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Pairing: J/7

Summary: A member of the crew decides to scare Janeway on halloween. This prompts Seven into looking out for her for the rest of the evening with interesting results. This story was written as part of the kissmekate 2002 Halloween challenge.

Halloween Twist


Captain Kathryn Janeway sat in her command chair and noted that it was almost the end of alpha shift. It had been a quiet day on the bridge. She found her mind drifting to thoughts of her imminent velocity game with Seven. She was wondering if today the young woman would finally manage to beat her.

Janeway was amazed that she still remained undefeated. However she secretly enjoyed the looks Seven would throw her as she made shots and won points the young Borg believed were not possible. How utterly adorable she looked with those full pouty lips....

Chakotay turned to her noticing that she looked a little distant. "So Captain, what will you be wearing to the Halloween ball?"

"Hmmm?" Janeway slowly turned to Chakotay with a puzzled look on her face.

Chakotay chuckled briefly. "The ball, Captain. I was asking what you would be wearing."

Janeway blushed a little at having been caught daydreaming. Shaking her head slightly with a wry smile on her lips she replied, "Sorry, Chakotay. I was miles away. Actually I'm keeping my costume as a surprise."

He knew how much the captain protested having to dress up. Her arguments at portraying the Arachnia character sprung to mind. Secretly, Chakotay thought that deep down she actually enjoyed the chance to express herself that way, she just didn't like anyone to witness it. She enjoyed role playing in many holonovels but it remained a solitary pursuit for her.

"What about you, Commander, have you chosen a costume?"

"I'll tell if you tell."

"Not a chance." She replied with a wry smile.

"You can't blame a man for trying, Captain."

"Indeed. Well Commander, I'm off to the holodeck I have a velocity match with Seven."

"Have fun, Captain. I'll see you tonight."

As Captain Janeway entered the holodeck she spotted Seven already inside warming up. She took a moment to appreciate the beauty and grace of her crewmember, before she spoke.

"I see you're getting in some practice, Seven. You think today's the day?"

"Perhaps, although I have become impatient and believe that this situation requires an immediate remedy."

"Oh. Well let's get to it. The sooner we start, the sooner you can remedy the situation."

Seven looked straight at her captain, with a look of cool detachment "Captain, I have come to the conclusion that the skills I lack will not be found on a velocity court. I believe that what I require to overcome your game is the knowledge that you possess."

Kathryn chuckled, "Perhaps, Seven. So what do you intend to do about it?"

"I must assimilate this knowledge from you. Do not be alarmed, Captain Janeway. This will not hurt...much." With this, Seven started to approach Janeway with her left arm raised and pointing towards the Captain's neck. Janeway was rooted to the spot staring at Seven in disbelief.

"Seven...this isn't funny." She started to walk backward at Seven's steady approach.

"Resistance if futile. Your velocity knowledge will be added to my own."

Janeway couldn't believe what was happening; as she continued to walk backward with haste she tripped and landed on her backside. Seven hovered above her, assimilation tubules extended. Janeway swallowed hard, trying to regain some composure.

"Relax, Captain. Do not resist."

At this Janeway started lashing out, screaming obscenities at Seven, while attempting to scramble along the floor of the holodeck. She reached for her combadge to call for assistance, but was having trouble locating it in her panic.

Just then the holodeck doors parted to admit one very puzzled looking Seven of Nine. She strode quickly towards the captain, picked up herself and launched the rogue Seven of Nine across the holodeck.

Janeway could only stare at her wide-eyed. Attempting to comprehend what was going on.

"Computer end program." As Seven gave this command the velocity court disappeared along with the rogue Seven. It had been a hologram. As comprehension dawned in the captain's eyes she scrambled to her feet, breathing heavily with her heart beating wildly in her chest.

"Those bastards, when I find who is responsible for this Halloween prank, they will wish they had never been born." Janeway was looking extremely flustered, taking slow deep breaths to bring her pulse rate back under control.

Seven's brows furrowed as she wore a look of disgust. "This was a prank"? She asked in utter shock." Why would someone find humour in this?"

Seven was stalking back and forth in the holodeck. "I will find whoever is responsible and they will pay for their actions. Assimilation is not humorous; it is irresponsible to do this to you. These actions are unacceptable."

Kathryn was a little startled by the sheer venom in Seven's voice. Attempting to calm her down a little she raised her hands in a placating gesture and stated "Seven, I don't want you to harm anyone, if you do that I will be forced to punish you. That is something I would rather avoid."

Seven stared at her, a look of protestation on her normally cool features. She let out a sigh. "Very well, Captain. I will not physically harm whoever is responsible."

Janeway pondered that a moment but relented. "Thank you, Seven. I'm afraid however that I no longer feel like playing today. Would you mind if I take a rain check?"

"I understand, Captain. I shall escort you back to your quarters."

"No, but thank you for offering, I'll be fine."

"Captain, I insist. I will walk back with you."

Janeway smiled briefly at her then and nodded her ascent.

"Very well, Seven. Lead on."

As the captain keyed the entry code into the door panel, Seven prevented her from entering and instead strode past her.

"Wait here, Captain."

Janeway raised her left eyebrow and waited patiently with a slightly bemused look on her face. Seven appeared a few moments later.

"You may enter, Captain. There are no unwanted surprises inside."

Janeway was very touched with Seven's actions. She smiled winningly at her. "Thank you. Will I see you at the party tonight?"

"Yes, Captain. I have promised Naomi that I will attend. She is very excited about her costume. Apparently she and Neelix will be trick or treating. I have agreed to accompany them in order to observe this tradition."

The captain tried to imagine that scenario and wondered if Seven would dress up for it.

"Have fun, Seven. I'll see you at the party."

"Yes, Captain." She ducked her head and left for her cargo bay with a look of utter determination on her face. She would find out whoever had been responsible for the earlier prank and deal with them personally, without breaking her word to the captain.

As Janeway entered her quarters, she realized she was still a little shaken after her ordeal that afternoon. That coupled with the fact that she was absolutely furious someone had used a hologram of Seven in such a manner. She began calculating all the various methods she could utilize in order to reprimand whoever was responsible. She knew it was meant as a Halloween scare but they had definitely overstepped the mark.

The party was in full swing when the captain arrived at the holodeck. Neelix had gone to a great deal of effort with the Halloween decorations. In various corners traditional Halloween games were set up. Janeway made a note to avoid them; they looked messy. The atmosphere was very authentic, it did feel a little spooky the captain mused. Also the crew in attendance were all dressed in a wide variety of costumes.

There were various ghouls, witches and some interesting aliens.

As Janeway wandered among the crew she relished in this new experience and wondered how long it would last. Due to her choice of attire, as of yet no one had recognized her. She looked around and spotted Chakotay dressed as Dracula. Not too original she thought, but it did suit him.

There were many of the crew that she could not recognize. Naomi was easy, she was dressed as a little devil, her height instantly giving her away. She had a large bag of goodies, which she had obviously accumulated from her earlier trick or treating. She was particularly drawn to the male crewmember dressed as Frankenfurter. Considering that it suited his physique, she wondered if he would be singing later. As she scanned further she spotted Seven heading straight towards her.

Obviously not everyone was in costume. Kathryn braced herself as Seven walked passed her and stood directly behind her right shoulder. Strange, she had thought that Seven had recognized her immediately.

Seven observed the captain's costume, with a bewildered look upon her normally complacent features. However having identified her, she was able to implement her plan; to watch over her captain for the rest of the evening.

The captain worked her way through various members of the crew, as she spoke to Chakotay his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Is that you, Captain?"

"Yes, Chakotay. I must say that look really becomes you."

He laughed at her "I would return the compliment, but I'm not ready for a demotion."

Janeway laughed good-naturedly, "A wise choice, Commander."

"I heard about your scare in the holodeck earlier. I thought you might turn up as a Borg drone."

"That did cross my mind, but I'm not sure Seven would have appreciated it very much. She looked at him thoughtfully "Chakotay, you don't happen to know who was responsible. Do you?"

"Sorry, Captain, I don't."

"I've got Tuvok working on it, I'm sure he will uncover the perpetrators soon. I understand it's Halloween, but part of me wants to discipline them. Using Seven's image like that was definitely in bad taste. Also it frightened the life out of me, Chakotay. On top of that Seven witnessed me screaming like a banshee at what I effectively thought was her. I feel terrible."

"I'm sure she won't take it personally, Kathryn." In fact Chakotay knew it would only serve to make Seven more protective of her Captain and the fact that Seven had been observing her for the entire duration of the conversation was not lost on him. Janeway had noticed Seven's close proximity and turned to look at her.

"Hello, Seven."

"Good evening, Captain. Your choice of attire is interesting."

Janeway nodded. "Thank you Seven, I see you have opted for the natural look."

"I do not share the necessity to "dress up" for this occasion. The doctor attempted to coerce me into doing so."

"It's just a little fun, Seven. Participating is supposed to enhance the experience."

"You did not have "fun" earlier, Captain. I find what occurred to be disturbing. Walking into the holodeck to find you screaming obscenities at a hologram of myself as it tried to assimilate you is very unsettling."

Janeway pondered that for a moment. Seven looked troubled and hurt by the events.

"Yes, I can understand that, Seven. But I want you to know that I have never felt uncomfortable with you. What happened today will not change the way that I feel around you."

"I would never harm you, Captain." Seven stated gravely.

"That is something that has never been in doubt, Seven. I trust you; I would trust you with my life."

This last statement brought a small smile to Seven's lips. "Thank you, Captain."

"You're welcome, Seven. Now I think it's time for me to circulate and reveal exactly who is in this disguise, I'll see you later." With that Janeway headed of in the direction of Frankenfurter, she just had to find out who was in that costume.

As the night progressed the captain was aware of two things. Her costume had gone down with a scream and Seven was never very far away from her side; constantly watching over her. As she danced with Frankenfurter, who had turned out to be none other than the doctor, she considered it was time to call it a night. Everyone now knew who she was; it had been a delight watching their shocked faces as they heard her voice. After saying her good-byes she left the party and was not surprised when Seven appeared at her side.

"Heading to the cargo bay, Seven?"

"No, I am escorting you to your quarters, Captain."

"Seven, it's almost midnight. Halloween will soon be over."

"Almost, But it has not officially ended. Until it does I shall accompany you."

"Ah, I see. Is that why you spent the entire evening as my shadow, and stayed longer than you would normally deem to be acceptable?"

"That is correct, Captain."

The captain always relished this gentle teasing banter that occasionally occurred with Seven. As she keyed in the entrance code for her quarters, Seven again entered first.

"I will check first to make sure there are no more "surprises" awaiting you."

She followed Seven into her quarters and watched her enter the bedroom, and then look into her bathroom.

"Your quarters appear to be safe, Captain. You may proceed."

"Thanks, Seven. You have been very efficient."

Seven quirked an eyebrow, the metal from her implant above her eye, glinted in the starlight. "Did you expect anything less Captain?"

Janeway chuckled, "No, I suppose not. Now since you're here will you help me get out of this costume, it's becoming a little constricting."

Seven swallowed hard, the thought of assisting the captain causing a strange fluttering in her stomach. As she helped Janeway to remove her mask she could not help but recite the words that were written about the artists feelings which the painting expressed.

"I was walking along the road with two friends.

The sun was setting.
I felt a breath of melancholy -
suddenly the sky turned blood red.
I stopped and leaned against the railing, deathly tired -
Looking out across the flaming clouds that hung like blood and sword
over the blue-black fjord and town.
My friends walked on - I stood there, trembling with fear.
And I sensed a great, infinite scream pass through nature."

Janeway stood her eyes transfixed upon Seven. The rendition was so utterly unexpected it brought a lump to her throat."

Seven looked suddenly very shy, a slight blush colouring her cheeks. "That was very beautiful Seven. I have always found both the words and imagery to be very potent."

"Indeed, I find that of all the works of art I have viewed in the database I am most drawn to this image, Captain."

As this conversation continued Seven had assisted her captain to divest herself of her costume. Much to Seven's relief, she was wearing a Starfleet T-shirt and shorts underneath.

"I'm just popping into the bathroom a moment, Seven. Why don't you stay a while longer?"

"I would like that, Captain."

While the captain was gone Seven took time to look around, she had been here many times before, but never in the captain's bedroom. It occurred to her that this room felt different. As she glanced at the neatly made bed, it seemed strangely empty, like her cargo bay. Solitary perhaps. Seven sat on the edge of the bed and carefully smoothed her hands over the Starfleet issue sheets. They felt soft, yet overall the feeling of the room was strangely incongruous.

Captain Janeway had quietly observed Seven from the entrance to her bathroom. She pondered how young Seven looked as she appeared lost in her thoughts. Wondering longingly just what Seven could be thinking she gently approached the young woman. Seven glanced up at the captain; she was a little startled to realize that her mind had been drifting.

Janeway sat next to Seven on her bed and spoke softly, "A penny for your thoughts."

As Seven replied she faltered a little, unsure that she could convey her thoughts coherently. "This room, it feels lonely. I am not sure why I have come to this conclusion. It is not logical for me to think this way." Then something suddenly struck Seven as she gazed into Janeway's eyes. "Captain, are you lonely?"

It was unlike the captain to open up and appear vulnerable to a member of her crew. But when it came to Seven, she could rarely find it within herself to refuse her anything. Perhaps because Seven had missed out on so much after spending eighteen years in the collective. Whatever the reason she could not stop herself opening up on this occasion either.

"I do get lonely, Seven. I don't think that your thoughts are illogical at all. The truth is when I feel the loneliness most acutely; it is usually here in this room. Sometimes even the thought of coming to this room to sleep can spark feelings of melancholy. I think I miss having a special someone in my life. The comfort and support of another is something that I have had to fall back on most of my adult life. What about you, Seven? Are you lonely?"

Seven pondered this for a moment. "I was lonely when I was first severed from the collective. I missed the voices and wanted to return. That desire is no longer prevalent, for the most part. Recently I have found myself craving something more. I am lonely, but it is not as it was before. I think I crave the touch of another. However I am uncertain that I will ever accomplish this. I do not know if someone will be able to find me special. The Borg Queen said I was unique, but I would prefer to be special to just one other individual with whom I could feel the same."

Janeway took Seven's hands in hers. "You are special, Seven. The Queen was right, you are unique. There is no one quite like you, Seven of Nine. You are one of the few real joys that have happened in the delta quadrant. You are special to me, you always have been."

Janeway had delivered this in such a heartfelt manner that Seven was shaking as she answered tremulously "As you are to me, Captain."

They stood on the precipice for a few faltering moments. Seven desperately wanted to reach for her captain, to touch her. Kathryn took the initiative as she lifted a hand and gently stroked Seven's left cheek. Seven turned into the contact and that was all the encouragement Kathryn needed. She slowly leaned forward and kissed Seven's full lips. Seven for her part just closed her eyes and basked in the new sensations. After long moments they parted, breathless. Seven stared wide eyed at her captain, feeling both a sense of wonder and awe.


"Call me Kathryn. Please. I find that I miss hearing my name spoken."

Seven took only a moment to absorb that information. She murmured the captain's first name once before claiming her lips and kissing her thoroughly. As they broke from the second kiss Seven found that Kathryn still had a grip of her bottom lip between her teeth, sucking gently. She moaned softly as her lip was released. This was what seven wanted; she knew that without a doubt. Kathryn was what she wanted. They held each other close, stroking and caressing gently. Seven had tucked Kathryn's head just under her chin, as she placed small kisses on her forehead.

She whispered softly "Kathryn, I do not want to be alone. May I stay with you tonight?"

Kathryn drew her head up to look into Seven's blue eyes, as she spoke slowly. "I think I would like that very much." Without any further clarification both women knew this wasn't about sex. They were happy at this moment to just be with each other; to feel the contact of another human being, that special warmth; to feel cared for and safe for this night. What lay beyond that only time would tell. Kathryn moved them both backward onto the bed where they settled against her pillows. She studied Seven for long moments as they held hands, smiling.

"Seven, how did you know it was me in the holodeck tonight? Most people didn't recognize me until I spoke."

"You have an unmistakable scent, Kathryn. I would recognize it anywhere."

"You sniffed me!" She stated as she raised her head up look down upon Seven, a large smile spreading across her classic features.

"Yes, I enjoy your scent. It is very pleasant."

"Well thank goodness for that. You had me worried for a moment." She slowly slid her body partially over Seven's long slender frame.

"Now kiss me again. I enjoy your kisses." She ordered in husky voice, much lower than her usual command tone.

The captain sat in her ready room, thinking about the events of the previous evening. She felt both elated and apprehensive. She and Seven had agreed to keep their new relationship quiet for the time being to allow them to adapt to the changes without any other distractions. Janeway stretched languorously in her chair and yawned as the door to her ready room chimed.


In walked Tuvok, he approached her desk and handed her a pad. The captain perused its contents before glancing up at him. "Excellent work, Tuvok."

"What do you intend to do, Captain?"

She shook her head, "I'm still not certain. Any suggestions old friend?"

"While this incident does hold a certain amount of gravity, I am uncertain as to what procedure could be utilized in this case. The individual's actions were irresponsible, however there was no intent to cause any harm to yourself. I cannot discern which if any Starfleet protocols have been broken. I believe this is a personal matter. Only you as the victim can decide the correct punishment for the culprit, Captain." Tuvok quirked his eyebrow as he finished his delivery, knowing full well that was not what the captain wanted to hear.

"Thank you, Tuvok" the captain responded dryly. "You've been a great help."

"You are welcome, Captain." Tuvok responded with his own unique brand of humour.


It was lunch hour in the mess hall during the alpha shift rotation. As the crew sat at tables or queued at Neelix's kitchen counter, the distinct sound of a transporter was heard. As everyone turned to see what was happening they were treated to the site of a naked Tom Paris materializing on the deck shampooing his hair. Before Tom had even realized what was happening he heard the roars of laughter, as well as catcalls and wolf whistles. When he was fully materialized he quickly grabbed two trays from Neelix's counter and sprinted back to his quarters to complete his shower.

News of the mess hall incident had spread quickly through the ship, accompanied with much laughter. There were many crewmembers who had been on the end of a Tom Paris prank at one time or another. Tuvok had been rather surprised to hear of the incident. As the news reached the bridge he had raised an interested eyebrow at his captain while Chakotay had burst into laughter stating, "You beamed him naked into the mess hall?"

"I did no such thing!"

"Oh really, Kathryn."

"It is an interesting solution, Captain." Tuvok stated.

She looked at them both indignantly. "I did not beam Mister Paris into the mess hall." She pondered that for a moment and decided she needed to take a trip to Astrometrics. No one on the bridge was listening to her pleas of innocence.

"Hello, Seven."


"Was it you?"

"To what are you referring, Captain?"

Here they were again; she so loved this playful side they shared together.

"Seven, did you beam mister Paris into the mess hall while he was naked?"

"Yes, Captain."

"Well Seven, I must say I'm very disappointed."

Seven turned fully to face her captain and new lover. "Captain, I did not physically harm Lieutenant Paris."

"No you didn't. You did however, neglect to inform me and I missed the entire spectacle."

Seven's eyes sparkled as she replied "I had anticipated that eventuality, Captain. You can view the footage later or perhaps you would like to view the footage on the Astrometrics screen?"

Janeway chuckled at this. That was Seven of course, always so thorough. "I don't suppose you brought some popcorn as well?"

"Ah, I have overlooked that detail."

As Janeway watched the scene that had occurred earlier she could not contain her mirth. "Oh dear God, Seven. I think Tom may need some psychological assistance after that. To help him come to terms with his humiliation."

"Mr. Paris no longer interests me, I am sure he will not be playing anymore tricks on you in the future."

"Come here, darling. I think I need to reward you for your attention to detail while assisting the captain in getting her own back."

With that she pulled Seven towards her for a passionate kiss.




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