we have four fully functioning ships." He added with pride.

"The reactor injectors are functioning optimally," Seven announced, disregarding their small talk as she scanned a section of the core. "However, the plasma injectors are empty.  I believe there could be a rupture or blockage in the power transfer conduits."

"The computer kept warning me about a plasma leak, but I didn't have time to look for it." Phalon offered.

B'Elanna thought about it. "Could you take a look at it for me?" Torres asked Seven.

"Yes, Lt." She complied, turning to Phalon. "Where can I access those?"

"Let me show you," he motioned for her to follow. He started climbing a ladder on a nearby wall. "Unfortunately, due to expense and limited materials, we couldn't really build proper access ports." He explained reaching the top and removing the hatch to get to a small crawl space.

"I'm afraid, it's kind of tight in here. I hope you don't mind?"

"No more so than Voyager's own jeffries tubes." She commented.

He shrugged giving her a smile and she attempted a slight smile, which was being watched by a third party.

He climbed into the crawl space and assisted Seven inside. They crawled for about five meters before he pointed to an array of wires and conduits. Some were heavily damaged and others completely burned away.

"The damage is extensive here. This will take days to repair." Seven noted as she scanned it, but a simple visual told her that as well.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be such a burden."

She eyed him. "It was not your fault. You were attacked."

"You're right, but what are the odds that I would meet such a kind and generous people out here?"

Seven started to remove the damaged wires carefully. "It is… unlikely that you would, but Captain Janeway is a compassionate leader.  It is her duty to assist those in need."

"Yes, she is that.  She's also caring, considerate, intelligent and she is a very beautiful woman.  That's a precious combination anywhere. " He said watching Seven work.

Seven halted in her extrications, for only the briefest of seconds, but enough to be noticed by the young Phalon. Her ears turned slightly red and her face expressed affection before sadness crept in and both were gone.

"Did I say something wrong?" Phalon asked, curiously.

"Not all all."

He looked at her quizzically. "Does it involve Captain Janeway?"

"Does what involve Captain Janeway?"

"That emotion that crossed your face." He said lightly.

Seven was becoming tense with this conversation. "You are mistaken." She said evenly.

"Perhaps, but I have met my share of species and I know the signs." He gently put his hand on her face, the lower cheek and chin and turned it towards him.

"I think you are attracted to her. Does she know?"

"What?" She said stunned both at the question and the delicate touch. Usually only Captain Janeway touched her and even she hadn't been lately.

"She seems quite fond of you." He remarked quietly.

Seven swallowed. For some reason she was aroused and her breathing had increased. Their faces were only a half-foot apart because of the tight confines of the tube.

Her breath caught in her throat. She glanced a look at his lips caught completely off guard by her feelings towards Janeway, but this individual had an allure that was enticing.

"Are you all right?"

"I… do not know the answer to your question." She said, her voice quivering.

"I understand, but remember that you are beautiful. If she cannot or will not see that… then it is her loss. I can't imagine anyone on this crew not wanting to acquaint themselves with you."

More sadness crossed her face.  "You would be surprised." She said regaining her composure.

He let go of her chin. "Well, if you ever want to talk about it, I'm stuck on Voyager for a few days. I have nothing better to do and it might make you feel better talking to a neutral party."

"Thank you, that is very generous of you."

"Ah, think nothing of it. Who wouldn't be delighted to listen to the problems of such a beautiful woman?"

Seven felt the heat in her face rise at his comments, but went back to work to finish quickly.  For some odd reason she didn't trust herself around him in such an enclosed space.

But his words made her think. She is fond of me? How could he see that after being onboard for only a few hours? Does she know what I feel? Do I know what I feel? Could she reciprocate? How will I ever find out if I stand a chance, if I do not ask?



It was 19:00 hours that evening.

Seven was nervous, but she needed to know. Her body felt conflicting sensations, which led to an array of emotions. She felt a deep need to clarify those and that brought her to the Captain's door.

"Hello Seven, what brings you to my door?" Janeway was in a good mood in Seven's opinion. She was very personable and always welcomed Seven's discussions. She was in her blue tunic resting on the sofa sipping a coffee when Seven had arrived. Seven felt that sensation again upon seeing Janeway even in the subdued lighting.  Seven's peripheral vision easily saw the slight swells to the chest and the way the blue shirt hugged her torso leading down to tuck into her uniform pants.

"There is something I would like to ask you Captain. Something has come to my attention and I need clarification."

Janeway waved her hand, "I'll do my best."

She linked her hands behind her back and sturdied her resolve. She would be direct and to the point.

"Are you in love with me Captain?" Seven said standing stoically only two meters in front of her commanding officer.

Seven heard some choking, then throat clearing and a sigh followed by a sharp intake of breath.

Janeway was grateful her quarters were dark at the moment, so she didn't have to worry about her face betraying her aroused response to the inquiry.

"I'm sorry Seven." Captain Janeway said succinctly, after she recovered from the shock of the question.

Seven took that as a definite 'No,' and surprisingly Seven felt a tightness in her chest and a heavy weight bear down upon her shoulders.  This was discouragement, she thought. No, it was more than that. It was deeper, threatening her completeness. She suddenly needed to be alone to consider it.

"I am…. sorry too." Seven said evenly, holding onto her borg inflections at least until she left the older woman's presence.

"Why did you ask?"

Seven gave a nice pat answer. "I was curious, nothing more. I hope I did not offend you Captain.  It is sometimes difficult to know what I should and shouldn't ask when I become fascinated about a topic.  I am sorry to have bothered you with something so trivial. Good evening, Captain."

Stunned at Seven's complete reversal in mood, Janeway went to speak, but nothing came out and she watched with more than regret at the retreating lithe form leaving her quarters. 



Phalon caught Seven strolling quickly down a corridor on deck 3. "Seven, would you care to join me on your holodeck? It is a recreation of an actual place on your home-world called Sandrine's."

"I have been there before. It is unremarkable." Seven said coldly.  She had been heading for Cargo bay two, her sanctuary of sorts.  She had just left the Captain's quarters and wasn't in the mood for company.

He was taken aback. "What about companionship? Don't you have a need for socializing, friendship?"

"To what purpose?" Seven said letting her emotions dictate her response.

He interpreted her tension and became intentionally mellow. "Well, I'm sorry to have bothered you. If you change your mind I will be there for some time." He smiled brightly at her and she felt momentarily guilty for treating him so rudely. It was not his fault. She was angry at Janeway.

She tilted her head and left him heading for her cargo bay.



She entered the cargo bay and went right to the alcove.  She stared at it for a moment. Considering what it meant to be borg. She reminisced on what it would have been like to be fully human and never assimilated.  It was futile to speculate.  She was borg and it could not be changed, even if she thought naively that being completely human would have given her a greater opportunity to be closer to the one she thought she loved.  She was only kidding herself. She was borg and humans did not love borg.  They were tolerated.

She stepped into the alcove to let the regeneration sequence take her from reality and away from her misery.

However, thirty minutes into the sequence, her subconscious had a mind of its own and the dream began. Her thoughts turned to a sensual redhead, standing before her in a state of undress.  The visual burning into Seven caused her mouth to gape open unladylike at Kathryn's physical beauty. 

She was still in the prime of her life if not considered young anymore. Yet Seven considered her absolutely stunning. She harbored small shapely breasts that led to a firm, but rounded stomach and thin shapely thighs. She started walking towards Seven with a predatory look in her eyes.  Seven looked down, she was nude also!

Seven could barely breath, she was so transfixed on the image before her. Finally, Kathryn was before her, putting her index finger on Seven's still parted mouth.  She moved her finger along the young woman's bottom lip, eliciting a sharp intake of breath.

Seven was mesmerized, staring dumbfounded, her heart pounding to get out. 

Kathryn's face came closer, a mere inch from hers! Seven stared at the parted mouth. Fine wine shaded lips breathed into her fuller lips. The breath was hot as Janeway teased her, sucking on her lower lip. Seven eyes became heavy lidded and closed. 

Then electrical fires engulfed all around her as a soft wet protrusion entered her mouth to swirl around her own tongue.

Seven's body responded rather involuntarily, her hand snaked out to curl around Janeway's back to pull her closer. Seven pressed into the kiss with lips moving intently to one another.

Janeway's hands slid up her torso, rising along her stomach, moving up to grasp her breasts. She squeezed rubbing the nipples and Seven broke the kiss to gasp at the overwhelming sensations that coursed through her.  She felt! She wanted! Needed more!

Moving her second arm around Janeway, she picked up the smaller woman and leaned in against the blonde's larger taller frame as she struggled with footing to get them to the nearby bedroom.

Janeway was kissing her face, stroking her cheek and running her hands through the blonde hair when they flopped backwards lopsided onto the bed.  Janeway giggled as she fell on top of Seven, their legs hanging off the sides.

Their position didn't stop the Captain from indulging. Groaning, she latched onto a pink nipple and suckled the stiff areola into her mouth, causing Seven to writhe in ecstasy.

A hand slinked its way down Seven's chest, passed her stomach to caress a thigh with an open palm before teasing the wet folds before her sex.

The young woman trembled in expectation as Janeway entered her. Her senses were on fire and her body was being assaulted by so much sensation from Janeway's administrations.  Concentration left her and suddenly, she felt another protrusion added to the one already thrusting luxuriously inside. 

Seven could not lie still, moaning out her pleasure as Janeway ravaged her lower extremities in a controlled but eager way.  The hand oscillated inside Seven's moist tunnel. Involuntarily, she thrusted her hip up to Janeway's plunging fingers.

There was so much sensation and heat was everywhere, her heart thundered deeply in her chest, her loins became engorged with blood. She couldn't keep her eyes open, then explosions seemed to occur behind her eyes encompassing her very being causing her to convulse oddly.  A feeling of euphoria overcame her as fluids spilled from down below generously and she screamed.


Seven stepped off the dais breathing hard with a decided ache going through her loins.

What happened? She had never had such a… a… sensual dream before with… with her Captain?!

Why would I dream of her now, like this after the Captain declared that she did not love me!? What purpose would such a dream serve, except to tease me with what I can never have? The dream seemed so real. I could almost feel her and what was that sensation at the end?

Seven put a weary hand to her head.  Of all the times to dream of the woman she loved, why now, when she needed to forget her!!

She forced her mind to quiet down, gathering her composure and getting her breathing and heart rate under control, she decided to join Phalon on the holodeck.  Maybe he would be a nice distraction, since regenerating wasn't any better than being awake. 



Holodeck One, Sandrine's:


Seven entered holodeck one and found him at the bar chatting with Chez Sandrine herself, the female owner of the bistro in Marseilles, France, except here she was only a holographic presentation of the real individual.

Seven strolled over to him, noticing Tom playing a table game known as pool with Harry.  Lt. Torres was there seated at a nearby table. She had a hand supporting her head watching.

She stopped behind him.  "I apologize for my earlier behavior." She said to get his attention.

Phalon turned to greet the melodic voice he'd come to know so well.

"Nonsense, you did nothing wrong. Besides I sensed you were upset by something, but I will not intrude upon your privacy this time unless you wished it."

His joviality and non-threatening charm was endearing to Seven and put her at ease, but a cautious glance at her fellow crewmates, suggested she was uneasy talking about what was bothering her here.

"Have a seat, Seven."

She complied readily, but as she sat, she felt the seat move in a circular way and she put a hand on the bar to steady herself. She wondered why the seat functioned that way, but quickly disregarded it as trivial.

"I am glad you changed your mind."

Seven said nothing, just sat there considering why she had changed her mind. She decided to study his face and features.

"I hope I did not offend you when I called both you and your Captain beautiful."

"No, you did not." Seven said stiffly. Here was this topic again.

Phalon saw the trepidation again. "If you wish to discuss what's on your mind, I don't think they will be able to hear you from over there."

"It is difficult for me to discuss such things."

"May I asked why?"

"It has to do with my past."

"Your past?" he questioned, considering.  "That has to do with those metal implants you wear, doesn't it?" he asked compassionately. He had noticed how oddly functional they appeared to be and wondered to their purpose.  It was obviously not jewelry.

"Yes," Seven allowed, but she was agitated.

Phalon gently put his hand over hers on the bar countertop to convey his understanding.  She did not flinch or removed her hand.

"You don’t have to tell me if you don't want to, but I think it will help you feel better and give you a certain amount of clarity if you tell someone who is impartial." He gave her a gentle smile, "Besides, I will not judge you or criticize you for anything you have done in the past.  There are things I am not proud of as well."

Something about him made Seven open up. Whether it was truly him or the fact that he would be gone in a few days and no one would be none the wiser, gave her a sense of security she needed in order to vent her pent up emotions.

"I was borg, before I became a member of Voyager's crew.  I existed as a part of billions of voices that spoke in harmony all sharing the same purpose and goals."

He listened carefully as she explained her time with the borg.  It was obvious to him that it bothered her lately to be an ex-drone and she fought an internal battle with it.

"So you see, something can be said for an emotionless drone with no independent thoughts of any kind.  It prevents complications and it is… painless." She dropped her head. "What I would give now to be thoughtless." She said painfully.

"You don't mean that, Seven." He said firmly. "That's just a defense mechanism designed to protect you because you're in so much pain over--"

Seven raised up her head to glare at him. "What were you going to say?" She asked adamantly.

"I shouldn't, it's not my place."

"I wish to know." Seven said seriously.

"All right, I'll say this. If your Captain cannot see how beautiful you are both inside and outside, then she does not deserve you."

Seven felt tears threaten to overwhelm her. Phalon reached over and hugged her.  She was in such turmoil she didn't really notice.  Her thoughts were of Janeway, but his cheeks were on her ear, warm and inviting. She felt oddly protected and comforted, just like her Captain used to do with the occasional touch.

The erotic dream evaded her mind and the images came back, so when Phalon moved back away from her, she gripped his face and directed it towards her almost pulling him off his seat and onto her lap as she kissed him hard.

His body was pressed against hers, as she tasted him. He barely kept his balance with the one-foot he had managed to get to the floor when she grabbed him.  He was more than shocked, but he melted into it readily and wasn't going to miss such an opportunity that presented itself so freely.

She was still aroused from the dream and she sank into the kiss opening her mouth to his to circle her tongue around seeking his.  That's how Janeway had done it in the dream. She pressed her mouth to his avidly taking and receiving in the heated kiss totally forgetting where she was.

"Oh my god!" Tom exclaimed from across the bar. Harry and B'Elanna looked and jaws dropped.  Harry turned white, B'Elanna was more composed, but beside herself and Tom looked away pretending to concentrate on his pool shot. He kept glancing up, not being able to help himself.

Seven suddenly opened her eyes.  This was not Janeway she was kissing.  The texture was all wrong.  The skin was courser, almost roughly bristled, the lips not as tender.  Stop! Her mind shouted! She pushed him away so suddenly that he fell back onto his stool and almost toppled off it as it turned on him.

"This is… inappropriate.  I am in error!" She apologized running from the holodeck.

"Well, well, well," B'Elanna said amused. Now she had something to tease the arrogant borg with.  "Looks like Seven's attracted to someone and doesn't know how to handle it."

Harry frowned and Tom just looked at his wife dazed.

Phalon was abashed because he was only trying to help, but he couldn't help the grin that grew on his face.  She was marvelous, he gave her that. He had images of his own floating inside his mind of what he could do to such a beautiful woman.



Rumors spread quickly throughout the USS Voyager being such a small ship with only a capacity of 150. So it was of no wonder that information good or bad traveled so fast and to all ears, welcome or not.

Janeway was sitting on the bridge going through the motions because nothing was happening when it finally reached her ears.

Chakotay came onto the bridge with a smirk on his face and took his seat, checking sensors all the while chuckling to himself.

Janeway stared at him. "Mind telling me what's so amusing Commander?"

"You wouldn't believe me."

"Try me," she said with a grin, leaning towards him.

"Well, apparently Tom, Harry and Torres witnessed your protégé kissing Phalon in the holodeck while they were playing pool."

"My protégé?"

"Seven!" Chakotay reminded her enthusiastically.

Janeway's gaze darkened. She became immediately serious. "What kind of kiss?"

"I don’t know, but I was told it was… involved."

Janeway frowned.  Jealousy reared its ugly head in her heart.

"Something wrong?" Chakotay sensed his Captain was not pleased with this news.

"I'm concerned about Seven.  She's not familiar with certain overtures."

"Perhaps, but I think she understands the nature of… you know… that."

Not pleased, Janeway turned to him sharply, giving him the Look. "She's still naïve and I want to make sure he's not taking advantage of that.  If you don’t mind, I'm going to check on her.  You have the bridge."

"Uh, not all at, Captain." Chakotay stammered but she had already left.  He wondered what he said to upset her so much.  He knew they had a close bond, but she seemed to overreact, it was just a kiss, well maybe an intense one, but didn't Seven deserve to loosen up a bit. 

He shrugged it off as overprotective nonsense.



Janeway entered Sandrine's and located Tom and company quickly.

"Can I speak to you for a minute, Tom?"

"Uh, sure." He excused himself from Harry and B'Elanna, but he couldn't help but notice the stiff tone of his Captain and the lines of tightness on her face.

After they moved away to a more secluded section of the bar, Janeway started plowing questions his way.

"What exactly happened between Seven and Mr. Phalon?"

Tom wasn't sure he should answer.

"Maybe you should ask Seven."

"I will, but now I'm asking you."

She had her arms crossed and her brows were curled.  "I just want to make sure Seven's all right and that his… intentions are honest ones."

"No offense, Captain, but she kissed him, maybe you should ask her what her intentions are. She seemed to know what she was doing."

Janeway's gaze hardened and he immediately regretted what he said. "Still, she may not understand the repercussions of such an act, Mr. Paris."

"Yes, ma'am," He agreed. "You should probably talk to Phalon too." He suggested hoping to get away from that hard stare.

"I'll do that, thank you." She said, but it was icy and sent a chill down Tom's spine as he watched his Captain leave with a puzzled expression on his face.  He went to tell his friends waiting for him at the pool table.



Janeway entered the Cargo bay trying to get her nerves to calm down. She saw Seven working at her console and taking a deep breath joined her.

"Hello Seven."

"Captain," Seven stopped whatever it was she was doing.

Ok, now that I have her attention what do I say?

"I was wondering if you're all right." Janeway asked while pretending interest in Seven's console readings.

"I am fine, Captain."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes," Seven's brow curled. "Is there some reason I wouldn't be?"

Janeway could feel the tension in her shoulders, but she had come here to check up on the young woman so she had to be honest.

"I… heard what happened and I was just wondering if you were ok?"

Seven still did not know what Janeway was referring to. "I don't understand?"

"The holodeck, weren't you at Sandrine's?"

A slight shade of pink engulfed Seven's features, but her expression remained stoic and almost hardened by Janeway's perceptions.

"I'm fine."

"Well, you let me know if he bothers you, ok?"

"He is not bothering me." She said somewhat defensively, You are bother me?! Seven's mind screamed inside her.

Janeway peered into Seven's eyes at the reply.

"I'm glad." Janeway said. The air inside the cargo bay got stuffy.  The auburn haired officer didn't know what else to say so she took a chance hoping to hell she was wrong.

"Do you have…. feelings for him, Seven?"

Seven put her hands behind her back and stiffened. "I do not believe that is any of your concern."

Janeway looked away and studied some cargo containers. She didn't want the younger woman to see the disheartened gaze in her eyes.  It is my fault. I pushed her away and made her believe a lie to hide the truth. I didn't think she was ready. God! What if I'm wrong?!

"You're right. I didn't mean to put you on the spot or make you angry."

"You did not," The tone was still stiff.

"Well I'm sure you would tell me if you were."

"Yes." Came the clipped response.

"Carry on." The Captain said and left swiftly for letting that go so badly.  She could've kicked herself for a fool.

Seven was livid as she watched her Captain exit. Did Phalon talk to Captain Janeway about her?  She seemed unsettled and edgy.  Of course, there were other crewmen in Sandrine's when it happened, but she did not think they would so readily go and tell their Captain about a kiss on the holodeck. Even if it was socially impolite in a public area, B'Elanna and Tom had been guilty of that on dozens of occasions.

Satisfied that it had to be Phalon, she inquired as to his whereabouts.

"Phalon is located in the VIP quarters."

She headed there immediately to demand an explanation.



"What have you told Captain Janeway?" She demanded upon receiving the ok to enter the guest quarters.

"What?!" Phalon said astonished at the question before he even had a chance to greet her.

"You talked to the Captain about me, did you not?"

"No, I didn't. Why would you think that I did?"

Seven tilted her head. "She came to me and asked me if I was all right and then asked if I had feelings for you."

"Really?" He hadn't expected that kind of directness from Janeway, but it would prove his suspicions accurately. "So are you all right? Do you have… feelings for me?"

"Yes and no."

"I see."

"So… you did not tell her?"

"I did not talk to her at all, but what I don't understand is why you didn't take the chance to tell her how you feel."

"I could not." Seven said her anger at him dissipating.

"I'm sorry about what happened, but it wasn't my fault. I have the distinct feeling you don't kiss people very often.  Your Captain probably just overheard someone talking about it."

"Perhaps," Seven replied not happy about that idea.

"Do you mind if I have a drink?


He was about to make one when she had stormed in so vehemently.  He came back from the replicator with a glass full of pure synthehol.

Seven was still standing there, her expression serious.

"Would you like to sit down?"

She studied him, he was very unassuming and not threatening. She decided that perhaps she could learn from this experience. She sat down next to him a few feet between them so she would not be tempted to kiss him and rested her hands in her lap.

"I wish to ask you a personal question."

"Go ahead." He leaned back in the sofa.

"Did you enjoy it?"

He chuckled, "Was that your… first?"

"Not exactly, I kissed a hologram once."

"Well," He smirked. "It was very nice, but if you don't mind my asking. If you have no… feelings for me, why did you kiss me?"

She looked down at her hands, "I am not entirely certain, but I believe I was thinking of someone else at the time."

"I'm sure you were." He said, holding his mirth inside and drinking his beverage. "but don't worry, I'll take those worries away."

She looked at him quizzically, his tone holding a suggestive quality to the words.  She heard a hiss and began to get drowsy before she flopped over unconscious onto his lap.  He stroked her beautiful hair, marveling at how lovely a creature she was, yet so naïve. He would never have had a chance with her otherwise, he reasoned, her heart belonged to Janeway, even if she couldn't acknowledge it to the older woman.



Seven opened her eyes to gaze upon a white ceiling above her.  She tried to move, but couldn't.  She felt panic rise inside her, but still could do nothing. Straining her eyes, she saw sheets and pillows to the side.  Seven was on a bed. How did she get there?! She remembered visiting Phalon, but… had she left?

She did not recall leaving. She tried to see if he was around, but couldn't look very far. She was unable to move or speak.  Fear rose in her throat as she glimpsed her arms and hands. Where was her biosuit? Was she undressed?! Normally that state would not bother her, but with the inability to move she felt strangely vulnerable and uneasy.

Then he appeared in the doorway. Seven's hope was crushed as she saw the look in his eyes.  It was similar to Janeway's look from the dream, lustful, predatory and hungry. Only from him it wasn't welcome.

"How are you feeling?"

She couldn't answer.

"Oh, I forgot I blocked your speech centers. One moment." He moved next to her and pressed a hypospray to her neck. Obviously her being incapacitated was intentional. Whatever drug he had used, it did its job effectively, just like he had planned.  He must have removed her clothing earlier and deposited her on the bed.  Seven had a sinking feeling that she knew exactly what the humanoid had planned for her to her horror.

"Ok, the muscles to your face and your vocal cords should work now."

She tried to remain calm. Perhaps she could reason with him.

"Why have you done this?"

"Isn't it obvious? You need it. Your so repressed, Seven. You've had such a pleasureless existence."

"You expect me to believe this is for my benefit." She spat at him angrily.

"Well, partly, but I… I just have never seen such a wondrous creature before."  She watched his gaze linger down her body. Then his cool hand touched her right arm and slid down to her human hand.

She gasped. Apparently her body had sensation, just not mobility.

"You can feel that. Good. I wouldn't want this to be pleasureless."

"What are your intentions?!" She asked fearful.

He moved on top of her, but she saw he was still fully clothed.  He threw one leg over her torso and rested gingerly on her stomach straddling her.

"What do you think?" He said leaning over to kiss her without her consent. His lips met hers and he probed for entrance with his tongue, but she bit his lip.


"Damn!" he slapped her across the face. "I'll numb your muscles again for that!"

He got off of her and headed for the ensuite to check his wound. She considered screaming, but who would hear her before he gagged her again with his drugs.

He came back out and his cut was gone. He apparently had access to a dermal regenerator.

He folded his arms staring at her in disdain before a wide smile creased his face. He removed his outer jacket to reveal a looser fitting cotton type shirt. He started to remove his pants, which made Seven very angry.

"I'll kill you if you touch me."

He froze and looked into her eyes discerning the validity of the threat but fully realizing she couldn't make good on it at the moment.

Then a chime occurred.

His face changed into panic and he moved quickly pressing a hypospray to Seven's neck before she could react. Not that anyone would've heard her through the walls or the door, but he didn't want to risk it.

"Nooo!" She started to say, but her voice trailed off into nothing and she was completely helpless again.

"I'll be right back." He kissed her on the cheek and fixed his pants before heading into the main room.

Seven heard the Captain's voice, but the fast acting drug prevented her from forming any sounds or even moving her lips.

She couldn't do anything. She couldn't pound on the bed with her hands or bang her head against the wall. She could only lie there and wait while listening.


"Captain," he said politely. "What brings you here, I was just about to lie down and get some rest."

"My Chief Engineer says the damage to your vessel isn't as extreme as we first thought and it should be ready by tomorrow morning."  Janeway was probably being a bit over protective in telling this to him at 21:30, but since Seven had an interest in him, the sooner he left the better.

"Thank you, Captain. Your crew is extremely efficient. I'm sure it would've taken me days to repair it myself."

"We help whenever we can." Janeway said, but her tone turned pensive. "There's something else I wanted to ask you and I hope you're not offended, but I need to ask anyways."

"By all means."

"I heard what happened in the holodeck between you and Seven of Nine." She said not asking a question yet, but letting him explain if he chose to before she asked his intentions.

"That was a misunderstanding I'm afraid. I was simply trying to console her when she kissed me. She later apologized for it and left the bar.  I don't know why she felt the need to apologize, although unexpected, I found it quiet enjoyable."

Janeway tried hard to keep her face diplomatic, concentrating on his words not the jealousy. "You consoled her? Was she upset about something?"

"I believe so, but she wouldn't elaborate on the specifics, but she told me about her time with the borg and how she came onboard Voyager.  The resentment towards her from the crew and so forth."

"Resentment?  I didn't think she would still feel that way after all this time.  Did she mention any names?"

He shook his head.

"I would have liked to know if anyone was making things difficult for her. They don't understand what she's been through and can be careless with their words.  I know it hasn't been easy for her… and I've tried to help… "

Janeway felt sorrowful at Seven's hardships.

"You care for her very much, don't you?"

"Yes, I care for all of my crew."

"But it's different with her, isn't it.  You're very protective of her."

Janeway crossed her arms. "I suppose I am, but she's been through a lot. It's not easy adjusting to becoming human after 18 years in the collective."

Phalon said nothing and grabbed his unfinished synthehol glass, gulping the rest of it.

"I'm also her friend." And wish I was her lover despite my Captaincy, she thought before shaking the sinful idea from her head, but it did not go unnoticed.

"That must be very difficult being her friend and her Captain. It's a good thing you're not lovers."  He said lightly as if in a joking manner, but Janeway's whitish face suggested he had hit on something. The sharp intake of breath from her told Phalon his hunch was right.

"I… suppose you could… look at it that way."

"I didn't mean to put you on the spot Captain, I was making a… joke."

She managed a smile then, "Of course. I suppose you are tired. Good night, Phalon."

Seven shouted in her mind what she could not verbalize. CAPTAIN!!

"Good night Captain."

She couldn't hear anymore. The conversation must have ended.  No! KATHRYN!!  Please… Do not leave me….

But the Captain couldn't hear and the swoosh of the door was heard before Phalon appeared.

The conversation took all but fifteen minutes.

"Well good news!" he said standing in the doorway leaning on the frame. "Apparently, my ship will be ready by tomorrow morning.  All I have to do is keep you sedated until them and I'll be long gone before anybody suspects anything." He studied her long lithe form marveling at its symmetry. "But I don't think you really meant it, Seven. I don't think you really want to kill me." He reasoned with himself.

"You're just sexually repressed and you need to strike out. I understand that.  It's not like you can shout at your Captain, she'll just toss you in the brig. So, I guess I can let it slide depending on how well you satisfy me tonight."

The idea was revolting to her to say the least and she felt ashamed, not understanding why she would feel such an emotion.

This act of intimacy was reserved for another… with another, if Seven ever got the courage to try to speak with her again. This encounter was all wrong and should not be happening.

This was all she had left of her innocence, in her opinion. The borg had taken everything else from her identity. Now this man wanted to take her virginity. It was unacceptable.



"You're so beautiful," he said five minutes later after he had loosened his clothes up and jumped back on top of her. He ran his hands down her arms.

Seven considered that the oddest and most crazed thing she had ever heard someone say to her.  She did NOT feel beautiful at that moment. She felt violated!

"If I am so beautiful to you why are you doing this to me?"

He looked at her then, gazing into her lovely face. "That is why I am doing it! I am overcome by your beauty, your innocence. I promise I will not hurt you.  I will only give you pleasure."

"I do NOT require your pleasure."

He frowned, "Really? You seemed to enjoy it earlier… before you backed out with that ridiculous excuse." He grimaced. "You know you want it, why not give in and simply enjoy the experience."

"I do not want this experience with you."

He smirked, "Oh, but you will want it, in awhile. You'll even beg me for it and you'll enjoy it very much."

"You will be punished for this. Captain Janeway will find out and she will be very upset... to say the least."

"I'm sure she would be, if only you knew… but it doesn't matter because she's not going to find out and you know why? …Because you're not going to say anything.  You see, the entire crew thinks we're an item.  A couple of crew members saw us kissing in the holodeck I believe."

"I did not mean to do that."

"Ah, but you instigated it and didn't break away immediately did you? That was some kiss." He questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"I was not myself!"

"It doesn't matter, the crew saw it and the drug in your system will be inert and undetectable in a matter of hours.  What exactly will you tell your Captain? That I, raped a strong healthy ex-borg? She'll simply think you regretted the repercussions of the act you participated in willingly and that you're confused…" And Janeway's own emotions will prevent her from even considering the truth, Phalon thought.

"I'll kill you!" She threatened again.

"Go ahead and try! You know how your Captain will react to this, don't you.  Even for an act such as this, she won't kill me.  So do you think Captain Janeway would let you?  I have no doubt you can kill me if you got the chance. But hypothetically, if you were successful, you would spend the rest of your life in the brig and it wouldn't change that I'll always be your first.  You'll never be able to change that and you'll never know what it would have been like to touch her for yourself.  After that, she wouldn't even consider you…"

Seven's eyes would have burned holes into the alien's face if the intensity factor could be counted.  Then it turned into sadness and fear that this was indeed going to happen. No one would rescue her. Tears came down her cheek.

"Yes, I'm aware of your intense infatuation with the Captain.  It's hard to miss. You can pretend I'm her if you wish. Either way, lie back and enjoy the ride."

He reached for her breasts caressing the sides slowly before he teased her nipples with a finger tip.

"NO!" Seven shouted. Why is my body behaving this way!? I am not attracted to him. I am revolted by him!

"You will enjoy this… " He said.

Seven hissed out her frustration. Turning her head to the side, she clenched her teeth together, praying for some kind of intervention. Her face hardened into a mask of fury that she couldn't act on.



Captain Janeway, took off her outer command red jacket leaving on only her tunic as she started to relax after a long day on duty. Something was bothering her though and she was restless over it.  Should I talk to Seven?

She figured Seven would probably be regenerating and if she wasn't would she really want to speak with her overprotective jealous Captain.

Oh hell!

"Computer location of Seven of Nine."

"Seven of Nine's combadge is currently non-functional."

That was odd.

"Computer, location of borg bio-lifesigns."

"The only Borg bio-signature located on Voyager is on Deck 3, VIP Quarters."

Janeway's head sharply came about to stare at the wall. On the other side of that wall was the VIP quarters. They were adjacent to her and almost exact in design.  Phalon had been assigned recently to those quarters.

Asking the computer Seven's whereabouts had started as an innocent diversion from her unease and it made her feel better when she knew where the borg was. Then the Captain could picture the lovely young woman at her post or know when she was regenerating, so she could visit unannounced.  Just now, she had simply considered talking to the young woman.

She had not meant to intrude on the young woman's privacy, but now that she did it was too late to undo as the green-eyed monster reared its ugly head in Janeway's heart.

A darkness transcended over her gaze. The wall would have burst into flames it if could.

Her eyes narrowed viciously.

What would Seven being doing in Phalon's quarters at 22:00?! And why would she disable her combadge unless…

Janeway swallowed hard.

Unless she didn’t want to be detected or disturbed!?

Janeway paced her quarters frantically, unruly thoughts cascading over her.

At first, she was shocked. She hadn't realized Seven was that far along in her emotional development.

What if I had said 'yes', would I be the lucky one right now? Oh God! I can't believe I just thought that. So, what!? Look at what your dealing with now because you refuse to admit it!

Shit! Then came anger.  At Seven for doing this, herself for allowing it, her duty for preventing her. Fuck!

Jealousy!? I'm jealous.

I made her believe I didn't love her because I thought she wasn't ready. Janeway put her hand on her hip. Well, if she's having sex, she's certainly ready!!

Janeway paced the room, like a caged lioness.

Images and visuals cascaded over her mind tormenting her.  She clenched her fists together tightly.  His hands on her skin, trailing down to her thighs. She clenched her teeth as her breathing became erratic. His lips on hers, his… Son of a…

The thought of him touching her there was too much to bear.  I have to find her!

With a growl emanating from deep within her throat, She threw on her command jacket and stalked down the hallway.


There was only one way out of this mess. Seven would have to lie. 

She would say that she killed him in the heat of the moment during a rather hectic sexual encounter. That she lost control of her borg hand and choked him to death. That was illogical to say the least, but she had no other defense.

The Captain was not in love with Seven so it would not hurt her too badly. She would be disappointed in Seven and be forced to punished her, but that would be it.  Seven's future would be isolation and utter loneliness. What other excuse could I use? Or should I say nothing and refuse to cooperate?

Once she had regained full use of her muscles, she had removed her body from under Phalon's and dressed.  She threw a sheet over his body, not able to look at his semi-nude state without the feelings of guilt and shame overcoming her.

She affixed her re-enabled combadge to her biosuit, but she could not bring herself to contact Tuvok or security or even sickbay.  She knew he was dead, but something inside her was terrified and would not let her call anyone.

So Seven sat on the bed completely confused and contemplating what she should do.



Janeway chimed for admittance to the VIP quarters, while fidgeting with her hands. Just before she chimed she asked the computer again. Seven was still there.

Upon receiving no reply, Janeway smacked the chimer again. Seconds passed, when her impatience got the best of her, she overrode the codes and entered the room.

She stormed into the main room and looked around. Finding no one, she headed for the bedroom and stopped in her tracks as she walked through the doorway.

Seven of Nine was sitting on the bed staring at Phalon who looked very dead.

The young woman did not acknowledge her presence, but she must have heard the Captain enter.

"Seven?" Janeway demanded. "What the hell happened here?!"

Seven slowly stood up and looked at Janeway with as much composure as she could.  She would not cry for him, but the astonishment on her Captain's face almost made her.

Seven realized in horror what this truly looked liked.  Phalon was on his side in a state of half dress, his shirt untucked, his pants were down at his knees and his underwear half off. Seven managed to cover his member with a sheet as she couldn't stand to see it. It disgusted her. The sheets were muffed up as well making it look like something passionate happened earlier.

Janeway, red faced and all, stalked up to the younger woman. "Answer me! What happened here!?"

Seven moved her jaw as if to speak then decided against it, giving her Captain an indifferent glare.

"I have to call security, Seven.  This is your chance to tell me what happened before Tuvok questions you."

"I believe your duty is clear, Captain."

Janeway did what she had to do. Her heart was breaking every step of the way.



After Seven was deposited in the brig, the body transported to sickbay, the Doctor ordered to autopsy it and give Seven a complete physical, Janeway sat down with Tuvok and Chakotay.

"I don’t understand, why would Seven do something like that?" Chakotay asked truly shocked.

"Perhaps, she lost control of her borg strength." Tuvok offered.

"You've got to be kidding me!" Janeway said loudly. "What? During sex?! Do you honestly think, she would be that careless."

Tuvok only raised a brow, "I am merely stating the possible outcomes of such an event."

Janeway sighed. "Well, there's nothing we can do now without any evidence.  We have to wait on the Doctor's examination of Seven's mental and physical condition and the autopsy. In the meantime, Commander, I want you to take a team and have that room checked for any speck of evidence.  I want to know what happened in there."

She turned to Tuvok. "Tuvok, I want you to check the alien's shuttle craft for anything unusual. Try and find the location of his home planet."

She paused her face grave. "I'll be in the brig."



Janeway stood before the brig, watching Seven. She dismissed the young Ensign guarding as soon as she arrived.  This discussion was going to be very personal. They needed to be alone.

The young woman didn't look up when the Captain had entered. She was lying down on the bed provided and staring at the ceiling.

"Hello Seven."

"Captain." The voice was passive.

"Has the doctor seen you yet?"

"No," Seven replied. "Why?"

"He needs to examine you.  For any signs of abnormal mental or physical trauma."

Seven shot up to a sitting position clearly and met her superior officer's gaze.

"Do I look damaged to you?"

"Not that I can see, but sometimes… damage can be internal or emotional. That's much harder to diagnose."

Seven wordlessly agreed with that assessment.

"Tell me what happened Seven." Janeway asked politely.

Seven did not speak.

"All right, we're still investigating, but let me tell you what it looks like from our point of view. At around 20:00, you entered his quarters for whatever reasons. About one hour and thirty minutes later, I myself visited those same VIP quarter around 09:30 hours. I talked to Phalon for say twenty minutes."

"At 22:00, I inquired at to your whereabouts and I was told your combadge was de-activated.  I did a borg bio-lifesign search utilizing the computer.  You were obviously in the VIP quarters. We recently found out that your combadge was de-activated at 08:30."

Janeway paused gathering a breath. "This tells me you were there at 09:30 when I visited Phalon, however, I didn't see you. Were you in the bedroom, the ensuite? You were there weren't you?"

Seven lied back down on the bed and put her left arm over behind her head.

Janeway paced the outer area of the brig. "No signs of struggle were present on you.  You are uninjured and based on what was seen earlier of your behavior on the holodeck with regards to Mr. Phalon, this leads me to only one possible conclusion."

Janeway paused.

"Are you really expecting me to believe that you went to his room to have sex and then in the throes of passion crushed and snapped his neck!"  The words hurt to speak and caused an array of bad images to creep into Janeway's mind.  Could Seven kill in the throes of ecstasy? Somebody please tell me it isn't so?!

"I refuse to believe that."

"Very well." Seven said. "I attempted to seduce him. He would not comply, therefore I killed him. Does that satisfy your curiosity." Seven stated.

"I don't find this humorous one bit, Seven." Janeway said chilled.

"Do you see me laughing, Captain?"

"I'm not going to play this game with you? Tell me what really happened."

"I killed him."


"He got on my… nerves."

"I don’t buy it." 

"I did not like him."

"Honestly Seven, even you could be more creative than that." 

"I apologize for disappointing you."

"Damn you! That's not enough, I need an explanation!"

"I cannot give you one." 

"You mean you won't."

Seven was silent.

"Dammit Seven. I have to convene a hearing because of this."

More silence.

"This could go to trial. By not cooperating, you acquiesce your guilt. One of two things happened.  Either you killed this alien by accident or on purpose. Which is it?"



Janeway listened somberly as the EMH explained what he had found. 

"I don't have much Captain, she wasn't very cooperative." He complained.

"I know," she waved him to continue.

"Seven's hormonal count was high, which suggests she was aroused… but she did not have sex with Phalon or anybody else.  She is in fact, still… uh… wholesome." He cleared his throat.  "I found no signs of any physical abuse or any foreign substances.  She is, 'fit as a fiddle'." He added with a giggle.

Janeway was not amused.

"As for her mental state," he continued more seriously.  "She said very little to me and mostly ignored me so I did a brain scan, which did revealed something.  She apparently is suffering from a significantly elevated chemical imbalance in her brain. It's not severe… yet, but it can be debilitating to the barer.  She's suffering from Situational depression."

"Usually it's a state of mind that's triggered by a recent event, which is traumatizing to the patient, but not lasting longer than three months."

"How do we help her?"

"Well, therapy and medication are usually used, but she's not responding to the first and the second is only a short term solution if the underlying cause is not discovered, it could return, maybe leading to clinical depression.  It's hard to say as psychology is NOT my strong point."

"Than you, Doctor." She said and dismissed him.



They held the trial in the conference room.

Since Seven had refused to give her side of the story, and no mitigating circumstances could be found to justify her actions, she was accused of murder.

Janeway asked for volunteers to defend Seven and Harry volunteered for the job feeling sorry for the young woman he had a severe crush on years back.  Secretly, he still adored her, but knew she would never reciprocate.  In his heart, however, she would always have a place, as a special friend of his and he'd be damned if he'd let her go down without a fight, despite the fact that she wouldn't defend herself. He didn't believe the evidence.  He thought she was innocent, but couldn't place his finger on it like so many of his other officers, especially the Captain, who refused what the evidence so clearly showed.

Tuvok was the prosecutor and as his duty, Harry knew he would be relentless in achieving the truth and following regulations, which didn’t leave much room for leniency.

Janeway refused to be the Judge Advocate to make the ruling, citing she too closely affected by her personal relationship with Seven. 

She handed the responsibility to Chakotay, who didn't want it either, but agreed.

Both sides gathered what little information they had to prepare their cases, utilizing the EMH's medical reports, the data gathered from the alien's shuttle craft and the room the crime took place in, but the latter two held no real updates and both were forced to improvise.

Tuvok's case was almost clear cut, since the young woman wasn't assisting her council. Harry Kim gave Seven specific instructions on what to say and how to respond to certain questions and she followed that advice mostly until Tuvok's final question.

"Why did you kill Phalon?"

At first it looked like she wasn't going to answer, then she blurted it out calm and cool. "It was necessary."

Even Tuvok was surprised at her admittance, never the less, the case was over now and he had won.  She admitted her guilt and Chakotay's face sunk as he called the room to order to give out the verdict much to Janeway's chagrin.

"I'm sorry, Seven." Chakotay stood up. "You have been found guilty of murder.  You are to remain in solitary confinement… indefinitely… or until we reach earth, which ever comes first."

Despite, Janeway's emotional reaction and the watery eyes, she dared a look at Seven.  A compassionate glare, which Seven met with piercing intensity.  Janeway shook her head and lip-synced the word 'why'.  Seven turned her face away, in shame as two guards escorted her out of the room.



Tuvok entered the Ready Room with a PADD containing efficiency reports when his Captain blurted out a question.

"You don't know do you?" Janeway asked Tuvok as she sat dejectedly holding her face in her hands. She had been between her Ready Room and her quarters for the last few days, despairing over her personal loss.  The love she thought someday, she would be able to show and give.  Even if Seven reciprocated, that wasn't a possible future now, despite her damn Captaincy, regulations, or her fear.

"To what are you referring to?"

"Never mind." She meant the truth of her feelings, but she shouldn't be sharing that with him. It was so difficult to focus, knowing she was alone. She watched him as he spoke, and then put the PADD down for her review.  She would review it later.

Tuvok did not leave however, and tilted his head at his Captain. Seeing her distant gaze, he sensed that his Captain was unsettled and her efficiency was being effected by the lack of focus on her duties of late. He attempted to assist regardless on how much he did not enjoy these types of conversations.

"Are you referring to the situation with Seven of Nine?"

"Not exactly," she said gazing at a PADD.

"Captain I would be remiss in my duties, if I did not point out how distracted you have been lately. However, Seven has disappointed all of us.  It is conceivable that you would be the most affected.  After all, you have a unique bond with her that we lack. Even from the beginning, you have seen a potential in her that the Commander and myself did not.  This has the ability to cause emotional difficulties."

"Emotional difficulties… " She echoed quietly, but she still wasn't able to read a single word on the PADD being so distracted.

"Captain, it is not your fault." Tuvok said in support, noticing her disquieted voice.

"I'm aware of that."

"Then what is bothering you, Captain?"

"We just convicted her to a lifetime of solitude for the rest of her life. She has difficulties with being alone as it is... now she has to deal with complete isolation? Tell me that's fair."

"It is not… fair. However, she made no attempt to defend herself and we followed--"

"I don't care about how we followed the rules, the regulations and everything correctly. The fact remains, something doesn't add up and she's going to pay a heavy price for it."

"Then you do not believe she had sexual relations prior to killing him."

"The Doctor already confirmed that she wasn't touched… " Janeway hesitated for a moment. "…there."

"But he also concluded she had elevated hormonal levels, which indicated she had engaged in the initial stages of the act."

Janeway glared at him, jealousy and ire over his suggestion, in her eyes, but she couldn't deny it, so she said nothing.

"I am puzzled. We did everything possible for Seven, despite her lack of cooperation. We investigated the case from every conceivable angle and came to the only conclusion possible based on the available data, yet you are not content with the results."

"I'm in LOVE WITH HER!! Dammit!" Janeway finally admitted loudly to a slightly raised dark brown brow. "How could I be content with the results… "

"As Captain you have no choice.  Your duty is clear and--"

"Lt. Commander, I don't NEED a lecture from you on protocols.  I accept my feelings and I accept my duty.  What I don't accept is NOT knowing WHY?"

"Indeed, on that… we agree."

"Good! Because I'm not finished yet. Tell Mr. Paris to turn the ship around. We going to find this… Inegria home planet of Phalon's."



It took a week before they found the planet. The people of the planet seemed very apprehensive when the Captain had contacted them from orbit.

She settled for bringing a diplomat up to the ship as the Inegrians did not want to risk widespread panic if they were seen on their planet.  They were not familiar with visitors or aliens species preferring to keep their existence somewhat isolated rather than join the outer universe. Janeway wondered briefly how they managed to do that in the Delta Quadrant where instability reigned.

Anxious for new leads, she quickly invited an alien named Chancellor Ardon.  He was a diplomat from the main continent and part of the ruling government of the planet.  She wasted no time in gathering information from him.

"I'm looking for information regarding an individual named Phalon, he's an explorer--"

"Phalon!?" the Chancellor said at the far end of the table.

"You know him?"

"Know him? He's the leader of those rich brats who think they can just do anything they want and influence our society to fit their irrational delusions about space travel."

"What can you tell me about him?" Janeway asked ignoring Ardon's complaints.

The Chancellor looked from Tuvok to Chakotay and back to the Captain. "Is he bothering you? Have his engines failed again?"

A shadow crossed Janeway's face. "What do you mean again?"

"We don't deal with aliens frequently, but ever since Phalon and his band of would be explorers have launched their ships, we have been receiving complaints and accusations regarding his behavior, but none it has ever been substantiated."

"What kind of accusations?" She bent forward in her chair intently.

"I'm not at liberty to say. It’s a private affair between them and the accused."

"I need to know. Phalon is dead and one of my crew is apparently responsible."

It was his turn to be hard. "Are you telling me that one of your people is responsible for the death of one of our citizens?"

Janeway did not like the tone he had. His obvious dislike for Phalon and his free band of explorers apparently did not exclude him from being protected by that same government.

"I'm afraid so."

"Then I must inform you that you are obligated to hand over the criminal to us so justice can be served."

"She has already been tried and convicted in compliance with our laws and traditions."

"Yes, but she hasn't killed one of YOUR citizens."

Janeway tapped her fingers lightly on the table. "I need to find out why. I don't believe everything is as it appears. I need your help to fill in the blanks."

"Fill in what blanks? Does your crewman deny the act?"


Chancellor Ardon sighed. "I don't see your dilemma, Captain."

"Our Captain is merely trying to ascertain why our crewman who has shown no such tendencies to violence would suddenly commit such an act."  Tuvok explained.  "She refused our assistance to defend her, an unlikely attitude even for her."

"Perhaps she is guilty."

"NO!" Janeway roared. "Something else occurred and I will not forsake her until I find out the truth!"

Ardon pursed his lips tightly together. "I take it you have no intentions of handing her over to us?"

Janeway sat back down, stapling her hands. "It's not that simple. I have the prime directive to consider." She said quietly.

"That's interesting, Captain.  Despite the young man's rich heritage and influence, our government does not have the ability to stop you if you just decided to leave our system."

"Now that I'm here speaking with you, I become liable if I disregard your laws." She informed him. "Isn't there something, anything you can tell me about this Phalon."

"Very well. I can't tell you specifics, I'm forbidden by the regulations of my government, but I can tell you he's a charmer and a womanizer. At first appearances, very easy going and harmless but the complaints we've received say he isn't always a gentlemen, perhaps going too far in his quest for the perfect companionship."

"What are you telling us?" Chakotay asked wide eyed.

"I believe he manipulates people to get what he wants.  How I don't know."

"That's not possible with our Seven of Nine. She is not easily fooled or charmed. There must be something more?" Janeway pressed him.

Ardon looked at her quizzically, her gaze strong.

"Please… Chancellor. We need evidence."

"I'm sorry… I can't."

She closed her eyes, knowing he knew something, feeling the helplessness wash over her, before another option presented itself to her, but it was risky, not a guarantee and not protocol.

"Tuvok, Chakotay." Janeway said. "Would you give us a moment please?"

The two officers glanced at each other surprised by the dismissal, but complied readily.

Janeway folded her hands together. "Does your government know how to build a starship, Chancellor?"

"Yes, but the materials are too heavy for lift off and expensive." He said wondering what she was leading up to. "We have been considering a new material, but it would takes years of testing to determine if it would stand up to the rigors a starship would need."

"If I give you my word, that if Seven killed this man for any reason other than self-defense, that I would hand her over to you and your people and give you schematics on how to build starships utilizing cheaper less dense materials. Would you… consider helping us?"

Janeway knew she was dangerously close to breaking the prime directive. "This woman is very special to me."

"I see that." He said studying her carefully.

"Have you… yourself ever been in love, Chancellor?"

"I am happily married.  Have been for over 12 years with three children."

"Would you not take an unethical risk on your wife's behalf, if it would save her life?"

He folded his arms, her countenance serious, but reflective.

"You're an extremely good negotiator Captain. You know how to appeal to an individual's sediments. I will not betray my people's law, but I can tell you this. Search his ship thoroughly."

Janeway was exasperated for something more concrete. "We already have! We found nothing."

"Because you didn't know where to look."

Janeway met his eyes hopeful.

"I can't tell you where or exactly what it is, because frankly I don't know, but… look everywhere.  Tear the entire ship apart."

"But we don't know what we're looking for?!"

"You'll know when you find it."

"Will your government allow us to do that?"

"They do not know that you have contacted us because of an incident regarding Phalon.  And once you have made your discovery, I would be grateful if you disposed of the ship.  May I have your word on that?"

Janeway was stumped. "Yes, of course, but don't you want your technology back?"

"I would prefer to put this embarrassing incident behind our people and let them know he died in space."

"They'll think the A'nari destroyed his vessel." Captain remarked stunned.

"Yes, but I know he's guilty, even though I… we can't prove it... yet.  I have an idea how he's been doing it, but I can't bring that evidence to light if you find it utilizing the information from my assistance."

"We already searched his ship. I hardly think your hint is influencing us unduly."

"Perhaps," He paused. "You made me realize something, Captain."

"Oh, what's that?" She said still confounded.

"Between duty and honor, there is a greater responsibility to the truth.  We shouldn't let anything detour us from that. When laws and regulations become absolute and harbor lies thus destroying lives, we are all diminished.  Eventually over time, it will ruin any society."

Janeway nodded in stunned silence.

He bowed and got up to leave and reached the door before he added. "I wish you and your… crewman a happy life."

Then he left her to ponder his parting words.

Yes, a happy life, would that be possible? Do I have the right to be… happy? Could I be with her?



It took one week before B'Elanna Torres found something that could be considered the clue they were looking for. The ship was literally in pieces.

Torres found that Phalon's ship, although damaged from external weapons fire, had more than adequate internal life support.  She noticed the ducts leading to the oxygen/carbon dioxide inverter were cut, not obviously, but hastily and sloppily as if to disguise tampering or sabotage.  He had planned it.

B'Elanna suddenly felt a pang of guilt for her jealous thoughts of Seven's ability to attract people despite her aloof attitude. 

When Torres found the second piece of evidence, she felt truly sorry for the young woman's current situation and she silently wished her well.  She would try to be nicer in the future, if she got the chance and hoped this was the evidence they needed to absolve her of the crime. B'Elanna saw her kissing Phalon, but still didn't believe the borg would have murdered him without provocation.

She had found the second clue upon dismantling the plasma conduits. A small shielded space, inside where the normally hot plasma flowed, contained a small hidden vial. She immediately brought it to the Doctor who ran some tests.  His discovery was extremely important to the case and shed some serious doubts as to Phalon's credibility.

Janeway discussed the results and possible explanations with Tuvok, Chakotay and Kim, who represented Seven at the trial.  The new evidence was by no means absolute in determining that Seven was truly innocent of any wrongdoing, but even Tuvok did not disagree about what such a drug could be used for.  It was more plausible that she was a victim of a terrible event instead of the criminal.

They agreed and it was decided. The verdict was rescinded and Seven was immediately let go. Both Tuvok and Chakotay warned Janeway that Seven might need assistance in understand this type of an attack. She said she would take care of it.

Janeway had no intentions of letting the woman get away without explaining her version of it, but the auburn haired woman knew pressure or force of any kind wouldn’t work with the stubborn woman.

She would let Seven come to her. 

Then she would help the young woman deal with any emotional scars.



Seven chimed for admittance to the Captain's quarters. She was certain a mistake had been made.

She saw the Captain replicating a beverage when she entered.  Linking her hands behind her back, she waited on the Captain's complete attention.

"I believe an error has been made, Captain."


"Yes, two security men came and released me, saying my sentence had been rescinded. I fail to see how that is possible. Since I clearly killed Phalon and was sentenced accordingly."

Janeway took a drink of her hot coffee and sat down on the sofa easily.

"You're right, you did kill him. But I know why Seven. Despite your obvious lack of trust in me, I know." She eyed Seven filled with the grief that only comes from being let down by a loved one.

Seven disallowed Janeway's claim. "I do not know what you mean."

Janeway rolled her eyes and pursed her lips.  "With Tuvok and Chakotay's assistance, we came to a fairly accurate conclusion of what really happened."  She set down her mug full of coffee and brought her hands together on her lap.  "You went to his quarters upset and confused. Over what exactly I don't know. The doctor said you had been depressed recently.  Phalon had come on to you while in this state and it intrigued you." 

"Cap--" Seven started.

"Let me finish," Janeway raised a hand and her resolute tone brooked no argument. "Then you may speak."

Seven complied hesitantly, both disquieted and constrained.

"I believe that you decided to take comfort from him and that you intended to sleep with him when you went to the VIP quarters. Perhaps, to fulfill your first act of intimacy or to help forget your pain. Again, I don't know." She said her tone tight.

"We couldn't figure out which one of you disabled your combadge or why, but we do know when.  I would guess that both of you were engaged in the beginning stages of intimacy when somewhere along the line you changed your mind and backed out.  He wouldn't accept that so he drugged you, making you completely helpless to whatever he wanted."

Janeway saw the fluttering of the eyes and the colored cheeks telling her she was close to the truth with the last statement.

"We discovered the drug in Phalon's ship. It was extremely well concealed.  The Doctor tested it and discovered its paralyzing properties.  He also tested your nanoprobes and discovered that they can absorb a single dose of this drug in around an hour thus enabling you to recover quicker than the average humanoid.  You hid this from Phalon as he was… was… "

Janeway brought a hand to her mouth, sickened by the thought, but recovering quickly to resume her vision of what happened.

"When you realized you had full use of your left arm, the one with the enhanced strength, the mesh hand, you choked him, which resulted in his death.  You defended yourself in the only way you could from what we humans consider a… reprehensive act.  I would've killed myself him if I was there." She paused needing a drink of coffee to warm her.

Finishing, she put he mug back down, "I'm truly sorry for what happened Seven, but you didn't handle it right."

"That is not entirely accurate."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I did go to his quarters, but I was angry at him. I thought he told you about what happened in Sandrine's on the holodeck. I was mistaken.  We talked, then he drugged me before I knew what was happening. When I awoke, he make it very… clear what his intentions were."

Seven's tone changed then and became small, frightened.  "He explained that… if I told you, you wouldn't believe me.  That the drug was untraceable and it would look like I wanted to be with him."

Her voice broke then, as she recalled the worst moments. "But the worst of it was when I heard your voice, but could not call for you. I heard both of you talking… about me and I was helpless… useless..." Tears came down her cheeks.

Janeway went to her then and hugged her tightly, "No, that's not true. Never think that, it's just going to take some time to come to terms with this, but you will Seven, I promise."

Seven leaned into the embrace. "I am sorry Captain. I truly am, but I made the only decision, I could. I would have rather kept my innocence and spent the rest of my life in the brig than let him take the only thing left I have to give." Seven couldn't meet the Captain's look.

"What would that be?" Janeway asked while condoling her.

"My love."

"Your love?!" Janeway was perplexed and pulled back to look at Seven.


"I don’t understand."

"Yes, you do, but you do not want to."

"What are you trying to tell me Seven!" She removed her arms from the embrace.

"You already know. Never the less, it is only for you.  No one else may take that!" Seven exclaimed more tears coming.

What is she talking about?! Oh my God?! Innocence? Left to give? Only for you?

Janeway felt like she had been slammed in the gut.

"Are you in love with me?!" She asked looking intently into the ice blue eyes.

Silence. Seven's eyes moved away.

"I need the truth.  I need you to tell me what is in your heart. Tell me regardless of how painful you think it might be to me or to yourself. I promise you. I'll always be your friend regardless of what you say." She finished resolutely, her voice gruff from emotion.

"I thought I made that clear when I asked you if you loved me." Seven replied submissively.

"Not exactly." Janeway's own eyes flooded with moisture. She had considered Seven's feelings as trivial because of the way the young woman had simply blurted it out that evening. In response, the Captain implied she didn't have feelings for the ex-drone.

The Captain was hurt by Seven's subsequent reasoning on why she had asked the pointed question.  It was just research and curiosity, the auburn haired officer had told herself. She had no real feelings for her Captain.

But what truly astonished the Captain, was why Seven felt she would never love again or couldn't.  As much as Janeway loved her, if she never built up the courage to tell Seven how much she really meant to her, who was she to demand that kind of sacrifice.

"Seven… " Janeway said gruffly. "Even if I didn't love you…  I don't have the right to expect you to wait on me.  You have to live your life, despite how… painful certain decisions are... or can be."

Seven, responded by shuddering, in her grief, she did not hear the words properly. She did not hear the 'if I didn't love you' and assumed Janeway did not feel the same.

"So I am supposed to adapt easily to these painful circumstances, after having been human for only five years?!" Seven spat.

Janeway closed her eyes. "That's not what I meant."

Taking a deep breath, Seven absolved Janeway of any responsibility in their misunderstanding.  "I realize you do not reciprocate. I will be discreet and tell no one of my feelings for you."

Janeway laughed realizing Seven still didn't get it. "You're too late. The whole crew will know before long."

Seven blanched, startled. "I did not speak with them, how could they know?!"

"Well, I told Tuvok, so he knows and--"

Seven frowned interrupting. "You told Tuvok about my feelings for you?! Captain you just asked me to clarify my feelings. How could you advise Tuvok about something you just found out?"

"I told him about my feelings. I was also somewhat distracted when I talked to Tom about you and Phalon… so he might suspect something, which means B'Elanna will know, which means the whole ship will. And then there's the way I talked to Chakotay when I found out you had kissed Phalon." Janeway scowled at Seven for that kiss until she saw Seven's confused features and relented.

"I’m sorry darling. I didn't mean for that to happen." Janeway smirked, waiting for Seven to catch up.

Darling?! Seven swallowed, the face she made in her mystification was priceless to Janeway. "Your… feelings? Everyone will know? Wh… What? What will everyone know?!"

"That I'm head over heals in love with you."

Seven could only stare dumbfounded, mouth agape, with eyes wide completely lost at how to respond.

Janeway became worried and carefully put her hands on the blonde's shoulders.

"Please say something."

"I… "

"Yes…? "

"You love me??" A shy voice.

"Very much."

"Why did you not tell me, when I asked you?" She asked with an interesting combination between brooding and miffed in her tone.

"I was afraid.  So I… lied to you. I'm sorry."

"Why did you change your mind? Why now?"

"It happened after you were sentenced. I realized I wouldn't be able to spend time with you anymore. I felt incomplete and restless. I'm afraid for a Starfleet Captain, I didn't handle any of it well. I was jealous, angry and thought I had lost you." Janeway released Seven and wrapped her arms around herself.

Seven raised an implant. "You were… jealous?"

"Yes… "

"Of me and… Phalon?" Seven was actually testing Janeway, but asked innocently.

Janeway curled one side of her lip up, unhappily. "Yes, I didn't like you kissing him and it drove me nuts to think you were sleeping with him."

"You were hurt by what you thought I did… here?" Seven pointed to Janeway's chest where her heart would be.

Janeway looked down at Seven's finger and instantly knew how much her falsehood had hurt the younger woman.

"Yes," she said softly avoiding eye contact.

"So we hurt each other," Seven's eyes became earnest.  "We were… both distrustful."

"Yes," Janeway conceded bringing a hand to her forehead. "You're absolutely right and I don't want that to happen again. I can only imagine what you felt. The shame that normally accompanies such an act was probably why you didn't…  couldn't come clean, but in the future you must tell me everything, Seven. It's vital to any long-term relationship and I will promise you to do the same."

Seven was touched by the words. "I will comply, Captain."

"Kathryn… Call me Kathryn."

"Kathryn." Seven tested it.

Finally feeling a calm overtake her that she hadn't felt in a long time, she gripped Seven's left hand.

She studied the mesh on it, the borg metal that adorned it and snaked up Seven's forearm under the biosuit.

"You don't know how beautiful you are despite this do you?"

The blonde's jaw dropped, both shocked and pleased.  "I… used to think beauty was… irrelevant."

"I'm not the only one.  So many onboard Voyager see you as beautiful. Even if they won't admit it outright to you. I'm sure that's what Phalon saw." She traced a finger along the insides of Seven's finger.  The young woman found the odd contact alluring.  It sent tingles down her spine.

"I was… naïve." Seven divulged.

"Were you attracted to him?" Her commanding officer asked looking into Seven's eyes indecisively with conflicting emotions.

Seven eyed the Captain warily wondering what provoked such a question. Was she still bothered by the incident?  Seven herself was unsettled about it.

"No, I was merely intrigued at first.  His clothing revealed more than I had ever been subjected to before."

"Why'd you kiss him then?"

"I… I… didn't intend that?" Seven replied nervously.

"Oh? So what happened? I was under the impression that you were the… aggressor."

"I… I was distracted that is all."

"From what?"

"My regeneration cycle ended abruptly. I was unsettled.  I went to join him at Sandrine's to distract myself."

"Why did your cycle end prematurely? That rarely happens."

Seven's eyes shifted uncomfortably and silence pervaded the room.

"Seven, I thought we were going to honest with one another from now on."

She met Janeway's eyes and nodded. "Very well. My cycle ended because I had a dream."

"A dream ended your cycle?" Janeway said not believing it was that simple.


"What kind of dream?"

Seven's eyes widened. "A 'nice' dream."

"Seven… " Janeway scolded for delaying.

Seven's shoulders slumped. "I believe it would be described as… erotic."

Now Janeway's eyes widened and her face changed to a deep red. "You know… maybe I shouldn't have asked." She waved her hand and turned away releasing the mesh hand, but Seven stopped her sensing this had the potential to hurt Kathryn making Seven's embarrassment over it not enough for her to withhold the truth.

"It was with you." She said softly.

Janeway turned back to the ex-borg, her eyes questioning.

"I've had dreams before of you of course, but this one was different.  You… never touched me that way before… " She explained the rest of what had happened in the dream and her reasoning on why it led to her to kiss Phalon.

The Captain tried to hold it in, but by the time Seven finished, she couldn't. Janeway burst out laughing. She clutched her aching stomach, because she laughed so much. Tears came to her eyes. It was Seven's turn to look astonished.

"You are not… angry?"

"No," she said between giggles.

Seven breathed in relieved. "I am glad."

"Me too," she said still smirking her eyes looking deeply into Seven's. "That was a pretty graphic dream considering you've never been intimate before."

"Perhaps, I was… inspired." Seven said with a twinkle in her eye and Janeway blushed hard not figuring Seven could flirt, but she was certain she just had in her own subtle way. Their eyes danced around each other, the gazing becoming clouded with longing.

"Kathryn, I wish to--"

Janeway had already moved in to frame the precious mouth before her with her own. Seven felt warm hands on her cheeks as fine lips touched hers before pinpricks danced behind her eyes. 

Seven became mesmerized, just like the dream, melting into the succulent taste of the woman she loved, never thinking that after what she had done, she would be permitted this moment of unity.

They stumbled backwards, by Kathryn's non-verbal impetus to steer them to the sofa, clipping the glass table on the way, knocking over the coffee mug, which fell onto the floor spilling the dark liquid on the plush carpet.

The stain was completely ignored by both women as they traveled ever backwards until the back of the Captain's legs hit the edge of the couch sending her falling back onto it and taking Seven along with her.

The couch was small, but didn't detour the two young lovers from engaging in foreplay.

After more passionate kissing and ardent necking, Seven spoke reverently.

"I wish to make love to you, Kathryn."

"Please… " was all the breathy redhead could say before tangling her tongue with Seven's again.

Seven began to take off the Captain's tunic, but quickly became frustrated and ripped it down the middle exposing Kathryn's chest to reveal firm breasts covered by a white laced bra. Janeway's eyes widened at Seven's enthusiasm and desire for her.

Seven dug her face in-between the two mounds savoring the scent and warmth there.  She felt the pins that held her austere bun in place disappear as her hair was being let down by delicate slender hands.

Tugging at the zipper on her biosuit, Kathryn nibbled on the small lithe neck while peeling the suit ever so lower. Seven drew herself up onto her arms as Janeway peeled it carefully down to her waist sensually touching the skin as she did so.

Seven trailed a moist tongue down the middle of her lover's chest, while she lifted her slightly on the side to remove the offending bra.

Fed up, both women sat up to finish ridding themselves of the clothing that was fast becoming a severe hindrance to their goal.

But once they were nude, the rush seemed to dissipate somewhat into a more passionate embrace of love.

Kathryn threw the cushions off the couch and tried to roll them over, but they ended up side by side. Seven gripped Kathryn by the waist and pulled her on top as she slid underneath the smaller woman.

Janeway smiled brightly and latched onto the blonde's mouth. Her tongue darted into the moist haven of Seven's mouth to play fretfully around.  Her caresses became immeasurable in her need to have the young woman.  She prodded her sex for careful entrance to Seven's world, the penetration causing a cry, which Kathryn soothed with words of love, while languidly slowing the motions to a gentle intrusion until she adapted to it.

There was blood and a certain satisfaction in being the one to claim this beautiful woman. Janeway was the first and hopefully the only one to be blessed with Seven's love.

Covering a puckered nipple with her salivating mouth, Kathryn hungrily devoured Seven's generous breasts, alternating between nipping, licking and smothering them with her mouth.

"So precious… " Janeway breathed between nipple stroking.

Arching her back, Seven groaned. "Hmmm," the sensations new to her, despite her extensive research.

Seven rocked her own hips up as Janeway thrusted downward with the fervid movement, all the while forcing herself to breath through the inferno that her body was becoming.

"Kathryn… " The word came out moaned.

Janeway could feel Seven's heated flesh beneath her as her digit drove the blonde wild. Seven seemed to squirm and jerk before tightening up. Her heart pounded in her chest.

Seven's climax rocked the sofa and jolted Janeway before spilling forth plenty of juices all over Kathryn's hand, who in response drove her tongue in deeply to tussle with Seven's.

The liquid smacking of their mouths drove Seven to respond with dire need to feel Kathryn inside and out even before her own pulsing sex had finished its spasming.

"I have wanted you… for so long… " Seven mumbled, pressing her lips to her lover's neck.

Janeway sensing exactly where Seven's right hand was heading lifted herself onto her arms and bent her knees in anticipation.  The redhead was stimulated beyond belief at having been a participant and a witness to Seven's first orgasm.

Kathryn's eyes burned into Seven's telling her of her need.  They were such a deep blue, no grey present, shining with love and warmth.

The blonde, fevered with passion, entered her lover from underneath. Seven gasped at how erotic both her ebbing crescendo was coupled with the sensation of being inside Kathryn.  It was so warm and wet, the two fingers slid so easily inside seeking that higher plane of being where emotion and flesh combined as one for a short time giving the illusion of a beautiful joining into one entity.

Janeway roared out and threw her head back, her auburn hair flowing with the sudden movement.  She started moving her hips in rhythm.

Nipples hanging down in her face, Seven decided the temptation was too much and she captured a protruding bud enclosing all of it with a full mouth scrumptiously.

The breast was hers for the taking. Janeway was hers. Seven never felt so powerful and yet so humbled by the experience of making love to this woman.

While suckling on the reddened mammary ducts, Seven's mind drifted to her greatest fear. She did not know if she could satisfy Kathryn, but if her lover's reaction so far to her performance was any indication, Seven knew she was operating at peak efficiency and with precision. She mercifully released the swollen breasts to kiss Kathryn's face, delicately as she loved her both internally and externally. Thrusting in another digit, Seven tenderly claimed the precious woman before her.

"Yes!!!" Janeway breathed out, driving their hips together roughly causing a gasp from both. Janeway was so hot, her channel slick and full. The veins in her neck bulged as pulsations swelled within.

As Seven probed inside, the mechanics of the motions became secondary and Seven could dwell on the feel of everything happening around her. Seven had tasted Janeway's lip and breasts, smelled her arousal and felt the exquisite flesh of Kathryn's from within. 

Now filled to bursting with emotion, she pressed her ears against Janeway's chest, to hear the rapid heart beating furiously. "I love you," she said the sound muffled by the side of Janeway's breast. Seven felt, a tightening around her fingers and then lost contact with Janeway's heartbeat as her lover jerked back and quaked uncontrollably until she flopped back down onto Seven completely spent.

Both their thighs were wet with their efforts and Seven curled her long arms around her beloved.  She could feel Janeway's heart beating hard against her breast, as it slowly calmed from their ardent session of love.

"Oh my… " All Kathryn could do was breath and gulp in air. Seven moved a few damp strands of auburn hair off of Janeway's forehead and face, then ran her hands through the full mane to experience the silky texture of it before returning her arms in a loose but poignant embrace of her beloved.

After a few minutes, Janeway leaned up on her elbows enough to peer into Seven's eyes.  The return gaze was crystal clear and there was as big a smile on Seven's lips as there was love in her eyes.

"Annika… "

"Kathryn… "

Janeway opened her mouth slowly as she leaned in already extending her tongue in preparation for an impassioned kiss with Seven.  The young woman followed her example and caught the soft muscle, to instigate another heated tongue and lip embrace.

Both women became lost in the touch, basking in the succulent taste of each other, during the time-consuming long-drawn out kiss.

Here lied two women, joined in the flesh at the moment, only by their love, whom lived most of their lives separated by thousands of light-years only to come together against all odds.  Against these infinitesimal odds, they formed a bond of love and devotion, despite how different they were. 

Simply choosing to exist in this moment, to love one another as much as they could, making their love known on a pink sofa, while speeding through space, making impassioned love next to the bulkheads, under a clear window that led to the twinkling stars.