Disclaimer: The characters in the following story belong to Paramount. This story is not written for profit and no copyright infringement is intended. This story is based on a loving relationship involving two women.

Pairing: J/7
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Tom Paris does a little digging in the entertainment section of the starfleet database and makes a very interesting discovery. His decision to turn this into a profit making adventure sparks some very unusual behaviour amongst the crew.

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Fleet Babe


Tom Paris was enjoying a rare day off duty in the Delta Quadrant. He was feeling unusually introspective, not like his usual upbeat self at all. Maybe he was bored, he mused to himself as he considered his lot. He was in a relationship with Voyager’s chief of engineering, B’Elanna Torres. That made him happy; he felt the feisty Klingon/Human hybrid was quite a catch in any quadrant. No, there were certainly no problems in that department, so why was he feeling so restless? It was at times like this that Tom was most likely to get himself into trouble but for some reason he could do nothing to prevent it. He liked to shake things up on occasion, perhaps with a practical joke that usually involved Tuvok. He loved to build holo-programs. The Fairhaven Irish Village had been an enormous success, particularly with a certain captain. Of course sometimes his need for adventure led him into more dangerous territory. One incident in particular had led to a demotion as he set off in the Delta Flyer to assist an alien population whose underwater home world was at risk.

Tom once again felt the need for a distraction. It was in his nature and being on Voyager for the last six and a half years did offer a certain lack of variety in terms of entertainment. With a sigh of boredom he got to his feet and walked over to the workstation in his quarters. As he looked for ideas he called up the entertainment section of the Starfleet database and began to peruse items almost randomly just by inputting certain combinations of words and waiting to see what would crop up.

After almost two hours of idly searching the database Tom Paris was no longer bored. In fact he was sitting in front of the screen with his jaw slack, unable to quite believe what he was looking at. "Oh my god," he muttered to himself in disbelief. Then without further delay he shot quickly to his feet and headed straight to the replicator. He knew his rations were low, but this would be worth every last one.

He input certain parameters from the database into the replicator buffers then requested that the data be transferred into the style of a standard late twentieth century glossy magazine. As the item materialised in front of him, Tom could not wait to get his hands on it.

When it fully materialised Tom carefully removed it as though it were the most precious item he owned. He gently ran his thumb over the edges of the paper and for some peculiar reason that he would wonder about later he actually sniffed the item. Of course it had no scent, he hadn’t input that request into the replicator, but he felt that a smell would make it appear more authentic and enhance his overall experience. He got back up from the sofa and set about correcting that oversight. Then as an after thought he requested one brown paper bag. He didn’t want anyone spotting what he had, especially one person in particular. So with his precious cargo Tom headed off to see B’Elanna. He just could not keep this to himself any longer.

As Tom entered main Engineering, he quickly spotted B’Elanna at one of the consoles. He took a quick look around and seeing no one conspicuous, sauntered over to his lover.

"Hey B’Elanna."

"Tom." B’Elanna answered warily. She had spent enough time in the company of Voyager’s helmsman to tread cautiously when she was on duty.

"I have something to show you. Can we use your office?" he asked cryptically.

"Tom," she answered in a stern but low voice. "I’ve seen it before and the last time we tried that we were almost caught."

"What?" Tom asked in confusion, then as comprehension dawned he realised what B’Elanna was thinking. "Not that, this," he said motioning to his brown paper bag.

B’Elanna eyed him and the bag sceptically, but finally relented as Tom offered his best puppy dog look.

When they got into her office Tom was acting like a kid with a new toy. Wait till you see this B’Elanna, you will not believe your eyes." Which were the very things she happened to roll, not yet caught up in his enthusiasm.

As he carefully removed the magazine he held it up for her inspection. She looked at it curiously. "Fleet Babe? What the hell is it Tom, pornography?" His grin widened as he opened it to reveal the centre pages. B’Elanna’s eyes bulged and her mouth opened in surprise. "Kahless!" She exclaimed. "Where the hell did you get that?" As Tom answered B’Elanna took the magazine to get a much closer look.

"I was looking through the database because I had nothing better to do and I just sort of came across it. It seems the publication was only in existence for around eight months. I’m not sure why, I’m guessing it wasn’t exactly well received."

B’Elanna looked at Tom not believing his accidental find. She knew where his tastes lay and what part of the database he would have been in, but nonetheless she was impressed by his find.

"You know, she may not even be aware of this," B’Elanna ventured slowly.

"You think?"

"Well it would make sense; it's defunct. Maybe it was some underground publication amongst the cadets."

Tom thought about what she was saying. It did seem to make a lot of sense. "I think you might be right B’Elanna. I just can’t see her posing for that magazine and there aren’t any quotes from her in the details next to it." Tom went to retrieve the magazine from her.

"Can’t I keep it?

"Why would you want to?" he asked confused.

"I don’t know, perhaps because she looks damn hot like that."

"B’Elanna!" Tom added a little startled.

"Oh don’t come over all coy with me, you can’t tell me it never crossed your mind." They shared a knowing grin.

"Hey listen, I have an idea. We could pull our rations and make a few of these. Pass them on for a profit."

B’Elanna gave that careful consideration. "We could," she said slowly. "But it will be quite a risk. I don’t want to get caught and spend the rest of the trip in the brig."

"Oh c’mon B’Elanna what could go wrong? Besides we do need the extra rations after Chakotay cleaned me out at poker." That sold it to B’Elanna. The couple were not used to being so low on rations. Tom was usually quite adept at accumulating extra and she knew that the helmsman would make a lot from this. The crew would be queuing up for a copy of Fleet Babe. She agreed and as Tom left to put his operation into motion B’Elanna stayed a little longer in her office alone with her magazine and certain thoughts that would have to remain secret.

Over the next 24 hours, Tom had his plan in motion and it was running like a well-oiled machine. Through word of mouth around the lower decks many of the crew were aware of what Tom was selling. For five rations the crew could have their very own copy of Fleet Babe delivered to them. Since it was only taking two rations to replicate each magazine with a brown bag, Tom and B’Elanna were making a healthy profit. Requests were being sent to Tom’s workstation in his quarters. He would then deliver when he was off duty. Things were going very well. Tom walked into the mess hall for dinner with several brown bags tucked under his arm. As he approached the counter he was greeted eagerly by Neelix.

"You have a little something for me Tom?" he asked rubbing his stubby hands together.

"Neelix my man you will not be disappointed. This will be the best five rations you ever spent. If not, I will guarantee your rations back," Tom said with his usual cocky confidence. As Tom passed the bag over to Neelix he smoothed his whiskers then wiped his sweaty palms on his trouser legs before accepting. As he took the package he promptly cradled it to his chest and disappeared into the back of the kitchen. Tom headed off to deliver the rest.

Captain Janeway entered the mess hall. She had decided to slum it this evening and dine with members of her crew. As she approached the counter she noticed that a queue had formed at Neelix's counter. As she waited she finally became fed up and stuck her head into the back of the kitchen. She saw Neelix standing looking at what appeared to be some kind of booklet. She thought that he may well be looking for a recipe and decided to offer some assistance.

"Neelix," she announced charmingly.

Startled by his visitor, Neelix panicked. He practically jumped out of his skin when he heard the captain’s voice. He closed his magazine as quickly as possible fumbling with it in his haste. Eventually he stuffed it back into the brown bag all the while Captain Janeway was looking at him with a most puzzled expression.

"Ahh, ah Captain," Neelix squeaked. "Was there something I could help you with?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing Neelix," she replied with curious grin.


"There is a queue of hungry crewmen waiting for dinner. I don’t want a mutiny on my hands," she answered with patient humour, while assisting him to regain his bearings. Whatever he was up to, she thought, it was certainly engrossing enough for him to neglect his duties at the busiest time.

"Ah, of course Captain, I’ll just get right to it." He once again looked a little panicked as he stuffed his booklet inside his apron. Then he gave her a most curious look and returned to his duties.

Seven entered Sandrine's and immediately spotted her target.

"Mr Paris."

"Hi Seven what can I do for you?’

Seven handed Tom five replicator rations. "I will take delivery tomorrow in Astrometrics." She looked at him expectantly with her left eyebrow raised slightly.


Seven cocked her head to the right with her mouth slightly open. It was the Borg version of rolling her eyes. She pinned Paris with a look that would normally be reserved for a particularly dense individual. "Fleet Babe. I have given you the correct amount of rations have I not?"

Tom was still a little shocked but recovered well. "Ah, of course Seven. I’ll drop it by tomorrow." She nodded and left.

Tom turned to face his companions with a rather puzzled look on his face. Their own faces just reflected his, except for Harry who looked particularly distraught. Tom offered him a slight shrug and a, what can you do look, though it was of little consolation to his friend.

"Well, what do you think of that? Maybe the ice queen has melted," B’Elanna said half joking. "Then again this could mean trouble. How the hell did she find out about it anyway?"

"Beats me B’Elanna, we’ll just have to hope it's more research material for her."

"Well if it is Tom, her research has clearly taken a new direction." She folded her arms across her chest as she thought about that. Seven could certainly do worse. B’Elanna mused to herself. A lot worse.

There was a small huddle of crewmen who had gathered just outside the mess hall. Their rations were low and they couldn’t all afford a copy so were looking at one they had borrowed from Neelix. A wolf whistle and a few whoops went up as they opened the magazine.

"Would you look at that?" Ayala said, clearly appreciating the view before him.

"Who wouldn’t want to look at that?" chimed in Joe Carey.

"Crewmen." The raspy tones were unmistakable. They all jumped slightly startled and Ayala hid the magazine behind him so he pretty much looked like he was being respectful of the captain’s presence. The rest automatically followed suit.

Janeway eyed the five of them curiously. They were acting like a bunch of kids who had been caught with their fingers in the cookie jar.

"At ease gentlemen." She eyed them curiously but none of them would look at her. "As you were." She gave them a slightly perplexed nod and headed off to her quarters, all the while wondering just what was going on with her crew. There was definitely something afoot and she intended to get to the bottom of it.

The following day Janeway could not shake the feeling that the crew seemed to be watching her. She could have sworn that every time she walked through the ship, eyes were following her. She was beginning to think that she was paranoid. She decided to take a walk through the ship, just to test her theory. "You have the bridge, Commander," she informed Chakotay and made her way towards the turbo lift. Before she entered, she swiftly turned to look at the bridge crew. She clearly saw Tom, Harry and Chakotay quickly divert their eyes. She turned towards Tuvok and offered him a questioning look to which he merely raised an eyebrow, which meant he was as puzzled as she was. She made a note to speak with him later.

She requested deck nine upon entering the lift, thinking a surprise visit to Engineering was in order. She decided she needed to shake the crew up a bit. They obviously had far too much time on their hands, given that they had taken to hanging out in corridors and reading while on duty.

As she entered Engineering she was startled when someone announced her presence. That in itself was unusual. Then she could swear that she saw Ensign Nicoletti put something behind her back. She strode over to her.

"Ensign what have you got there?"


Janeway was becoming short tempered she knew something was up. "In your hands, Ensign. Show me them. Now." It was clearly a command and Nicoletti brought her hands from behind her back and showed them to the captain palms up. They were empty. Janeway glanced at her hard. She was certain the ensign had something, but if she did it was not there now. The captain mumbled an apology and swiftly left engineering, all thoughts of her inspection gone.

As the captain exited you could almost feel the relief that went through the engineering staff. Carey returned Nicoletti’s magazine, which had been carefully taken from behind her back without the captain noticing. B’Elanna then informed her staff that there would be no more reading on duty. That had been too close a call.

Janeway headed straight for sickbay, she decided to have a quick check up before approaching Tuvok.

"Captain," the Doctor greeted cheerfully. "What a pleasant surprise."

"I’m here for a check up, Doctor. I believe I’m overdue."

The Doctor was startled and quickly took advantage of the rare opportunity that had presented itself. However the fact that the captain was presenting herself of her own free will was a cause for concern.

"Have you been experiencing any particular symptoms, Captain?"

"No. Nothing at all Doctor," she answered curtly. She knew he was fishing for information. The Doctor gave her the standard check up.

"Well I’m pleased to say you have a clean bill of health."

"Thank you, Doctor." Just before she reached the doors to exit sickbay she heard him say. "Don’t be a stranger now." She turned to look at him, but could think of no reply to that. He had obviously been at his subroutines again.

Janeway decided to drop by Astrometrics. After all the strange behaviour that was going on around the ship she knew that she could rely on Seven to be her usual straightforward self. After all Janeway thought, she doesn’t know how to be anything else.

As the doors to Astrometrics opened she walked in briskly and without even turning Seven greeted her. "Captain, how may I be of assistance?"

Janeway immediately felt a sense of normality descend upon her. She approached Seven about to ask if she had found anything of interest when she caught site of the brown paper bag nestling to Seven’s left.

"What’s that Seven?"

Seven looked to the captain then followed her line of sight and realised she was asking about her package. She immediately picked it up as if to protect it before answering. "It is a gift."

"A gift?" Janeway asked, even more curious now. "Seems a few people on this ship have been receiving gifts lately."


Janeway waited to see if Seven would be any more forthcoming, obviously that was all she was getting out of her. Janeway held Seven’s gaze a few moments longer, but she was unreadable, beyond a raised eyebrow.

"Enjoy your … gift Seven."

"Thank you Captain. I… will," Seven answered with a little hesitancy.

Janeway knew there was more, but could not think of any way to get the information from her. She glanced again at the package, which had Seven’s human hand resting on top of it. Suddenly something occurred to her. Eyes narrowing, she asked Seven.

"Where could I get one of those?"

Seven was clearly startled. Her eyes grew wide and she blurted out her answer. "Why would you want one?" Strangely enough it seemed to work. The captain had no answer to Seven’s question.

"Why indeed," she stated, clearly not happy with Seven’s answer. "Good day Seven." She looked Seven over with a keen eye before leaving Astrometrics and heading back to the bridge.

Once safely back in her ready room, the captain went over her options. The only person out of the senior staff who appeared to be acting in a normal fashion was Tuvok. She called him into the ready room.

"Tuvok before I tell you anything I need you to know that I have been to the Doctor and he has given me a clean bill of health."

"I am glad to hear it Captain."

Tuvok, I suspect that there is something going on that I’m not aware off. I can’t quite put my finger on it; I can only tell you what I have seen." As she thought about what exactly she had to tell him she knew it would sound a little strange.

"Well first Tuvok you saw what happened when I left the bridge earlier today. The rest of the bridge crew were staring at me. But it seemed to be more than that. They weren’t just staring." She waved her hands for emphasis. "You saw them Tuvok, what did you think?"

"I cannot be certain as to their reasons for watching you leave the bridge Captain. I can confirm however that they did watch you leave."

"But it was more than that Tuvok and what about the paper bags?"

"Paper bags Captain?"

"Yes Seven and Neelix both have them and when they saw me they did not want me to know what was in the bags." She was now pacing in the ready room.

"Did you ask them what was in the bags?" Tuvok enquired reasonably.

"Well not exactly. But it was clear they didn’t want me to know." She raised a finely boned finger to emphasise her point.


"Then there is the crew gathering in huddles outside the mess hall. When I approached them they all stood at attention."

"You are the captain, Captain."

"What about the incident today in Engineering? I saw Ensign Nicoletti put something behind her back and when I asked her to show me there wasn’t anything there Tuvok. How do you explain that?"

"I am unsure Captain." If it were possible for Vulcans to worry, Tuvok would have been biting his nails at that point in time. He had known Kathryn Janeway a very long time. She had never before been paranoid about anything. He made a decision to go along with the captain for the moment but speak to Commander Chakotay and the Doctor at the earliest possible opportunity.

"Would you like me to investigate these incidents Captain?"

"Off course Tuvok. There is something going on aboard this ship and I want you to get to the bottom of it. Dismissed."

At the end of the Alpha shift, Captain Janeway left the bridge and headed to her quarters. She had to get ready for her Velocity match with Seven. As she entered the turbo lift she was joined by Tom and Harry. They all settled into the lift with the captain in front of the two younger men. As the lift took them to their respective destinations she was aware of a closeness at her right shoulder. She turned sharply and found herself millimetres from the face of Tom Paris. He jerked back abruptly his eyes wide with shock.

"Ah I’m sorry Captain," he mumbled apologetically.

She eyed him, almost disbelieving what had just happened. "Mr Paris what were you doing?" Tom looked at her he seemed to be having trouble finding an answer to her question.

"Computer, halt turbo lift." She paused for a moment still eyeing Paris. "Well?!"

"I ...Captain I don’t know what came over me."

"Mr Paris you were sniffing my hair." She glanced over at Harry but he had decided to stay out of it, keeping his eyes forward. He did look a little pale though. She folded her arms over her chest becoming impatient due to the lack of response from Tom. "Mr Paris, were you or were you not sniffing my hair?" The tone was clear, though the question had been asked in a relatively reasonable manner. The captain expected an honest answer. Tom had used the last few seconds to think of a reasonable explanation. He was used to trying to dig himself out of difficult situations as a result of which he had learned a long time ago to think quickly on his feet.

"Captain, I felt myself drawn to you." He gave her one of his best puppy dog looks. "It's your shampoo; it reminds me of my mother. I think she used one with the same fragrance." He finished with a forlorn look upon his boyish features. The captain melted instantly.

"Oh Tom, I’m so sorry." There was a heavy pause between them. "You’ll see her again … I promise." She patted his shoulder to reassure him.

"Thanks Captain. I know I will." He gave her a charming smile. The captain composed herself and called for the lift to resume. When the captain exited the lift on deck three, Harry waited until it resumed before letting out the breath he had been holding.

"Tom! How could you do that?"

"Relax Harry. What was I supposed to say? I couldn’t tell her the truth I had to think of something."

"Did you see the look on her face? She almost shed a tear."

"Harry." Tom began attempting to calm his friend. "It worked didn’t it? Where’s the harm?"

Harry eyed his friend partly in disbelief sometimes he thought Tom was to self assured for his own good. "I don’t like it Tom, lying to the captain like that; what if she finds out?"

"Harry, you worry too much." He grinned as they exited the turbo lift feeling quite pleased with himself for getting out of such a tight spot.

As Captain Janeway entered holodeck two already clad in her red velocity tunic and black leggings she made a mental note to herself to change her shampoo. She couldn’t have Tom feeling homesick every time he was near her hair. As usual Seven had arrived at the holodeck before her.

"Seven," the captain greeted politely.

"Captain," Seven responded with her usual even tones. As Seven eyed the captain she felt a little thrill of anticipation in her abdomen. She had just spent the last fifteen minutes studying her magazine. She hoped that during the course of their workout she would experience first hand the same phenomenon she had witnessed. Granted the captain's velocity tunic looked a little thicker and there was less skin on show, but Seven was hopeful.

At the end of his shift Tuvok went to sickbay to speak with the Doctor.

"Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, how may I help you?"

"Doctor, I believe the captain came to see you earlier today."

"That’s correct; she dropped by for her check up."

"How did she seem to you Doctor?"

"Well other than the fact that she actually came to sickbay willingly, she seemed fine. Why, is there something I should know about?"

"I’m not sure Doctor. The captain told me you gave her a clean bill of health."

"Well you know that I can’t discuss the captain's health with you, but you know that if there were anything that would affect her ability to command you would know about it by now as I would have informed Commander Chakotay." He looked at Tuvok curious as to why he was asking about the captain. "Is there anything I should know Tuvok?"

"I am uncertain at this time Doctor. I will speak with Commander Chakotay on the matter. Thank you for your time." As he watched Tuvok exit sickbay the Doctor gave a mild shrug of his shoulder unsure as to what Tuvok’s visit was all about. He then headed to his office to peruse the delivery he had received from Ensign Paris that morning.

"Oh Seven that was quite a game. You almost had me," the captain said a little breathlessly as she reached for her towel. She let it hang loosely around her neck as she then took a sip of her water.

Seven had remained silent as she watched the captain closely waiting for the moment to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon she had witnessed earlier; unfortunately it seemed she had overlooked the addition of the captain's towel. As the captain finished drinking she eyed Seven curiously.

"Seven … is everything alright?" Seven looked disappointed.

"Yes Captain," she replied in a slightly deflated tone.

"One day Seven," the captain held up her finger for emphasis, "you’re going to beat me. I don’t think that day's too far away." The captain removed her towel and flicked Seven lightly with it, but it was enough for Seven to glimpse her prize before the captain put her towel back round her shoulders.

"It feels kind of chilly in here today." The captain remarked as she folded her arms and shivered a little. She then rubbed her forearms to emphasise the point.

"I hadn’t noticed," Seven replied in a slightly odd voice. The captain glanced at her and was sure she could see a faint smile on Seven’s full lips. She smiled in return, happy that Seven was no longer concerned with losing.

"I’ll see you tomorrow Seven," the captain said as she left the holodeck, leaving Seven behind to contemplate their game and correct the temperature controls which she had set to deliberately cool the holodeck ten minutes before they were due to finish in the hopes it would assist her plan. It had certainly proven to be quite successful.

As Captain Janeway made her way from deck six to her quarters on deck three she was aware that she had passed an unusually high complement of her crew. Where normally she may bump into a handful of crew members that evening she must have passed at least twenty. The three that had joined her in the lift were headed for the mess hall while doing nothing untoward they had left her with an odd feeling. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was truly amiss with her crew. She found it difficult to relax back in her quarters. Even as she took a relaxing bath she couldn’t shake the feeling of being watched.

Tuvok made his way to Chakotay’s quarters after leaving sickbay. Since the Doctor had found nothing medically wrong with the captain that morning perhaps Chakotay had noticed something during the course of their shift that could offer some explanation for the captain’s odd request. He stood outside of Chakotay’s quarters on deck three and pressed the chime requesting admittance. As the doors opened Tuvok entered.

Commander Chakotay was a little surprised to see Tuvok. It was highly unusual for them to discuss any ship's matters out of normal duty shifts. He knew there was no way it could be a social call. The two of them didn’t exactly get along.


"Commander Chakotay. I wish to discuss a matter of some importance with you. It involves Captain Janeway.

Chakotay didn’t know what to expect from Tuvok, but even hazarding a guess he wouldn’t have thought it involved the captain. "Oh, do you have something specific on your mind?"

"The Captains approached me today with an unusual request. She believes that the crew are hiding something from her. Specifically an item that is contained in…. brown paper bags."

Chakotay’s eyebrows rose at Tuvok’s general demeanour. It was clear he was concerned about the captain’s mental state and was having difficulty confiding this in Chakotay. His sense of humour got the better of him and he couldn’t help but string Tuvok along a bit.

"Is that all?"

"No, she also believes that members of the crew are watching her and acting unusually in her presence."

"In what way?" he asked innocently.

"I am uncertain, I should point out however that she includes you in the list of culprits."

"She does?" he asked, surprised by that information.

"Yes. Today as the captain left the bridge most of the crew watched her leave, yourself included, Commander. Was there any particular reason for your actions?"

"No, none at all Tuvok."


"What do you intend to do Tuvok?" Chakotay asked now very curious.

"The captain has asked me to investigate this matter therefore that is what I shall do. Investigate."

As soon as Tuvok left his quarters Chakotay went to retrieve his copy of Fleet Babe. He would miss it but he knew that all the copies would have to be recalled now that Tuvok was about to investigate the source of the crew's behaviour.

Chakotay contacted Tom and told him the bad news. He instructed him to retrieve every copy as quickly as possible and recycle them before the night was out. He then headed to the recycler with his own copy and took one last look before instructing the computer to recycle. He sighed as it disappeared in a swirl of particles and he immediately lamented the loss of his cherished copy.

Paris was working frantically to recall all the copies. It was not proving to be easy, as crewmembers demanded their rations back. They had eventually come to an agreement to refund three replicator rations per copy after Chakotay had stepped in to mediate. Tom had enlisted the help of Harry and B’Elanna to speed things up a bit.

B’Elanna entered cargo bay two and immediately saw Seven working at her station. She approached the cool blonde with an air of caution mixed with a dose of mischief.


"B’Elanna Torres," she replied stiffly. Anytime this female approached her there was always an air of antagonism. Seven stood with her hands behind her back giving Torres her full attention.

"Bad news Seven I need your copy of Fleet Babe."

Seven frowned. "Why?"

Seems the captain has asked Tuvok to look into some odd behaviour that’s been occurring. If we don’t recycle the magazines it won’t be long before Tuvok finds one.

"Indeed. I shall retrieve it immediately." Seven opened a storage container and handed the magazine to B’Elanna.

As B’Elanna accepted it she couldn’t resist teasing Seven a little. "So Seven, did you enjoy it?"

Seven eyed her trying to decide what the Klingon/Human hybrid was up to.

"I must say. I was a bit surprised that you wanted a copy. More research?"

No…..I was merely curious Lieutenant."

"Oh. Tell me Seven, were you curious because it was the captain or were you curious because you wanted to see the captain?"

Seven knew B’Elanna was attempting to bait her. "Do you have a copy of the magazine Lieutenant?"

"Yes." B’Elanna answered, wondering where Seven was headed.

"Then perhaps you can tell me the answer," Seven replied with a certain amount of challenge in her eyes.

B’Elanna bristled at that response. She had hoped to needle Seven and instead the aloof blonde had turned the tables on her, again!

"So Seven, will you miss it?" She wasn’t giving up just yet.

Seven pondered that for a moment before answering. "No." Seven responded in such an imperious manner that B’Elanna wanted to swing for her.

"Dammit Seven, can’t you just be like the rest of us and admit that you would rather still be able to look?" B’Elanna was beginning to lose all patience with her. It was a familiar pattern that was well established between them.

"You are forgetting Lieutenant, I have an eidetic memory. I can ‘look’ whenever I please."

B’Elanna folded her arms over her chest and casually leaned against Seven’s alcove. "Maybe you’re not so different from the rest of us after all Seven."

Seven raised her eyebrows slightly. "Perhaps."

Meanwhile in the mess hall Tom was attempting to get back the copy from Neelix.

"Neelix, let go!"

"I’m sorry Tom, I’m trying, I just don’t seem to……"

"Neelix!" Tom pulled for all he was worth and finally prised the magazine from Neelix vice like grip. He flew backwards with the effort and collided with a table. Tom rolled to his feet and threw Neelix an odd look.

Neelix gave a gentle wave in the direction of the magazine and looked like he was saying goodbye to a loved one. Tom shook his head in disbelief and decided that it might be more prudent to hold the dog-eared copy by an edge. He then headed straight to the mess hall replicator to recycle it.

Captain Janeway made her way to Holodeck two. She had agreed to Seven’s request to go running with her. The captain normally preferred running as a solitary pursuit, but Seven had been keen to show her this new programme she had devised, wanting to get the captain’s opinion on the route. Seven was such a perfectionist, Janeway mused to herself. It wasn’t that surprising that she would also attempt to perfect a cross country running route, although the whole point of cross country was simply to add variety and increase the degree of difficulty to the run.

As she entered holodeck two she was a little surprised to find Chakotay standing there next to Seven. When he had asked her earlier what she was up to the last thing she expected was that he would join them. She always thought the boxing ring was more his style.

"Good evening Seven. Commander, I didn’t expect to see you here."

"I thought that I would join you I had been thinking of taking up running I hear it’s a good way to shed a few pounds."

"Indeed." Seven added sounding a little disdainful. The last thing she had wanted when suggesting this workout to the captain was someone else coming along.

"Well running certainly helps to keep me trim Chakotay, I’m sure it will be of benefit to you also."

They all began their individual warm-ups. The captain began with some gentle stretching. The one thing she had found as she got older was the warm-up became more important than it was in her youth. Her muscles were a little more prone to injury, particularly at the beginning of a workout. As she stretched her legs she glanced over at her running companions. Seven was wearing her usual black workout suit, but had changed into running shoes more suitable for the outdoor terrain. Chakotay was dressed in some sort of heavy sweats in a garish pink colour for the top and a pair of what looked like brown cut off sweat pants. No accounting for taste, she thought to herself.

After a few more minutes of stretching the captain stripped off her tracksuit bottoms to reveal a pair of navy Starfleet running shorts, which terminated mid thigh. She then unzipped her tracksuit top to reveal a grey running vest. Chakotay and Seven had both stopped stretching at this point and were looking over at her, so she assumed they were ready to go.

"Shall we?" the captain inquired enthusiastically. At both their nods she headed off setting a gentle pace to start. They all were keeping pace with each other quite easily and when the track was wide enough she found herself flanked on either side by Chakotay and Seven. It seemed they were content to let her set the pace so she decided to increase it. After about twenty minutes of this pace Janeway felt very comfortable. She loved the freedom that running brought and although she had company this time it seemed that neither of her companions wanted to chat which left the captain to her thoughts. She very much loved the tranquillity of her surroundings and easily let her mind wander as she gave herself over to the constant rhythm her body had set up. She was suddenly startled out of her reverie as the path narrowed once again and she felt herself being slowly but surely squeezed between Chakotay and Seven. She quickly increased her pace to avoid a collision leaving the two of them behind her. Seven and Chakotay were both content to remain behind the captain quite taken with the new view they were being offered, however when the path began to narrow further leaving only space for one runner they began to jostle for the prime spot behind Janeway. A struggle ensued between the pair initially they were shouldering each other in a show of strength, that was followed by a few well placed elbows. When there was still no clear winner Seven stuck her leg out and tripped Chakotay up. She decided that he had no right inviting himself in the first place therefore felt no remorse as he scrambled back to his feet and remained behind her as she constantly blocked his path at every opportunity.

As the path began to widen again the captain was setting a fair pace. They had been running for almost 40 minutes and she sensed that perhaps the other two were not fairing as well as she was. She took a quick glance back and what she saw surprised her. Chakotay looked like he had fallen face first in the dirt and Seven had a split lip. How on earth had that happened, she mused to herself. The skies opened and the air became cooler for the last twenty minutes of the run. When the captain slowed to a stop she felt really invigorated. The course had been challenging and she didn’t mind getting muddy. As Seven slowed a few paces behind her she looked flushed but not unduly tired, Chakotay on the other hand did not look well at all. He fell to the ground in a massive heaving heap of exhaustion and lay there until his breathing resembled something a little more akin to normal.

"That was fantastic Seven, I really enjoyed the course. We should do it again. How about Thursday?"

"Thursday is acceptable Captain. I have programmed random elements and events into the holodeck programme to ensure that it will not become repetitive."

"How about you Chakotay?" The captain eyed him warily uncertain if he would be up to another work out so soon.

"…….Sure……" Chakotay managed to reply between breaths.

"Seven what happened to your lip?" Janeway inquired.

Seven knew her lip was bleeding; she had been aware of the slightly metallic taste that had been on her lips. "The Commander and I ... collided," Seven replied throwing daggers at Chakotay. Janeway didn’t miss it, nor the grumbled reply Chakotay threw back at Seven. She wondered what was going on with the two of them.

She was beginning to feel the dampness and the slight nip of the cool air, but her tracksuit was back at the point where they had started. She felt it was only polite to wait until Chakotay was at least able to get to his feet before leaving. She glanced over at Seven who had a familiar look on her face. It was the same look she had witnessed the other day at the end of their Velocity match, but the captain knew she had seen it before. Omega, she suddenly thought to herself. Seven had the same look on her face when she witnessed the omega particles randomly merge together.

Seven, meanwhile was completely unaware of the look that had passed over her normally placid features. She was however completely engrossed in the vision before her. This effect was much more prominent than the one she witnessed in the holodeck. Not to mention the captain's attire, which had been most pleasing.

Chakotay got to his feet gingerly. He was certainly feeling the effects of running for an hour at the pace the captain had set. Still it had certainly been worth it, he thought as a grin appeared involuntarily on his dark complexion. Captain Kathryn Janeway had looked as good today as Ensign Kathryn Janeway had looked over 20 years ago. Though he knew he was going to suffer over the next two days he was determined to make the next run, despite the fact that Seven was clearly not happy with his tagging along.

When Janeway strolled into the holodeck on the Thursday evening she was a little taken aback by the site that greeted her. Seven and Chakotay were there as expected but it looked like they had been joined by half the ship. Janeway walked over to where Seven was standing to offer her congratulations on the enormous success of her programme.

"Seven, this is remarkable. You have obviously captured the crew's imagination with this new programme." She swept her hand over the crew that had gathered for emphasis.

"So it would appear Captain," Seven replied in her usual dry tone.

"You should be proud of yourself Seven. Your programme obviously contains that magic something that makes all the difference."

As the captain turned to find a suitable spot to warm up, she missed Seven’s ironic murmur under her breath. "You have no idea."

The run had once again been invigorating, but the captain couldn’t shake that feeling she had been troubled with for most of the week. The crew were still behaving oddly. She still felt like she was being looked at, in fact if she were to be honest she actually felt like she was being ogled. On top of that Seven had the ‘omega’ look going on again at the end of the run. She had no idea what was going on with Seven but something was up. She would maybe have to speak with the Doctor about it later. He had been in the holodeck as well waiting at the end of the run to tend to any injuries that the crew may have sustained. Certainly a bit of forward thinking on his part, but she couldn’t understand why he had insisted on checking her out even though she informed him she wasn’t even feeling a twinge. She would speak to Tuvok tomorrow and find out how his investigation was coming along. Something was behind all this change.

Captain Janeway had arrived bright and early for bridge duty this particular morning. She had secretly taken a perverse delight in watching some of her crew clearly struggling to move as freely as usual after their run yesterday evening. As Chakotay had lowered himself ever so gently into his chair on the bridge it had taken a lot of will power to prevent her from laughing at his predicament. She had also noticed that Tom Paris was finding it difficult to find a comfortable position in his chair at the helm. The way Harry Kim had walked over to his station at ops led her to believe that he had a little chaffing going on. She was feeling in good spirits and decided to head to the ready room for a mid morning coffee. As she passed Tuvok standing at tactical he made eye contact with her, but his face held no indication of anything other than a passing acknowledgement.

As the doors opened to admit her she immediately noticed the brown paper bag on top of her desk upon which was a pad. Obviously Tuvok had been busy, in her good mood she had forgotten to enquire about his investigation. Finally she thought, I’m about to get some answers. But coffee first.

Coming back from the replicator with coffee in hand she picked up the pad and keyed it as she took a seat behind her desk. As expected it was from Tuvok.


I have uncovered evidence, which leads me to believe that your suspicions have indeed been confirmed. The contents of the bag on your desk will shed light on the crews recent behaviour. I will await your hail.


Captain, I would suggest that you do not drink coffee while reviewing the contents of the evidence.

She shut down the pad and looked at the coffee in her hand, frowning slightly. With a mild shrug of her shoulders she took one last draught of it and put the cup down. As she looked into the bag she saw what appeared to be the same booklet Neelix had been reading in the mess hall. She slid it out and looked at the front cover. She immediately noticed the title but didn’t recognise it. It was obvious though that it was some type of glossy magazine showcasing the talents of some of the more attractive females in Star Fleet. There were photographs and interviews, she recognised some of the faces and immediately looked for a date. All it said was issue number two. She continued to turn the pages wondering what could be in here that was causing such a fuss……suddenly her eyes bulged as she reached the centre pages. "Good God! What the hell…….." She turned the magazine length ways to get a better look at the picture of "Ensign Kathryn Janeway!" There she was in all her youthful glory. She had obviously just been running, she looked sweaty and mussed and nobody could miss her nipples standing to attention through her thin running vest. Her pose doing nothing to help as she had her hands on her hips and was clearly breathing in at the time. Her eyes were closed and her head was tipped back exposing more of her neck.

The captain blinked a few times as she took in exactly what this meant in terms of her crews recent behaviour. She was quite startled to say the least. Suddenly she slapped her combadge.

"Tuvok, my……"

"On my way Captain." He had been anticipating her hail from the moment she entered her ready room.

As Tuvok stood patiently waiting before the captain he knew it was the clam before the proverbial storm.

"Tuvok, I want the name of every member of this crew that purchased this magazine. I want to know who instigated the entire thing and I want to know where they found…this." She gestured with both hands open to the copy on her desk. She continued pointing a finger for emphasis. "Then I want the name of every crew member who was jogging with me in the holodeck."

"Shall I line them up ready for you to throw out of an airlock Captain?" Tuvok inquired mildly.


"I fail to see what would be served by singling out the individuals who have participated in this event. Besides adding to your embarrassment and theirs."

She thought about that for a moment. "You're right Tuvok, but this can’t go on. The crew is clearly in need of some form of R&R if they have taken to objectifying a twenty year old picture of me." She thought about that for a moment. "Have Seven locate a suitable planet for shore leave. I think we should spend two weeks there at least. Oh and Tuvok find a way to let the crew know that you are onto their little scheme. I want this ship back to normal as soon as possible."

"As you wish Captain."

As she watched Tuvok leave she knew he would find a way to stop the ogling. She had to admit to herself that part of her was glad to have cleared up what was going on, but another part of her was still in shock at finding out just what had been going on. Yep. She thought. This crew definitely needs some shore leave.

Janeway was all packed and ready to beam down to her shelter where she would be spending the week alone. Tuvok had assured her she would have no contact with the crew unless it was an emergency. He had also made it clear to certain crewmembers that he was aware of recent events and that he would be monitoring their behaviour towards the captain.

As she materialised on the planet she took a few cleansing lungfulls of the natural air then set about organising her belongings ready for the relaxing week ahead. She was herself long overdue a break from starship duty; this would be just what she needed.

On the third day of her stay Janeway was lying in the afternoon sun, letting her thoughts drift back to the events that had led to this particular shore leave. It had been an absolute necessity, given that half her crew had taken to looking at her picture then joining her for a run on the holodeck. She suddenly felt laughter bauble up in her throat at the absolute absurdity of the whole fiasco. So the old girl still has it. She thought to herself. In a weird way it actually appealed to her sense of humour, but she would never admit it to anyone else. Must be the pips. She speculated. She found it so amusing that she began to let her mind wander over the possibilities that could present themselves.

Carey? No. Not my type. Ayala? Hmm, has potential. Good looking, nice body. Nicoletti? Attractive in her own way, but does nothing for me. Neelix? Definitely not. I could never imagine that scenario. She shivered slightly. The Doctor? No. I have had enough of hologram lovers. Tom and B’Elanna? She pursed her lips. That would definitely appeal to my more adventurous streak, has possibilities. Chakotay? She smiled warmly. I really thought we had moved beyond the possibility of romance between us. He obviously still feels something. Handsome sweet man but ultimately no. That ship has sailed long ago. She continued speculating. Seven…….now that was a surprise, who would have thought that she would be interested and that look she got on her face every time she saw my nipples stiffen. Dear god had I known at the time what was causing such a reaction…..she suddenly felt all to warm at the thought of that. She had seen desire in Seven’s eyes, unbidden and raw. She shook herself from her musings, suddenly no longer comfortable with where her mind was wandering. She decided to head down to the river, a dip in the cool water would certainly help clear her mind.

Seven had remained on board Voyager. When she heard that the captain was taking shore leave but wished to spend her week alone it had immediately stalled her plans to invite the captain to spend time on the surface with her. Ever since she had witnessed her sudden sexual awakening in the form of an attraction for the enigmatic redhead she had used every excuse she could to get the captain to spend time with her. The one drawback had been sharing these experiences with others in the crew. Seven was jealous after finding out that she wasn’t the only member of Voyager who found captain Janeway attractive. When others had invited themselves along to join in her running programme she had felt the urge to punch them…..hard.

Seven used Astrometrics to locate the captain's whereabouts on the planet. She decided that despite what Tuvok said she would seek her out. If the captain really didn’t want her there she could always leave again. Seven had never known Captain Janeway to turn her away when she needed to see her. She also felt that surely three days was enough time for the captain to have spent on her own.

She beamed down close to where the captain was and began walking towards her camp. When Seven found it the captain was nowhere to be seen but her tricorder showed Human life signs just 100 metres away. Seven followed them only to find a river with no captain. She checked her readings again then raised her head as she heard a startled "Seven!"

Captain Janeway had been swimming underwater and obviously Seven’s appearance had startled her.

"Captain." She replied coolly.

"I wasn’t expecting anyone to be standing on the riverbank. You half scared me to death!"

Seven decided that was clearly an exaggeration on the captain's part and raised her eyebrow accordingly.

"What are you doing here Seven, is the ship alright?"

"Yes Captain. I thought I would visit you during your vacation," Seven answered brightly. Much to her dismay Janeway frowned a little.

"I left strict instructions that I was not to be disturbed Seven." The water was almost at the captain’s chin and rippled as she replied.

"I apologise Captain." She dipped her head slightly as she realised she had been in error coming here. The captain clearly did wish to be alone.

Janeway watched Seven closely as she was about to leave. She knew why Seven was here; perhaps it was time to recognise what was going on with her.

"Seven wait." She made her way to the riverbank where Seven offered a hand to assist her from the cold water. She immediately accepted and was helped with consummate ease to her feet. One look at Seven though reminded her why she had decided to take shore leave alone. Seven’s eyes had strayed to her bosom, which was clad in a thin bathing costume.

"Let me get my robe Seven, I don’t want you going Omega on me again."


"C’mon." She led Seven the short way back to her camp. The captain eyed Seven as she busied herself wrapping a towel around her hair. She wondered what was the best way to bring the subject up. She decided to take a leaf from Seven’s book and get straight to the point.

"Seven I know about the magazine," she began gently as she settled into a chair with a cup of coffee. She noticed that Seven's eyes had widened and a small blush had crept onto her pale cheeks. "It's alright Seven, I’m not angry or upset. I will admit when I found out what had been going on with almost half the crew I was quite surprised. That’s also why we are on shore leave."


"Well I figured if the crew had taken to objectifying a twenty year old picture of this old broad they were definitely in need of a break," Janeway finished with a chuckle.

"I would consider the opposite to be true," Seven stated with absolute certainty.

Janeway almost choked on her coffee. "Seven that’s…..very flattering, however it's not appropriate for the crew to go around the ship ogling the captain."

"I see. When would it be appropriate?"

"Never!" Janeway exclaimed a little loudly.

Seven looked totally dejected at that information.

"That is most unfortunate Captain," she replied in a rather forlorn voice.

"How so?" Janeway asked feeling quite perplexed.

"I will no longer be able to play Velocity, go running or have philosophical discussions with you without indulging in inappropriate behaviour, therefore you will terminate them."

Janeway had her head in her hands, muttering something unintelligible. "Seven how long has this been going on?"

"Approximately 632 days that I am now aware of. I believe prior to that I had no sexual interest in you, beyond curiosity."

"And now what do you feel?"

"Now I feel desire Captain."

"Is this specific to me or do you feel desire for others?"

"I have witnessed the same phenomena in others but the data I have retrieved on my response to you indicates a high state of arousal which is not present when I witness the same stimuli in others."

"What phenomena Seven?" she asked clearly confused.

"I have run three separate tests now on my physical response to your nipples becoming erect. I have witnessed this same reaction in approximately 15 other females on board Voyager and beyond a minor response to the visual stimuli there was no marked change. I also have no desire to witness this reaction in anyone but you."

"I see." Janeway was caught between asking for details on any other tests Seven had carried out and collapsing into a giggle fit. In the end she managed to refrain from doing either, but only just.

"That’s the Omega effect Seven," she said with mock seriousness.

"Captain, explain. You have twice referred to Omega."

"Seven you have been getting a certain look on your face that was the same one you got when you witnessed Omega, it was in direct correlation to….certain stimuli," she added gently.

"Ah. I see. Then you concur that it is indeed desire that I feel for you," Seven finished looking quite pleased with her conclusion, her eyes twinkling.

The captain took a breath, frowned. Then wondered where exactly she had lost control of the conversation. She smiled ruefully at Seven, absolutely charmed by her response. She shook her head gently, reassessing her thoughts and quickly came to a decision.

"Seven would you like to join me for the remainder of my shore leave?"

"I find your invitation acceptable," she finished with a shy smile.

"Alright then, let's get you organised."

The following morning the captain was up early and she wandered out of her temporary shelter with her coffee in hand. Seven appeared from her own shelter and immediately joined her taking a seat opposite the captain at the small table.

"Did you sleep well Seven?"

"I did not sleep at all, Captain."

"Did you try to sleep?"

"I made an attempt but found it to be unsuccessful. I had regenerated shortly before beaming down to the planet."

"Maybe you will sleep tonight."

"Perhaps." Seven paused and knew she should attempt to continue the conversation. "What are your plans for today Captain?"

"Well I usually go for a walk in the morning, have lunch. Read a little, and then go for a swim in the afternoon. Then I do whatever I feel like in the evening. You want to try it?"

"I am agreeable," Seven responded automatically.

It occurred to Janeway that if she had said she went jumping off cliffs, Seven would have agreed to attempt it.

The day went smoothly. Janeway was enjoying Seven’s company and Seven was just happy to be in the company of her captain. They had walked for approximately two hours and enjoyed lunch together. While the captain had read a novel after lunch, Seven had worked from a pad. Janeway hadn’t been quite sure what was on it, but it had certainly engrossed Seven. They both appeared to be reasonably relaxed with each other despite the discussion they had shared the previous afternoon.

"Seven, you're staring," Janeway scolded her younger friend. Perhaps the swimming had been a bad idea, Janeway considered.

"I apologise Captain. It is difficult not to in this situation," Seven managed sounding contrite. "However you may continue to stare at me."

"What!" She was about to protest but realised that Seven was correct; she had been stealing glances at the young woman now clad in a bathing costume. Caught, she mumbled an apology and had the good grace to blush a little herself.

"I think its time to call it a day Seven; I’m feeling a bit hungry anyway." Not for food either she thought idly to herself. Could she? Should she? She just wasn’t sure if this was a good idea or not. She now knew for certain that the attraction between them was mutual. That had been part of the reason behind asking Seven to spend the time with her. But acting upon it, that would be another matter entirely. Unfortunately the captain realised it wasn’t as simple as choosing one or the other. There would be repercussions regardless of which path she chose. Her heart was begging her to act upon her own desires, while her head was currently winning the internal battle. For how long she could keep this up she wasn’t sure. At some point before going back to the ship, she and Seven would have to at least talk about the added dynamic that now existed within their relationship.

She suddenly yelped as she felt Seven’s hands slide around her waist and just as suddenly deposited her on the riverbank. As she turned to look at her she was quite taken by the smile that Seven gave her. She felt it was only polite to reciprocate and offered Seven her hand. Seven accepted and gracefully exited the river.

"Thank you Captain."

Janeway just stood there gazing up at Seven quite taken with the sight before her. Seven moved suddenly and retrieved their robes. Damn now who’s staring? She chastised herself as she accepted her robe from Seven, then they walked back to the camp each lost in their own thoughts.

After a light meal Janeway decided to retire to her shelter and turn in early. If Seven was disappointed she didn’t let it show as she wished the captain goodnight.

Seven had been disappointed, it was clear to her from the day's interaction that the captain desired her. She had noted the physical response similar to her on in the captain on several occasions throughout the day. This had pleased her immensely, but it appeared that the captain was not ready or willing to acknowledge these feelings. With a heavy heart Seven went to her own shelter to attempt sleep for the second night.

Janeway tossed and turned in her temporary bed, thoughts of Seven keeping her awake. She knew she had been a coward for retiring early. It meant she could avoid any difficult topic of conversation that Seven may have brought up that evening. With a sigh she threw back the covers and sat up. She got out of bed put on her robe and headed outside for some fresh air. Perhaps a short walk would clear her mind.

She found herself wandering back down to the river and immediately thought about her reaction to Seven on the riverbank. She sat looking over the water then without too much thought slipped out of her clothing and got in.

Seven stood on the riverbank staring at her captain considering that she may be mad. She had heard Janeway get up then leave the camp. Out of concern and curiosity Seven had followed her.

Janeway eyed Seven on the riverbank observing her. She grinned; she couldn’t really make out Seven’s face but knew she would be slightly puzzled by her behaviour.

She called out to her. "Well are you just going to stand there or will you join me?"

Seven looked at her opened her mouth, and then tried again. "I will have to return and retrieve my bathing suit."

"That won’t be necessary Seven, I’m skinny dipping. You don’t need one."


The captain rolled her eyes. "I’m nude."

"Indeed," was all Seven could manage as she hastily disrobed to join her nude captain.

Janeway had moved to the opposite bank as she waited on Seven to join her.

"What is the purpose of this skinny dipping?" Seven asked when she finally caught up with her captain.

"Just to have fun Seven. I find it liberating."

"I’m not sure I und…….mmhph"

The captain is kissing me, Seven managed to somehow note as she returned the kiss with interest. She could feel the captain's smaller frame move against her as their arms encircled each other. She could feel the captain's breasts mash against her own ample offering, the nipples prodding into her. She groaned deeply and hugged the captain closer.

When they parted Seven stared wide eyed at Janeway.

"Now do you understand?" the captain asked in a husky voice.

"Perfectly," Seven murmured. Then she kissed the captain again.

Captain Janeway awoke in the arms of Seven of Nine. They had made love most of the night. It had been a revelation to her as Seven was clearly skilled in the mechanics of loving the female form. Apparently Seven had found the holodeck useful for something other than Velocity and running. Seven began to stir in her arms.

"Good morning."

"That is clearly an understatement," Seven replied and Janeway was charmed all over again. She caught Seven’s lips for a searing kiss and decided that Seven was correct; it was much more than simply a good morning.

They eventually stumbled out of bed around noon, just to eat and freshen up the captain had told Seven, though Seven had been content to remain there all day.

After a shower clean clothes and some lunch they decided to take a short walk.

"Will we be skinny dipping tonight Kathryn?" Seven suddenly inquired.

"I’m not sure. Would you like to?"

"Yes, however if tonight is to be the same as last night I will have to regenerate for a few hours."

"Seven are you telling me I have worn you out?" she asked teasingly.

"Making love does use up a considerable amount of energy. I have calculated that I will tire quickly this evening if we attempt to make love for the same duration of time."

Seven was clearly waiting on an answer.

"In that case Seven, I think you better regenerate."

Seven smiled at her. "I will return at midnight, Kathryn and meet you by the river."

"It’s a date," she replied huskily and closed the gap between them to capture Seven’s lips.


Kathryn Janeway sat in her ready room feeling very refreshed after her shore leave. It had certainly been the best vacation she had ever taken from the ship. Tuvok was sat opposite her eyeing his captain and sensing a positive change in her. He approved of her new relationship with Seven. He held both women in high esteem.

"I wanted to thank you Tuvok. The way you handled the entire Fleet Babe fiasco was wonderful. Also you have done an excellent job with the crew. I have sensed nothing but respect from them since my return."

"Thank you Captain. However, I must inform you that the renewed respect you sense from the crew may have a lot more to do with Seven than it does with me."

"In what way Tuvok?"

He paused wondering how best to explain this.

"I have it on good authority that Seven of Nine has personally spoken to every crew member who showed an interest in your picture. Apparently this happened after she shared a conversation with Lieutenant Torres."

The captain nodded slowly recognising where this conversation was going. "I see. Do you know what she said Tuvok?"

"I can tell you that the words assimilation tubules and orifice appeared in the sentence."

The captain did her best to keep a straight face.

"Ah, alright Tuvok. I’ll have a word with her. Dismissed."

As she watched the door close behind Tuvok she put her feet up on her desk and stretched her arms behind her head, a smile appearing on her face.

"That’s my girl."




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