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Pairing: J/7

Summary: Seven and Janeway get involved in a bet. The results of this end up with Janeway feeling out of control and not safe on her own ship; all because of one very determined Borg.

When Is A Kiss Not A Kiss?


© Wendy


Captain Kathryn Janeway sat in the mess hall with Seven of Nine. They had been meeting here for their weekly breakfast date for the past few months. Occasionally they would come here for another meal but it was very rare. The captain thought about that and considered beyond the times she was here with Seven she never saw her in the mess hall unless Seven was looking for a specific crew member who she required to speak with. After all it didn't matter to Seven that the crew member was on a break. If she required information to proceed with whatever she was doing, then she would just go get it. Janeway looked at her wondering what she did with her free time and more specifically who she spent it with.

"Seven, do you come here with anyone else?" Janeway asked while she peered over her coffee cup.

Seven looked at the captain, briefly considering where this line of questioning could be going. "Yes Captain. On occasion I come here with Naomi Wildman to partake in a light snack while we play Kadis Kot."

Janeway pondered that a moment. "I see. You don't come here with anyone other than myself and Naomi?"


The captain pursed her lips a little as her eyes narrowed. She put down her coffee cup and clasped her hands together on the tabletop. "You know, Seven, I think it would be good for your socialization skills if you were to make the effort to have at least one meal per day in the mess hall".

Seven frowned, as her mouth parted ever so slightly. It was the closest she would come to looking stunned. "Captain, I do not agree with your assessment. I have duties to attend to on the ship. It would not be prudent of me to leave them unattended."

"I disagree. You are more than entitled to a break from your duties at least once a day. We all need to take a little time off now and again. It really would be good for you Seven." She paused to gauge her reaction, Seven did not look convinced. "I'll tell you what Seven, why don't you give it a try for one week. After that depending on how you feel, you can choose to either reduce your visits or hopefully you will enjoy it enough to carry on." She gave Seven a look which was almost challenging as she attempted to offer some bait.

Seven eyed the captain keenly as she considered accepting the proposal. As she came to a decision she raised her chin, flicking an eyebrow in the process. "Alright, I will attempt this social interaction on one condition."

The captain looked at her with a mixture of surprise and curiosity. "Let’s hear it."

"I will partake of one meal per day for the next week if you give up coffee, for the same duration." Seven finished with a challenging look of her own.

Janeway was perplexed. "What? Why?"

"Because I also believe it will 'do you good' to abstain from this product."

"That’s a big thing to ask, Seven." She held up her pointer finger. "I'll do it but, you must have all meals in the mess hall."

"Captain, that will not be possible. What if there is an emergency that I am required to assist with?" Seven looked horrified at the thought of that much contact with the crew on a daily basis.

"I don't see why you can't do it; the ship is relatively quiet at the moment. If the situation should change I will take that into account." She thought to herself they would definitely have to review any change, as she was sure she would need her coffee in a time of crisis.

Seven felt like she was in too deep. She did not want to back down at this stage, but she also wanted the captain to suffer as much as she would. "You must refrain from all caffeine products," Seven stated with the Borg equivalent to folding her arms for emphasis. Which meant she offered a slight glare to her captain and raised her chin a little. As she watched Janeway struggle with that last statement she knew that the captain had planned on still taking caffeine, but the captain wasn't finished either.

Janeway took a deep calming breath as she considered that it may have been easier to strike this deal with a Ferengi than it was to get the upper hand with Seven. But the captain had one ace left. "Alright Seven, but you must sit with members of the crew and engage in conversation during your meals." Janeway sat back feeling quite pleased with herself as she eyed Seven, waiting for her response.

Seven would never concede defeat. They had gone way past rational suggestion and both let their competitive nature get the better of them. Although she knew that accepting all the captain’s conditions would be torture, she had no other option than to accept. "Very well. When do we start?"

"Tomorrow." The captain suddenly had another idea. It seemed in situations like this she just could not help herself. "You know Seven, it strikes me that if one of us reneges on the challenge there should be some sort of forfeit for failing." She gave Seven a crooked grin, eyes dancing with enthusiasm.

"Indeed, what would you suggest?"

"Well, if you were to lose. I think that you should continue to take one meal per day in the mess hall."

"Acceptable. If you are to lose Captain, you should continue to decrease your caffeine intake by one third."

"Sounds fair. So we have a bet?" With that Janeway offered her hand to Seven to seal it.

"We do?" Seven eyed the hand curiously, then took it tentatively as the captain nodded towards it and said "shake on it" which they did.

They both rose from the table to start their duty shifts.

"Well, good luck Seven."

"Luck is irrelevant. I shall prevail."

Janeway chuckled lightly. "Of course you will….and remember Seven….have fun." The captain smiled wickedly at her and headed for the bridge leaving Seven to ponder, that although she considered fun to be irrelevant, she did not think the opposite to be true at this point in time, knowing full well she would have great difficulty with her upcoming challenge.

After three days without coffee things were not looking good for the captain. She was snappy and short with the crew. The crew manning the bridge were all miserable. She was making their lives a misery just with her presence. She could not stay in any one place for more than a few minutes. The caffeine withdrawal was driving her crazy.

Commander Chakotay eyed her surreptitiously as she sat in her command chair, wondering whether he dared to make a suggestion. He had a brief feeling of amusement as he considered the current situation. He thought it unlikely that there had been a situation like this before for a first officer. But then, there were few captains who could get themselves into situations like this. Only Kathryn Janeway was capable of that he mused to himself. Still he thought, preparing himself, it was his duty to attempt to help her find a resolution.

"Captain," he ventured gently.

"Yes, Commander?" came the rather terse reply.

He winced slightly at her reply. This was not going to go as he planned. She had not even turned to look at him; instead keeping her eyes forward, with her lips pursed.

"Have you considered going to Seven and asking her to reconsider the bet? Or perhaps modify it in some way?"

She breathed deeply. Then let out an exasperated sigh before she answered him. "Frequently Commander, but I won’t do it." She raised her chin as she said this.

Chakotay leaned towards her to keep the conversation confidential. "Then I’ll be blunt Kathryn. You are driving us all crazy."

She sighed again and rubbed her forehead in an agitated manner. "I know I’m being a bitch Chakotay, but I can’t go to Seven about this."

"You know she is taking it all in stride. I heard that she seeks out crewmembers she hasn’t already sat with each time she enters the mess hall. Seven is certainly taking your bet seriously," he added, daring a little humour.

"I suppose that shouldn’t surprise me. Still, hopefully the ends will justify the means. I’ll be in my ready room; you have the bridge Commander." With that she was on the move again. Leaving the bridge crew to breathe a collective sigh of relief and be thankful for some respite.

Captain Janeway entered her ready room. She had a headache that she could only describe as feeling like her brain cells had gone through crenation. She imagined that her brain had shrunk to the size of a pea. In a fit of pique she approached her replicator. Many times in the past three days she had stood on this precipice. Having a debate in her head, she could just ask for a coffee and no one need know about it. But then again could she be that dishonest? Maybe she thought if she just requested coffee but didn’t drink it, she could smell it instead. That could work. Then she would have it recycled without drinking any. Even though the captain knew she was deluding herself she had decided this was a logical plan. It would be simple.

"Coffee. Black". She commanded in a low almost sultry voice. She felt a shiver of anticipation run up her spine as she made that request. The replicator beeped and presented her with a glass of water. She looked at it in stunned silence. She could not believe it. Of all the times for her replicator to malfunction it just had to be now. She almost laughed at the absurdity of it. Instead she closed her eyes, shaking her head lightly. Knowing she had come very close to losing her bet, she felt a renewed resolve come over her. Hoping it would last at least until the end of her shift.

Later that evening the craving for coffee had returned with a vengeance. She was climbing the walls. The captain was trying every diversionary tactic she could think of to attempt to cope with the craving. She found herself at the replicator again going through the same debate she had earlier in her ready room. Her mouth was watering just thinking about the aroma of her beloved coffee. She had vivid sensory pictures of all the types of coffee she favoured. What would she choose right now if she could? A continental blend, perhaps that delightful java mocha combination she had once tried. A unique combination of bitter and smooth beans that blended together so well, offering a very full flavour. Dammit, she thought, I cannot do this any longer.

"Coffee. Black." Once again a glass of water materialized. "What the hell is wrong with this?" She hit her combadge over her left breast. "Janeway to Torres."

"Torres here Captain."

"B’Elanna, is there a problem with the replicator system that I’m not aware of?"

"Ah. No Captain. There are no reports of any problems."

"Well Lieutenant, I have had a problem with the one in my ready room and my quarters today. How can you explain that?"

Kahless! B’Elanna groaned inwardly to herself. How come I have to do this? "Ah Captain if you were to request a certain…..item from the replicator. I think you will find that the code for that item has been changed. Along with other related products." B’Elanna replied as tactfully as she could.

"I see. Lieutenant, we never had this conversation."

"What conversation would that be, Captain?"

"Thank you B’Elanna."

She smiled ruefully to herself. Why had she thought it would be that easy to outsmart Seven? It was now obvious to Janeway that Seven was way ahead of her. There seemed only two options left open to her. Either tough it out for the week and hope that her cravings decreased. Failing that she would have to pull rank on someone, order them to get her coffee and then keep it quiet. In the interim, she did the only thing she could.

"Double whiskey, neat." With that the captain attempted to relax for the evening.

On day five Seven entered the mess hall. It was late evening and when she looked around she noticed that all the tables were empty. She went to the replicator and requested a nutritional supplement. As she considered what she was going to do in order to complete her task Neelix entered the mess hall.

"Seven, how is my best customer?" he asked with his usual cheer.

"Mister Neelix. I am in need of your assistance."

"Of course Seven, what can I do for you?"

"Will you join me while I consume my nutritional supplement?"

He offered her a warm smile that showed his pointy yellow teeth. "I would be delighted."

"Thank you Mister Neelix."

They sat at a nearby table. Seven considered that conversation with Neelix would be decidedly easier than many of the discussions she had participated in throughout the week. She doubted she would ever be comfortable in these situations. Despite taking every meal in the mess hall, it had not become easier or enjoyable as the days went by. It was torturous as far as Seven was concerned. She found the situation to be uncomfortable and inefficient. The small talk had been largely irrelevant, although she had been a little heartened to discover just how difficult the captain was finding life to be without coffee. The only positive that Seven had encountered during the last five days had been the snippets of information she had picked up about the captain. She recognized that much of the information was purely speculative, but she could not deny that it was interesting. The captain’s love life or lack thereof was one of the more frequent topics.

"So Seven, once this bet is over will we continue to see you here?"

"It is unlikely that I shall continue to consume my meals in the mess hall. It is largely a pointless endeavour."

"Hasn’t there been anything good about it Seven?"

She considered this briefly. "Perhaps, there have been some minor benefits."

Neelix was pleased with this information. "Well that’s good Seven. Even the little things help. It’s all progress," he said cheerfully.

She considered that further. "I have noticed that more members of the crew acknowledge me in passing. Which would appear to be a direct result of the amount of contact I have had this week with various crew members."

"You see Seven, it does make a difference." Neelix noted with an injection of enthusiasm in his voice.

"That remains to be seen. I find that in working with others I frequently have to make allowances for their propensity for small talk. Ensign Kim is a perfect example of this. I find it to be inefficient."

"I can see where that would hinder your schedule Seven, but unfortunately most of the crew are just not as efficient as you are." Neelix added helpfully. "Didn’t you enjoy any of the conversations Seven? Like finding out new things about other people; what they like and don’t like."

Seven immediately thought about the captain. "It occurs to me that you are more likely to learn things about other people than the ones you are talking with."

Neelix laughed at that assessment, knowing it to be very true. "The crew certainly likes to gossip Seven. Helps keep things interesting."

"Indeed. It would appear that the captain is of particular interest."

"I think that is because she has to keep herself a little separate from the rest of us. Because of that the crew who don’t get to know her speculate about what she might be like. When she isn’t being the captain."

"I have found that they are more interested in speculating about what she might be doing, when she is not the captain; particularly with Commander Chakotay." Seven eyed Neelix speculatively wondering if he had an opinion on this.

"Well Seven I uh … I don’t think it’s right to talk about the captain in that way. I think what she does is her own business." Neelix was a little agitated with this topic of conversation. He was well aware of all the rumours. He had even joined in the speculation on occasion. It just didn’t feel like a safe topic with Seven.

"So you believe that they copulate?" Seven asked in a most direct fashion.

Oh boy, thought Neelix. Things were going from bad to worse. Perhaps honesty would be the best way forward. "Well, no. I don’t believe they do," he ventured slowly. "There was a time Seven, a good while back when they were very close and there was a lot of rumour and speculation. They have always gotten along well and I suppose they would be a good match. I guess because they are both still single the rumours won’t go away." Neelix looked at Seven, hoping that would be the end of the matter. She appeared to be contemplating something, so he waited patiently.

She pinned Neelix with an intense gaze. "Why do you think they would be a good match?"

This was probably the worst interrogation Neelix had ever undergone. He was beginning to curse the captain for making the suggestion that Seven socialize more. If this conversation was anything to go by he was sure the captain would quickly be changing her mind. Neelix considered his answer carefully.

"Ah, let me see." He paused then inhaled deeply as he suddenly reformed his opinion. "You know they just seem to be comfortable with one another. But there was a time when it seemed to be more than that. They had a little chemistry perhaps. Now I see a firm friendship."

Seven said nothing more she just nodded her head slightly. Neelix took his opening and wished her goodnight. He had never been so relieved to be leaving the mess hall.

Captain Janeway sat at the table in the mess hall with B’Elanna and Tom. She was practically salivating as she watched Tom Paris raise his coffee cup to his lips. She began to imagine the sensory overload he was experiencing as the full flavour of the coffee burst onto his taste buds, hot and bitter. She sighed with pleasure as the aroma wafted into her nostrils then she inhaled deeply. A lazy smile gradually spread across her face. Suddenly the captain’s reverie was broken as Tom's combadge chirped.

"Kim to Paris."

"What is it Harry."

"We were supposed to meet 10 minutes ago, have you forgotten?"

"Ah no Harry I'm on my way. Paris out. Excuse me Captain, B’Elanna I'll see you later."

B'Elanna just rolled her eyes slightly; she was used to Tom double booking himself. "Sure Tom, later."

Captain Janeway stared at the coffee he had left. This was the most temptation she had been put in since the beginning of the wager. Slowly her hand slid towards the cup and the tip of her tongue appeared to wet her lips in anticipation.

B’Elanna looked at the scene unfolding before her, thinking it almost erotic in nature. She was absolutely fascinated, wondering if the captain would be able to stop herself. B’Elanna doubted it. She looked way too far gone for any rational thought.

"Ah Captain, are you sure you want to do that?"

The captain looked at her through slightly lidded eyes. "Oh yes, Lieutenant, I want to do it."

That husky reply practically sent shivers up B'Elanna's spine. The captain bent her head towards the mug of coffee and inhaled the pleasant aroma. She raised the mug slowly towards her mouth.

"Don't do it Captain."

She locked eyes with B’Elanna, briefly wishing the feisty Klingon were anywhere else right now. B’Elanna saw a slight hesitation and acted upon it. "You can do this Captain, put the coffee down, it doesn't have to end this way."

Janeway let out an exasperated sigh and slowly began to put the mug of coffee back on the table.

The mess hall doors opened to admit Seven of Nine. It was time for her lunch and though she absolutely hated this chore she would not back down. She retrieved her nutritional supplement from the replicator and scanned the room looking for a table to sit at. She saw the captain and B’Elanna Torres, but would not join them. Instead she would continue to seek out new crewmembers. Just beyond the two women were crewmembers from the Equinox. This seemed an ideal opportunity for the captain to view first hand that Seven was taking this dare seriously. Seven headed towards the table, she watched as Captain Janeway returned her mug to the table and idly wondered what beverage the captain had selected to substitute her coffee. As she passed by the table she glanced at the beverage and was startled to see that it looked very much like coffee. She snatched it from the table and sniffed it, confirming what she suspected.

"Captain, you have been cheating!" Seven declared with astonishment.

"No Seven, she never touched it. I swear."

Seven would never believe B’Elanna Torres, She looked the captain straight in the eye. The captain looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Seven I......"

Before the captain could finish her statement Seven had decided to take matters into her own hands. She grasped a handful of the captain's tunic and hauled her to her feet. Before Janeway knew what was happening she felt Seven's mouth cover hers. To her utter dismay and shock she then felt the tip of Seven's tongue slide over her lips as her own parted naturally allowing her access. Seven's tongue then entered her mouth, tasting her thoroughly. Then as quickly as it began it was over.

"My apologies Captain. I was in error." With that statement Seven quickly turned on her heel and abruptly left the mess hall, leaving a very stunned Captain Janeway in her wake.

As the captain slumped back to her seat, B’Elanna looked at her contemplatively and uttered "Wow, that was some kiss, Captain."

Janeway turned her dazed expression upon her and managed "I, ah....think I need to be somewhere." With that she promptly left the mess hall.

I’ll just bet you do, B’Elanna thought to herself.

Captain Janeway returned to her quarters. She could hardly remember getting there from the mess hall. She had been in such a daze. She could still feel the heat suffusing her cheeks as she approached her replicator. "Coffee. Black". A glass of water appeared. She groaned as she was suddenly confronted with the reason why she was in her current predicament. She cursed herself for making the damn bet in the first place. She sank down wearily into her armchair and tilted her head back to rest on the chair. Crossing her legs at her ankles she pinched the bridge of her nose as she once again relived the sensations that had flooded her body as Seven kissed her in the mess hall. Seven’s lips had been so soft, warm, and full and when her tongue had entered the captain’s mouth her knees had almost buckled at the shocking intrusion. It had taken all her strength of will to resist sucking on the intrusive muscle. She could still taste Seven. She could still feel the butterflies in her stomach and that telling throb between her legs. But the biggest sign for the captain was the tingling in her hands. That only happened on very rare occasions and had in the past indicated more than just a passing attraction. She decided to studiously ignore all the signals her body was sending to her. She sipped at her water and thought that a cold shower might be in order. Just as she was about to move towards the bathroom her combadge chirped.

"Tuvok to Janeway".

"Yes what is it Tuvok?"

"Captain I am currently in sickbay. There has been an incident and some of the crew have suffered minor injuries."

Janeway could tell by Tuvok’s voice that she would not be pleased about this.

"Just what kind of incident are we talking about Commander?"

"There has been a minor altercation between a few crew members Captain."

"You mean a fight Tuvok?"

"Precisely, Captain."

God she thought. No wonder he didn’t want to reveal the exact nature of what had occurred. This was the last thing she needed right now, her crew brawling amongst themselves.

"I’m on my way Tuvok. Janeway out."

Janeway entered sickbay to find five crewmembers nursing various facial cuts and bruises. The doctor was busy with his dermal regenerator and she briefly wondered why Tom Paris hadn’t been called to assist him. Then she realized it was Tom he was currently treating. No surprises there she thought idly. Tuvok was standing nearby with a security team of four, to prevent any further misunderstandings amongst the injured crewmembers.

"Alright, let’s hear it." As she scanned the individuals she noticed that no one would make eye contact with her, except for Tuvok. This was not looking good at all, she mused.

Then the doctor chimed in gleefully. "It seems Mister Paris is refusing to pay his bets."

‘Oh. You are aware betting is against regulations Lieutenant are you not?"

"Yes ma’am," Tom answered sheepishly.

"So, what was this bet?"

Tom seemed suddenly very interested in the sickbay décor. So Janeway turned to Tuvok instead. "Tuvok?" She pinned him with a look.

"You will not like it Captain," Tuvok warned her as he handed her a pad documenting the incident.

"I’ll be the judge of that." Janeway was at first pensive as she started to read. Then she seemed to look a little disturbed, as her eyebrows raised, she started to look shocked. Finally as full comprehension dawned on her she became angry.

She looked up from the pad and pinned Tom with a patented Janeway glare.

"Twenty seven members of this crew out of one hundred and forty three bet on it being me?" Her voice rose a few octaves on the last word.

"Actually Captain only ninety three members of the crew actually took part in the betting pool." Tuvok added.

She raised her hand and spoke in a dangerously low tone. "Enough. I don’t even want to know what the odds were."

"Perhaps you can settle the bet Captain," the Doctor added helpfully. Janeway looked at him as she growled, "Doctor."

"How would you like me to proceed, Captain?" Tuvok enquired.

"I think I am inclined to leave that entirely up to you Commander. I have had enough for one day." As she made her way to the sickbay exit she could hear the doctor call after her. "So Captain care to give your version of events?" Which she pointedly ignored as she stormed out and headed for the sanctity of her quarters.

Seven of Nine stood in quiet contemplation in cargo bay two. She was aware that she had created quite a stir on Voyager as the crew had interpreted her action of tasting the captain as instead her passionately kissing the captain. Many of them had found an excuse to stop by the cargo bay that evening, all of them wanting to talk about the kiss. Seven had researched the tenets of the kiss and had been horrified to find out the interpretation of her actions. She had French kissed the captain. This type of kiss was often viewed as an indicator that you wished to copulate with the other individual. It was the most passionate form of the art of kissing. Although Seven was fully stunned by the unexpected meaning of her actions she could not deny that it had been a most pleasant activity. She had used her eidetic memory to replay the fleeting moments of the kiss over and over in her mind; reliving it in full detail each time. The texture of the captain’s lips, how she had felt when she ran her tongue over the captains tongue and teeth. The moment she had forgotten why she was doing it in the first place as she lost herself to the simple pleasure of the contact. As she had broken away from the startled captain, Seven was immediately aware that her actions were inappropriate. She had instantly made her apology and quickly fled the mess hall. When she arrived at the cargo bay she was shaking. Her hands were trembling and she had felt an odd sensation in her stomach. It had taken 3.2 minutes for her breathing and heart rate to return to normal. Even now as Seven knew she would have to apologize properly to the captain, the truth was, all she could think about was repeating the act again.

"Good evening Commander."

Tuvok stood in the doorway he was still dressed in his uniform. "Seven of Nine how may I be of assistance?" If he was surprised to see her he did not show it. Not even a raise of an eyebrow.

"I wish to speak with you on a personal matter. I would appreciate your guidance," Seven stated a little nervously.

"Does this personal matter involve Captain Janeway?"

"Yes." They both moved inside his quarters and Tuvok waited patiently for Seven to begin. "You are no doubt aware of what happened in the mess hall earlier Commander."

"Quite. It is hard not to hear of these matters, particularly when it happens in full view of many of the crew." If Tuvok’s tone was a little admonishing Seven feigned not to notice.

"I realize that I have behaved inappropriately towards Captain Janeway, however that was not my initial intention. I had simply wished to ascertain whether or not the captain had consumed coffee. It turned out that I was in error on both counts."

"Indeed. While Captain Janeway is no doubt shocked over your course of action. I do not believe she will hold you responsible in any way for them. She will in time ‘get over it’." He eyed Seven astutely. "You said it was not your initial intention. Would you care to elaborate on that statement?"

Seven swallowed nervously as her jaw muscles flexed unconsciously. "There was a point whilst I was kissing Captain Janeway when I lost track of my initial purpose and was engaging in the activity purely for pleasure. I find that I wish to repeat this act with her. I can think of little else since it occurred."

"You have developed feelings for the captain since you kissed her?" Tuvok inquired offering clarity to the conversation.

"I believe that I have had these feelings for some time, however I only truly became aware of the depth of them after the kiss."

Tuvok was not surprised to hear this information. He had suspected that it was possible given the relationship that the two women shared that either one or both of them could develop feelings for the other.

"What advice do you think that I can give you in this matter?" he asked getting to the point.

"You have known the captain for many years. You are one of her closest friends on board Voyager. I wish for you to instruct me on how to proceed in order to begin a romantic relationship with her."

"Captain Janeway has shown little interest in the possibility of entering into a relationship with a member of her crew. You are no doubt aware that Commander Chakotay wished to enter into such a relationship."

"I believe that with your assistance I can succeed where Commander Chakotay failed."

Tuvok was a logical man. Yet here was Seven asking for his advice in probably the most illogical area possible. Matters of the human heart were the one thing that Tuvok felt he understood little of. However he did feel that Seven was probably the one person on board who stood a chance with his captain. He also knew why. But in giving this information to Seven, Tuvok could only pray that he was making the right decision. Not a very logical choice for a Vulcan to make.

"Seven, Kathryn Janeway is a woman of action. It is my personal belief that she would avoid any romantic relationship if given that opportunity. I believe a more direct approach would have the best chance of success. I also would add that you should not give up easily, as you know, she can be a very stubborn individual."

"Indeed." Was all Seven could add to that.

"How do you intend to proceed?" Tuvok asked. Seven considered his question.

"I intend to gather more information in order to form a plan of action." It sounded simple enough until Tuvok asked his next question.

"What type of information will you seek?"

Seven looked momentarily puzzled. "I am uncertain."

"Perhaps you should consider speaking with the captain, regarding topics which are not related directly to Voyager and ship duties."

Seven looked perplexed. The only discussions she shared with the captain that didn’t involve the ship were usually ones that related to Seven becoming more human and her constant struggle understanding the nature of humanity. She looked at Tuvok seeking more guidance in this matter.

"What topics would you suggest Commander?"

"Seven I suggest that you get to know Kathryn Janeway. The only way to do that is to find the woman beneath the captain persona. Find out what she enjoys when she is not being captain."

Seven contemplated that a moment. "I think I understand." She said with a look of enlightenment ghosting across her pale features.

"I wish you success in your endeavour."

"Thank you Commander."

After Seven left his quarters, Tuvok reflected on her visit. He was aware that he had just engaged in a conversation which, under other circumstances he would not. However Tuvok admired both women greatly and truly believed that they had a chance together. Whether Kathryn Janeway would allow herself that luxury, remained to be seen.

The captain was sitting in her quarters finally managing to relax a little after a most trying evening. She had removed her uniform tunic and boots. Lying back in her armchair with her right arm resting above her head on the back of her chair and a book nestled in her left hand. Her stocking feet were resting on her low coffee table. She was reflecting on her day. It was bad enough that she was living without coffee. On top of that Seven of Nine had kissed her in the mess hall in front of several members of her crew. This in turn had caused a fight amongst some crew members due to bets that had been placed on who would share Seven’s first kiss. The fact that she was even considered in the betting pool was bad, but when she had realized just how many people had bet on her she was downright shocked. She couldn’t deny to herself though, that kiss or not, whatever they had shared had been very pleasant indeed. She shook herself out of her musing and concentrated instead on reading her novel. She loved to lose herself in romance novels, the trashier the better. Anything that took her mind of Voyager and the Delta Quadrant for a short period of time was a good thing.

He held her close, her long hair falling around her face in disarray. She had waited so long for this moment, to be this close to the man of her dreams. As he pressed up against her she could feel his throbbing ma……

Lost in her novel, the captain was startled by the sound of her door chime. Her book dropped to the floor as her body jerked forward. She took a deep breath to help regain her composure before admitting her visitor. She ran her hand quickly through her hair and tugged at the bottom of her undershirt to neaten it up a little.

"Come." She wasn’t surprised to see Seven enter her quarters. She was surprised by her body’s reaction to Seven. She rubbed her hands together a little as she again felt that familiar tingling begin. "Seven," she greeted with as much poise as she could manage. She watched Seven fidget, her eyes darting around the room wanting to fall anywhere but on the captain’s at that moment.

"Captain," she began nervously, "I wish to apologize for my earlier indiscretion. It was not my intention to cause you any embarrassment." She finally managed to look at the captain in order to convey her sincerity.

"Alright Seven, apology accepted. I won’t say that I understand what possessed you to act as you did. It was certainly, uh ….surprising." That was an understatement, she thought to herself.

Seven let out a breath that she hadn’t realized she had been holding. "In the circumstances it seemed the most efficient method of determining whether you had consumed the coffee. I was in error."

There was a pause in the conversation neither of them knowing what to say next. Seven was having a hard time looking at Janeway. All she wanted to do was kiss those wine shaded lips again. The captain meanwhile was finding her quarters a little too warm, she raised a delicate hand to her throat cursing herself for having been lost in a novel where the two main characters were in the throes of passion. Seven eventually broke the silence.

"Captain, you were reading." She gazed towards the book on the floor.

Janeway was a little startled by the sudden change of conversation, but quickly caught up. "Yes. Yes I was."

"May I see the book?" Seven asked.

Janeway was a little flustered. She hated anyone catching her reading these trashy books, but Seven was persistent. Before the captain could react, Seven strode forward and picked up the book from the carpeted deck.

"Seven it’s just a nineteenth century love story. It’s not really anything that would interest you." Kathryn said hoping to put Seven off. "I just read them to relax," she continued. Unfortunately she felt anything but right now.

"Indeed. And you find these books help?" Seven asked genuinely intrigued now.

"Yes," Janeway croaked.

"Captain I have embarrassed you. I will leave." She moved to hand the book to the captain who immediately forestalled her action.

She got out of her chair to stop Seven leaving. "No Seven, you haven’t embarrassed me. Please come and sit with me." She motioned over towards her sofa. Once they were seated she began to explain her discomfort to Seven.

"Seven sometimes people do things in their free time that they don’t necessarily want to share with others. It doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with what they are doing. It’s just something that they like to keep private. Or at least only share with people that they are close to."

"I am not sure that I understand Captain."

"Seven what you have in your hand is a trashy romance novel. If the crew were to learn of my love of this reading material they could live off the jokes for years. Chakotay would tease me mercilessly. It just wouldn’t be good for the crew to think of me as a soft hearted romantic."

"I think I understand. You need to be seen as the captain and not as Kathryn."

The captain just stared at Seven with a combined look of stunned humour on her face.

"Am I incorrect captain?"

The captain shook her head lightly. "No, not at all Seven." She gave her a crooked grin. "So tell me what do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies that involve just you?"

Seven was hesitant as she wondered just what her hobbies were. "I often research the database for information when I find myself lacking. I also work on tools which I have accumulated."

The captain seemed puzzled by that. "What tools?"

They have usually been discarded because they are broken or no longer deemed to be useful. I collect them and work on them to effect repairs and improve their efficiency. I have also enhanced many of the instruments that I use personally."

‘Seven are you telling me that you won’t recycle broken tools. You would rather fix them?" The captain was smiling fondly at Seven as she asked.

"That is correct Captain."

"You know Seven, that doesn’t sound too different from my love of helping injured animals. When I was growing up on the farm I was forever bringing them into the house and asking my mother to help me nurse them back to health. I just couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them to suffer. My mother didn’t mind she was the same as me. I suppose I inherited my love of animals from her." She smiled wistfully at Seven, feeling a little nostalgic because of the conversation. It was also tinged with a little sadness as she briefly considered that she was a long way from Indiana.

"Well it’s getting late Seven. I think I’m going to turn in for the evening."

"Of course Captain, I must also regenerate."

As they made their way to the door Seven hesitated, then spoke slowly.

"Captain, although the kiss we shared was unintentional, I wanted you to know that I will always consider it to be my first." Before the captain could respond Seven bent forward to kiss her cheek and wished her a softly spoken "Goodnight Captain."

Janeway was left standing at the door to her quarters. Mouth slightly open, blinking furiously. She had not even considered that it would have been Seven’s first kiss. The words Seven had spoken to her had brought tears to her eyes. It was a rather dazed captain that slipped between the sheets to seek rest that night.

Captain Janeway sat at her desk. It was her last day without coffee. She had no idea how she had managed to get through the previous six days without giving in to her cravings. As she switched on her desktop computer she noticed that she had a message.

To: Captain Kathryn Janeway.

From: Seven of Nine.

Captain would you please join me in cargo bay two at 19:00 hours. I wish to show you my collection of tools. Perhaps you could assist me in their repair.


The Captain was initially amused with the invitation, but thought that it was a really positive sign that Seven would want to share her hobby with anyone. She immediately sent a message to Seven accepting the invitation.

When she arrived at the cargo bay that evening she found Seven inside already working on her tool collection. The captain was initially stunned by how many Seven had ‘saved’ from being recycled for energy. There were pieces of equipment that she could not even recognize but Seven assured her that they could be adapted to serve a function. Janeway could not deny that she found this trait of Seven’s to be very endearing. She was not surprised when Seven demonstrated the increased efficiency of certain tools which she used frequently. Seven had obviously become quite attached to some of these items. As they worked side by side on various bits and pieces they shared pleasant conversation, none of which involved the ship. This had surprised the captain but it certainly was a welcome change for her. She found that by the end of the evening she had spoken of her family and friends back in the Alpha Quadrant. What she missed most about home. The captain had even briefly discussed previous relationships, something that was very rare for her. When it was time to call it a night they both were reluctant for the evening to end.

"Seven I have had a really enjoyable evening. Thank you for sharing this with me."

"You are welcome Captain. I too have had a pleasant evening. Your company is most acceptable."

That statement got her a crooked grin. "Thank you Seven. I’ll see you tomorrow at the staff meeting."

"I shall walk you to your quarters Captain."

"That’s alright Seven. I think I can find my way." Janeway was mildly amused by the offer.

Seven accompanied her to the cargo bay doors. As the captain turned to wish her goodnight, Seven gently grasped her shoulders and kissed her soundly on the mouth. Once again Kathryn Janeway was left lost for words. She looked at Seven with wide eyes and then managed a rather stunned, "Seven, why did you do that?"

"Captain it is customary to kiss your date goodnight is it not?" Seven was looking slightly puzzled. Perhaps she thought the captain did not kiss on a first date. She thought that it had been an appropriate response given their mutual enjoyment.

"A date?" she croaked. Then more clearly, "This was a date?"

"Yes Captain." Seven still had her hands on the captain’s shoulders. She suddenly was unsure of what she should do with them so she withdrew and clasped her hands behind her back.

"Seven, I can’t date you."

"Explain." Seven was a bit perplexed her expression turning serious.

Janeway was stumped. What were the reasons why?

"You do not find me attractive." Seven sounded deflated as she made the statement. She swallowed hard as she waited on the captain’s reply.

"Seven. Of course I find you attractive. You are a very beautiful woman."

"Then why can we not date?" There was the question again. Janeway closed her eyes as she attempted to organize her thoughts. Come on, she chided herself.

"Seven you have never been romantically involved before. I do not want to take advantage of you. You need time to sort out your feelings, not rush into a relationship. If we had not shared that kiss in the mess hall would you have asked me on a date?"

"No, not at this point in time. However, I know what I feel. The kiss made me aware of what it is that I feel for you. I have had feelings for you for some time now. The kiss has allowed me to quantify what those feelings are. I desire you Captain. Ever since the kiss I can think of nothing else except repeating that action with you."

"Seven it’s just a crush. It will pass in time."

"I do not want it to pass. I crave intimacy with you. I believe we are a good match." Seven was becoming exasperated with her captain. Perhaps Tuvok had been wrong. Then she remembered his other piece of advice. Kathryn Janeway was a stubborn woman. Seven reached for her again, but did not kiss her this time. Instead Seven put her arms around the captain’s waist and spoke softly to her.

"Kiss me Captain. Please," she pleaded.

In that moment Captain Janeway melted and became Kathryn. She reached tentatively for Seven and put her hands on her shoulders. Seven could feel the captain’s inner struggle and as she leaned in towards Seven she suddenly stopped.

"I can’t." The captain said harshly. Then she was gone, leaving Seven standing at the doors.

Janeway awoke the following morning and immediately groaned into her pillow. She had a sudden thought, Coffee. I need coffee. Everything she thought would look better after a cup of her favourite beverage. She had gone seven days without it. No wonder my life has gone to pot. Coffee was her salvation. One cup would put everything back into perspective. After she had showered and dressed she ordered her first cup from the replicator. Her mouth began to water as she drew the cup of steaming hot coffee to her lips. The first taste was overwhelming. Her eyes closed over and a lazy smile appeared on her lips. Her ecstasy was short lived as thoughts of Seven flooded her senses again.

Chakotay depressed the chime of the ready room door and awaited entrance.


As he stepped into the room he noticed that the captain was seated behind her desk. On closer inspection he noted that she looked a little tired around the eyes. He thought perhaps a week without coffee had taken its toll and she would just need a day or two to adjust.

"Captain I have a couple of items that I wish to discuss with you prior to the staff meeting. Is now a good time?" In truth nothing was really important but he thought it was a good way of checking she was all right. She had been noticeably agitated on the bridge. She also seemed preoccupied.

"As good a time as any I suppose Commander," she responded dryly.


I’m sorry, Chakotay, I’m just a little preoccupied."

"Anything I can help with?"

"It’s Seven. I don’t know what to do about her," she confessed, shaking her head for emphasis.

Chakotay wondered what Seven had done this time, and then recalled the mess hall incident. "Are you still concerned about the reaction to the kiss in the mess hall?"

"No. I’m more concerned about the one in the cargo bay," she replied ruefully.

Chakotay looked quite shocked at this point.

"I was on a date last night," she said to help clear up his confusion.

"A date? You? With Seven?" Chakotay was now quite stunned.

"That would be an affirmative to all three, Commander." She took a deep breath. "The thing is Chakotay. I had no idea it was a date." She motioned with her hands for emphasis.

Now Chakotay looked confused. The captain just wasn’t making any sense. He waited for her to clarify what had gone on.

"She invited me to the cargo bay to …. look at her tools." The last words were uttered so quietly that Chakotay didn’t hear them properly.

"To what Captain?"

Janeway threw him a look, judging his sincerity. "To look at her tools. She collects broken tools and fixes them." She added by way of explanation. "Don’t look at me like that Chakotay, how was I supposed to know it was a date. It’s not like I took along a bottle of wine or anything." She considered that a moment, then groaned. "Oh God."


"I did take something along." She raised her finger for emphasis, "But I didn’t know it was a date."

Chakotay had that little smirk on his face, the one she recognized as meaning he would tease her mercilessly over this.

"I took along a …. broken…phase variance…. converter." She eyed him cautiously and waited for the fall out from that statement.

"Well it seems perfectly reasonable to me Captain. I mean what else could you take on a date with an ex-Borg drone?" Chakotay did his best to hold his laughter, but as the captain glared at him he fell apart. Fortunately his laughter was contagious she joined him, seeing the funny side of the situation. As their laughter subsided, they were wiping tears from their eyes.

"Oh, Kathryn. How do you get into these situations?" He was still chuckling.

"Perhaps some day you can tell me Chakotay."

"So what are you going to do?"

"That’s just it Chakotay. I don’t have to do anything. Seven’s doing more than enough for both of us. I feel like it’s out of my hands."

That set Chakotay off laughing again.

"Well I’m glad one of us finds it funny. I don’t even feel safe walking round the damn ship. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next!"

"Captain please I can’t take anymore." Chakotay managed between bouts of laughter.

"When you pull yourself together Commander…. You’re dismissed."

Four days later Captain Janeway stood on deck eleven awaiting a turbo lift. As soon as she stepped inside she knew what was coming next. The lift was already occupied by one very determined ex-Borg drone. Before Seven even reached for Janeway she was already anticipating and surrendering to the inevitable. As their lips met for yet another passion filled kiss, the captain briefly wondered how much more of this she could take. Seven had been relentless in her romantic pursuit of her captain. Janeway had banned Seven from both her quarters and ready room after passionate encounters in both. She certainly had no intention of vaulting her desk again in the near future. She had also cancelled all their recreational and social activities for similar reasons. Commander Chakotay was acting as a mediator between the two women at Janeway’s request. Yet Seven had still managed to find time alone with her captain. There had been a rather heated embrace two nights ago as the captain strolled through the ship late in the evening. She was quietly minding her own business then the next thing she knew Seven had dragged her into a secluded alcove and kissed her. She then proceeded to inform Janeway that resistance was futile with a look of such intensity that the captain forgot to breathe. Seven then walked off as if nothing had happened leaving the captain slumped against the bulkhead. Now here she was again with Seven kissing her into next week. When they finally parted for air Janeway looked at her wondering just what she was going to do next. Seven just stood at attention and focused her eyes forward, looking rather smug.

"I could have you thrown in the brig you know."

"Indeed. That is a risk I am willing to take. …… Deck five."

"What do you want from me Seven?"

"I thought that was obvious Captain." Seven did look at her this time.

"What am I going to do with you Seven?" Janeway asked sounding mildly exasperated.

She raised her left eyebrow as she answered her captain. "I would have thought that was also obvious Captain. I have no intention of ceasing my current activities, therefore logic dictates that you should either cease resisting or throw me in the brig."

"Don’t think I’m not tempted," was Janeway’s disgruntled reply.

Upon hearing this she eyed her captain speculatively while offering a small smirk. As the lift doors parted she strode purposefully to astrometrics, leaving behind a bemused captain.

Commander Chakotay entered astrometrics. He thought he would pick up Seven’s report in person and hopefully be able to have a word with her regarding the captain.

"Morning Seven."

"Commander, here is my astrometrics report."

He accepted the report but did not leave. "You know, Seven, I think that things between you and the captain have gone far enough.

She did not turn to look at him, instead choosing to keep her gaze fixed on her console. "Indeed," was her cool reply.

Chakotay was slightly irritated with her. He moved to stand at her side in order to see her face.

"I suggest that for the captain’s sake, you get over your crush and leave her to get on with running the ship."

Seven turned to face him, standing to her full height of six feet. She pinned him with a cold stare.

"Your advice Commander is irrelevant, since I intend to succeed where you failed."

Chakotay looked at her dumbfounded.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"The captain, you wished to be romantic with her did you not?"

"That is none of your business Seven."

"Indeed. As is my ‘crush’ none of yours." With that she turned her back on him to work at another console. Effectively ending their conversation.

Chakotay stormed out of astrometrics and headed for the bridge. When he arrived there it was obvious that the captain was in her ready room. He immediately pressed the chime for admittance.

"Good morning Commander."

"Is it?" Janeway frowned at him wondering what was wrong. "I have just left astrometrics. I attempted to offer Seven some advice regarding her recent actions. She calmly proceeded to inform me that my advice was irrelevant because ……… I failed to become involved with you. Dammit, Kathryn, don’t you think this has gone far enough?"

The captain looked at him sincerely. "Chakotay I’m sorry. You’re right. This has

gone far enough. Something needs to be done.

Janeway decided to call it a day. It was three hours into the beta shift and no matter how long she stayed in her ready room she would not be getting any work done as her thoughts were constantly on Seven of Nine. As she stood in the turbo lift she did her now customary check on Seven’s location. Something she had done for the past few days. When the computer informed her that Seven was in cargo bay two she decided it was safe to proceed to her quarters.

She wearily entered, looking forward to relaxing for the evening. Suddenly she felt herself being propelled forward into the room. A blur of burgundy was the last thing she saw before everything went black.

When Janeway awoke she was immediately aware of the pounding in her head. She slowly opened her eyes and as she stared up at the ceiling she recognized it as being sickbay’s. She tried to remember how she had ended up there but couldn’t.


"Ah. Captain. You’re awake," he said cheerfully.

"What happened?" She croaked.

"Well Seven contacted me to report a medical emergency in your quarters. When I got there you were unconscious. Apparently you and Seven had landed on your coffee table and you came off worse than she did. I transported you here and treated you for a concussion as well as a contusion. Oh and a couple of fractured ribs. It would seem that human anatomy is not built to withstand the impact of an ex-Borg drone. Perhaps you and Seven should keep that in mind next time you decide to go frolicking around the ship."

As Janeway was about to offer him a suitable retort to his commentary on her personal life both Tuvok and Chakotay arrived in sickbay.

"How are you feeling Captain?"

"I’ll live Chakotay. Where’s Seven?"

Tuvok as chief of security had been in charge of investigating what had happened to the captain. Not that there was much to investigate as Seven had told him everything.

"She is currently being detained in cargo bay two until further notice."

"I see. Why is she being detained?"

"Captain, Seven has informed me of events that have been happening during this last week, which ended with her gaining entrance to your quarters. Unfortunately she had to move quickly before the door closed behind you, thus propelling you both forward, which resulted in your injuries as Seven landed on top of you. She is being held provisionally on charges of assaulting a senior officer and there is also the matter of sexual harassment to consider. Unfortunately Captain while Seven’s actions cannot be condoned I must take responsibility for my own part in these events."

"What do you mean Tuvok?" He looked vaguely uncomfortable with what he was about to tell her.

"Seven came to me seeking advice Captain. Unfortunately I did not anticipate that she would follow it so….vigorously."

"What exactly did you tell her?"

"Seven told me that she wished to initiate a romantic relationship with you and asked for advice on how to proceed. I informed her that it would not be easy and that she should not give up, as you can be stubborn. It would appear that Seven took that information and utilized it to form a plan that was unique in its execution." He raised his eyebrow as he pondered exactly what Seven had done.

Janeway stared at Tuvok as though she had never seen him before. Her eyebrows knitted together as she tried to get her head around that information. She suddenly threw her hands into the air.

"Why is it that everyone on this ship seems to have an interest in my love life?"

The Doctor couldn’t resist the opportunity to add his opinion. "I think that would be because you don’t have a love life Captain. Therefore the crew loves to speculate on it."

All three of them pinned him with a ‘look’. "Well I was only trying to be helpful."

The captain looked at all of them with a very determined set to her classic features. She spoke in a low commanding tone, raising a finger for emphasis.

"Gentlemen. There will be no more speculating. There will be no more betting." She pinned her gaze on Tuvok. "There will be no more advice giving. And there will certainly be no more harassment. Do I make myself clear?"

There were collective nods and "Yes Captain" from the three of them.

"Good. Be sure to let the rest of the crew know as well. Tuvok, I will deal with Seven. She is no longer a security matter. Doctor, am I free to leave sickbay?"

"Yes Captain."

"In that case…. Good night gentlemen." If her tone sounded ironic, none of them chose to notice.

Captain Janeway entered cargo bay two with a sense of dread mixed with a healthy dose of trepidation. She slowly approached the lone occupant of the room. Seven glanced towards her new visitor, she was not surprised to see her captain, but she was feeling both guilt and remorse over her recent actions. She swallowed nervously and stood at attention as she waited for the captain to speak.

Janeway approached Seven cautiously, their recent encounters had all ended the same way and she hoped that Seven would not grab her on this occasion. As she looked deep into her eyes she knew that this encounter would be different. Seven looked upset. She spoke firmly but gently.

"Seven, you know that this has to stop. We cannot continue on in the manner which we have been over the last few days,"

Seven gave a little nod of agreement. "I understand Captain."

Janeway raised her chin slightly. "Alright. I want you to guarantee that I will be able to once again walk around my ship without fear that you are going to appear at any given moment and….well, accost me Seven."

"You have my word Captain."

Janeway nodded and relaxed a little. "Seven you will not be confined to the cargo bay. However, you can consider yourself on probation until I feel that I can trust you again. The ban on my ready room and quarters will remain in place unless I specifically invite you there. Do I make myself clear?"

Seven seemed to wince a little at the captain’s tone. She felt miserable inside.

"Yes Captain." Her reply was a little above a whisper.

Janeway ducked her head in acknowledgement and turned to leave. She was stopped in her tracks by a word from Seven.

"Captain." It was uttered urgently, almost pleadingly. She turned to meet Seven’s gaze. "I regret that I have caused you harm. I did not mean to injure you this evening……I have erred, my plan was flawed. I….I only wished to pursue you romantically; however I have come to realize that I have been inadequate." Seven raised her chin slightly attempting to regain her composure. "Please accept my apologies Captain. It will not happen again."

Janeway departed the cargo bay with order restored to her ship, but as she made her way back to her quarters she could not shake a nagging feeling that she had lost something in the process.

As Seven watched her captain leave, she had an ache in her chest. She felt miserable and wished she could undo her recent mistakes. At that very moment she distinctly felt the gap between her borgness and her humanity. It felt like a gaping wound. She wondered if she would ever find a way for the two parts of her to coexist and offer her a sense of harmony. She doubted that possibility as she prepared to regenerate, desperate to find that blissful oblivion for the next few hours.

As the days passed Seven remained true to her word. She treated her captain courteously, but seemed to be a little distant in her dealings with Janeway. The captain had heard reports from some of the senior staff that Seven was working hard but she appeared to have withdrawn a little from the crew in general. Her confidence had obviously suffered a blow and Seven generally did not react well to failure. However those that knew Seven well realized that her problems lay fundamentally with the fact that she had hurt her captain both physically and mentally. Even though Captain Janeway no longer considered the matter to be a prominent issue between them. The knowledge that she would not achieve her initial goal was a great source of hurt for Seven. In the aftermath of all that had happened Seven wanted her captain more than ever, to know that it could not be was more than Seven could bear at that point in time.

Captain Janeway was a little concerned about Seven. She could understand why Seven would be acting the way she was, but Janeway could not bear being part of the cause. The ship had been a lot quieter for her since Seven had stopped chasing her around it, almost too quiet. Kathryn missed the thrill of that chase. She missed Seven’s kisses. She missed Seven. Her life was considerably poorer without her friend. Seven had made it clear that she wanted Kathryn romantically. The only thing stopping her reciprocating was that she could not be sure that Seven really knew what she wanted or how she really felt. But this sudden change in her mood had forced her to rethink. She had begun to entertain the possibility that Seven really did have genuine feelings for her. The truth was Seven had come at her like a steamroller and barely given her time to catch her breath. Instead of having the effect Seven sought, it had forced Kathryn to flee. Not giving her time to see that Seven genuinely did want to be with her romantically. She considered talking to someone getting their thoughts on the matter, then almost immediately she decided that was a bad idea. The crew had said enough already. Anything she decided to do now would be her decision alone.

Seven was surprised when she received a personal message inviting her to the captain’s quarters that evening. She immediately accepted, but found herself to be both nervous and elated at the prospect. Part of her hoped that they would be able to start resuming their friendship. Another part of her worried that too much had happened and it would never be the same again.

Seven sat on the captain’s sofa. She was feeling both nervous and unsure of herself. The close proximity of the captain was not helping matters. It was taking every ounce of Seven’s willpower to stop herself from just reaching out and grabbing the woman who haunted her every waking moment. She knew what it was like to taste those wine shaded lips and she craved them strongly as she watched them move when the captain spoke. Seven was finding it difficult to concentrate on the conversation, she did not think she could take much more of this heavenly torture she was being exposed to.

The captain seemed to sense Seven’s struggle with her proximity, but instead of moving away, she moved closer.

Suddenly Seven stumbled to her feet, moving away as she fought for control of her body. The emotions were too powerful.

"Captain" she managed to say as she began to breathe more heavily. "I cannot ….. Please!" She looked at Janeway desperately; pleading for something she was not sure what. "I must leave Captain." She made to go for the door only to be stopped by a strong hand that gripped her right bicep.

"No Seven, please…stay." The last word was spoken so softly.

They stood staring at each other. Kathryn saw fear and confusion in Seven’s eyes.

"I want you to stay…..with me, tonight."

Seven’s heart was beating so fast. She could not be sure that she understood the full meaning of the captain’s words. Her brow furrowed slightly as her confusion became apparent. The captain understood and decided to show Seven what she meant.

Kathryn leaned in towards her. Although they had kissed a few times the truth was she had never fully participated in any of their previous encounters. When she connected with Seven’s lips she sensed the hesitancy in Seven slowly begin to ebb.

Seven now understood what Kathryn was saying to her. She could not believe that this was happening; she had given up all hope. As the kiss deepened she instinctively knew that something was different. The previous kisses they had shared had not felt like this. She understood the difference as she realized it was because the captain wanted to kiss her. As they parted for air Seven felt dizzy, she swayed slightly and the captain steadied her.

"Are you alright Seven?" she asked in a low husky voice.

Seven could barely respond. She finally managed to croak, "Yes."

Janeway laughed a little at her response. "I’m glad. You see Seven; it has come to my attention that I miss our little game of cat and mouse. I missed you. Very much."

"I have missed you also Captain."

As the captain leaned towards her for another kiss she whispered. "Kathryn, Seven, call me Kathryn."

This time their mouths came together more insistently. Hands moved into hair and stroked over back muscles. Their bodies began to press against each other as their mutual desire began to build. Kathryn wasn’t sure how far this encounter should go. After all this was new to Seven. Her hesitancy was immediately removed along with her tunic as Seven’s hands began to move tentatively over her breasts. The captain arched into her touch, desperately seeking more. She tore her mouth from Seven’s, breathing deeply, and pinned her with a look full of carnal desire. She took Seven’s hand and led her to the bedroom.

Seven felt like she was spinning out of control, she wanted this desperately. Wanted to be intimate with her captain. But nothing could have prepared her for the lack of control she was feeling. It was all happening so fast she could not keep up the analytical process that she relied on so heavily. There was just too much information to take in. She was overwhelmed in the best possible way and despite a mild concern somewhere in the back of her mind; nothing could stop her at this point in time. They both stood naked before one another for the first time. They were both visibly aroused and trembling with desire. She reached for Kathryn, desperate to feel her body devoid of all clothing. Seven was surprised at the thoughts and feelings that ran through her at the point of contact. She is so soft, so fragile, beautiful, perfection.

Kathryn moved them onto the bed. It had never felt so inviting. She gently lay on top of Seven and heard her release a small gasp. She smiled gently at her, a look of pure devotion on her fine features. She kissed Seven gently on the lips.

"You are so beautiful. Do you trust me Seven?" she asked softly.

"Yes," was the whispered reply.

With that affirmation Kathryn proceeded to kiss her lovingly, thoroughly, moving her tongue languidly over lips and teeth. Stroking softly and deeply. There were moans and gasps from Seven as her captain moved to her breast to pay them the most exquisite attention. Kathryn couldn’t seem to get enough of them. She held them in her hands and squeezed gently at first, then added more pressure as she increased the rhythm. Her mouth replaced one of her hands and took Seven’s erect nipple into her mouth as her other hand continued its magic. After what seemed like an eternity of gentle ecstasy Kathryn began to trail kisses down over Seven’s abdomen. Her taut stomach quivered and flexed in reaction to the touch. Kathryn’s hands trailed down her sides, and then back up to cup her breasts before moving down to gently part her quivering thighs. Seven could hear the captain murmuring but the words were incoherent, as were the sounds emanating from her own mouth. She felt the captain move towards her most intimate region. Seven instinctively reached down for her head. Moving her hands through Kathryn’s hair, guiding her closer through pure instinct. She cried out in surprise as she felt the captain’s mouth on her. Stroking and licking over sensitive tissue. Then she felt the captain’s tongue enter her, it felt so soft, so hot. Seven began moving her hips to meet Kathryn’s thrusting tongue. Then it was gone and she felt the captain’s mouth close around her little bundle of nerves, she jerked spastically as her nerve endings went into overdrive. Kathryn pushed one finger into her and very quickly Seven was thrusting her hips and crying out her pleasure into the night. It was a mixture of disbelief and pleasure. Kathryn knew she would never forget the way Seven had sounded as she climaxed for the first time.

As Kathryn crawled back up to Seven she saw the look of dazed wonder in the Borg’s face and instantly melted, as she gathered Seven closely to her telling her how wonderful she was, how incredible. How much she adored her, and she did. They lay together in companionable silence. Kathryn instinctively knowing that Seven needed some time to take in all that had just happened. It was a short while before Seven spoke.

"Kathryn." It was the first time she had said her name and to the captain’s ears it had never sounded so good. "I never thought that it would be so overwhelming. Thank you."

The captain looked at her, thinking how utterly beautiful Seven looked with her blonde hair scattered over a pillow, looking calm and serene despite her inner feelings.

"You are most welcome my darling," she said huskily and gave Seven a beautiful smile.

Seven moved slowly, positioning her body over her captain’s with great care. She looked into her eyes lovingly, studiously. "Kathryn, I wish to overwhelm you." The plainly stated request sent shivers of anticipation down Kathryn’s spine. Then she felt many sensations as Seven proceeded to overwhelm her in so many different ways for the next few hours. It was only when exhaustion finally overcame them that they fell asleep in each others arms.

As Kathryn Janeway awoke briefly some time before her morning alarm was due to sound, she took a brief moment to consider the woman lying next to her in bed and with a wry smile to herself she thought that resistance really was futile when it came to Seven.

Two weeks later Janeway dropped into astrometrics after her shift to invite Seven to the mess hall. As they stood in the turbo lift Seven suddenly halted it and pounced on Janeway kissing her passionately. Seven unzipped her tunic and moved it off her body with ease. Before Kathryn could think to protest Seven had her hands inside her undershirt and was caressing her breasts. Seven pushed up the undershirt and began to suck avidly at Janeway’s breasts. Kathryn groaned.

"Oh god Seven, what are you doing?" she asked breathlessly.

Seven’s only answer was to push Kathryn’s trousers and cotton briefs swiftly past her hips to her knees. The captain gasped in shock at this act. Seven could feel that the captain was very ready and entered her smoothly with two fingers. She began to push in and out of Kathryn, quickening her pace with each stroke and thrusting harder which caused the captain’s buttocks to bump against the wall of the turbo lift. As the captain reached orgasm, Seven kissed her deeply to prevent any screams escaping the lift.

Janeway was slumped against Seven panting heavily. Seven was holding her up while she recovered her bearings. The captain looked into her eyes, still feeling a little dazed. Her mouth had gone dry and she attempted to swallow.


"Yes, Kathryn?"

"That was incredible." she said, still breathless.

"Yes, Kathryn."

"And, Seven."

"Yes, Kathryn?"

"Don’t do it again."

"No, Kathryn."

They were both looking at each other with silly grins on their faces; both knowing full well that it was likely to occur again, some time in the near future. As the captain adjusted her clothing attempting to look respectable, she could not help but think that life was good.




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